Authors Note: The After Math

nevermind x- really sorry that I made you cry, but I'm glad I made you laugh out REALLY loud. Always puts a smile on my face, although I can't deny that that I am not happy about making you cry, because I believe, if you can really put your emotions into a story well then it's a good one, thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next one which I will put up later tonight.

WriterOfDragons- To me love comes easy, I've have before falling in love with just spending little time with the person(s) and that is why I made this one like that, and the other reason Draco feel in love with Ginny was because she was different from all the people who assumed that he would be a Death Eater too, and that changed his out look on her, and also some people just have a natural chemistry that you can't deny, but don't worry not all my stories are like this, and I'm glad you enjoyed it even if that threw you off a bit. (P.S thank you for the reminder.)

So since I kept updating my story so much, I didn't get the chance to get lots of review but that's okay, so there fore I am only answering to these two, if I do get questions from people later on, I will answer. And now I'm off to work on Funny How Love Happens, which will be up later today, well the first chapter at least.

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Funny How Love Happens-sneak peak

"Sorry Gin, but I have to go." Harry said leaning over and giving his girlfriend a kiss on the check.

"Of course you do. It's always like this Harry! When ever Ron or Hermione needs you, you're off running to them. What about me? Am I important to you at all? You never come running when I need you." Ginny said as she stood up to face the-boy-who-lived.

"Gin, I'm sorry but I-I have to go." and with that he ran out of the Burrow, towards Ron and his girlfriend Hermione.

Ginny stood there for a second and then stormed up to her room.

"Ugh!" she screamed in frustration and through a cup across the room. "What am I thinking? I know what's going on, god! Why didn't I see this before, sure he cares, but I don't want him to care like that." Ginny was frustrated because whenever Ron or Hermione called him he came, but when Ginny needed him, he was never around.

I'm so curious about our love
If it's make-believe
why don't you set my heart free
and tell me goodbye? (goodbye)
But if it's for real
tell me you feel for me
way deep down inside

Oh baby
Is this goodbye or hello?
Here's what I'm telling you
Let me know
Let me go