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9. Endless (couldn't resist calling my last chapter that…)

A drawling, badly comprehensible voice, magnified by a couple of loudspeakers here and there penetrated the hall, announcing the arrival of the next flight. Passengers and tourists were hurrying along, burdened with an overload of suitcases, standing in clusters or quietly sipping a cappuccino, hiding behind last day's newspapers. Mothers desperately attempted to gain some control over their children, businesswomen glanced nervously at watches before hurriedly striding away, heels clicking on the marble floor of the hall. Lazy chatter was hanging in the air like the buzzing of bees circling their hive.

It reminded Seto Kaiba of why exactly he had a private jet. He was clearly annoyed with the situation, wondering if it had been a mistake to come here. Nonetheless, it had been him who had made the offer of picking Yami up at the airport, and the young musician had agreed, albeit not as enthusiastically as he had hoped. He seemed to still be in doubt about Seto's promise of letting him live his own life and never trying to treat him like a child again.

However, he had not refused, and his last mail very well displayed a certain joy at coming back, at seeing him again. Or at least Seto hoped that was what he had read between the lines. After all he could hardly be called dispassionate in this case.

There was no denying that he was looking forward to the mute boy's return. The mental image of the other he had carried in his memory had begun to become blurred at the edges, a failure he found hard to accept on his part. Over the course of those last four weeks he had come to terms with the fact that he had gotten used to the presence of the young musician in his life.

Usually he did not fancy taking a risk in any kind of social attachment, but this was different. After analysing his situation over and over again it occurred to him that he wanted Yami there, which was a fact and could not be reasoned away. This desire reached over the borders of the physical, could not be called mere attraction. Need seemed the simplest explanation, a word that in his mind was not easy to define and could be interpreted differently. Most importantly it had nothing at all to do with being dependent, which was simply unacceptable.

Need was not a commitment either, held therefore no risk in its confession. It was something natural and something that could, at least at times, be controlled by willpower. In his current situation it could be perfectly applied….

The voice coming from the loudspeakers harshly interrupted his thoughts and reminded him of the "arrival of flight 4370, Vienna – Tokyo – Domino City due in 10 minutes". Walking up to one of the huge glass windows facing outwards, Seto watched the runway, turned grey and shiny by the light drizzle hitting the grounds. He hoped the rain would not interfere with the landing, quickly analysed the flight conditions. There should not really be a problem for an experienced pilot like himself.

As he lazily ran his finger down the smooth glass, staring disinterestedly at the grey clouds, he suddenly discovered a small silvery spot emerging from them, coming closer and closer, sinking until the plane came into view, engines growing louder in the distance. Seto watched as the wheels were lowered out of the plane's underside, as landing and brake flaps glinted, reflecting the wetness of metal and synthetic, as the plane was finally directed towards the concrete runway, as it gracefully touched the ground and rolled out of sight. Sighing softly and allowing a small smile to dart over his lips, he made his way towards the gates and reception halls.

While he waited in front of the entrance for flight passengers, watching agitated relatives bustle and fuss, he forced himself to stand perfectly still, refusing to let his nervousness show. Just as he debated with himself if he should carry Yami's luggage for him or if he would see that as a sign of his interfering with his life, the doors opened.

With many hellos and shouts of surprise and pleasure the crowd of passengers poured out. A mass of suitcases and bags was almost simultaneously dropped onto the floor as friends, families, relatives and lovers enveloped each other in joyous embraces.

Seto sarcastically wondered if Yami thought he had come for the hug alone when all of a sudden the world went dark because of a pair of soft hands placed over his eyes. He sighed and shook his head with a smile.

"We're not going to play the guessing game. There's no way I could mistake your sneaky approach", he declared and the hands lifted from his face. However, as soon as he had accustomed to the light again, Yami had slipped in front of him and had replaced his hands with a soft kiss onto Seto's mouth.

Feeling his stomach leap but not bothering to find an appropriate explanation for that weird reaction this time, he leaned in and wrapped his arms around Yami, as far as they would go, for the other teen carried a bag with his guitar on his back. With satisfaction he retraced the curves of those familiar lips with his tongue before pulling away.

Yami winked at him and made a move to pick up his bag and suitcase. Seto, however, was faster and held both of them in his hands. For a moment the other just stared at him, brows slightly furrowed, then Seto grinned and offered Yami the bag, and a relieved smile replaced the frown. As they began to walk next to each other, Seto with the suitcase, and Yami with the bag, he marvelled at how easy and quite naturally that had happened, without any essential planning.

It was strange to see the other again, even if he had only been away for a month. Actually it was new to him to have a person important to him be away for so long. His little brother had always stayed within his reach, except for that one time when he had been kidnapped for three days. Seto still had nightmares about that.

But now Yami had been away for a month and it had been new to Seto, to say the least. Giving another his space seemed to be a learning process, and a difficult one, too. However, since he was convinced it would one day happen with Mokuba, he might as well start learning now.

"Well, did you have a nice flight?", he asked lightly, and Yami nodded enthusiastically, signing with one hand which was quite the challenge for Seto and lead to a really guessing game on his part. Granted, he had resumed his JSL lessons last week, but a month of no practice remained just that. "Are you talking about clouds?", he tried, uncertain. But again Yami nodded and made elaborate signs. "Oh, I guess you mean those large hills of white clouds, balling together like giant cotton candy? I quite like those too. It's a nice thought that below the clouds there's only rain but above them the sun shines and the sky is beautiful." That was something Seto understood well, flying being one of his few passions.

Yami confirmed this once more with a nod, and gave him a very warm smile. Seto suddenly realised how glad he was that Yami was back, even though he kept himself from saying that out loud.

"I guess you're tired", he ventured, "You must have been flying all night." In fact he had looked up the exact departure times in Vienna and Tokyo, watched the flight progress and weather conditions on his PC. Yami's reaction to this statement was a heartfelt yawn and he signed something along the lines of , Just…want…home

"I'll see you home of course", Seto replied even as he opened the door of the airport to let them outside. The limousine was already waiting for them. On some occasions it was nice to have a limousine that was allowed to drive right in front of the airport and pick them up there, to have a chauffeur who, after a polite greeting, stored the luggage away and only had to be told an address to take them safely to wherever that might be, their hands free to communicate with each other again after all this time.

Although, when they finally had their hands free, Yami quickly found other occupations for them, holding Seto, caressing his face as if he needed to touch him to find his way back to him. Between tiny kisses he smiled mischievously and ruffled Seto's hair, which almost lead to a tickling fight inside of the car.

All too soon the limousine stopped in front of Yami's flat and with another yawn the smaller teen climbed out.

"Wait", Seto mumbled and followed, standing awkwardly in front of Yami. "I…was wondering if we could see each other tomorrow. It's Sunday, I don't have to work."

The mute boy blushed and signed slowly, reluctantly, I'm sorry, but I think I should see my friends and family first. They are all very anxious to see me again. Apparently he felt guilty at Seto's expression and added a few apologetic signs, telling him, I don't really want to do that either, it is tedious visiting one after the other. I'd much rather have them all in one spot, that would be the faster way.

"Well", Seto remarked, a quick plan forming in his mind, "What about I still see you tomorrow and show you a surprise I have for you, and then I take you to your friends or wherever you want to go?"

To that Yami agreed and they arranged that Seto would pick the other boy up at 9.30 am.

Finally Seto helped Yami carry his luggage up to his house and received a kiss on the cheek as a goodbye.

The doorbell of the Kaiba mansion rang at exactly 8.00 am the next morning. Calmly, Seto opened for his guest and had to narrow his eyes, grimacing in discomfort, as they met with bright morning sunlight.

"Well, what a pity", he heard a familiar voice drawl, "I was hoping to at least wake you up to reciprocate for yesterday evening."

With a smirk and an inviting gesture Seto held the door open. "I didn't expect you to be punctual, you know, on the phone yesterday you sounded like you had difficulty thinking properly. I thought you'd be out as a light today."

The white haired drummer standing in front of him returned his smirk with equal fervour. "Anything for you. Good morning, Prince Charming. Still feeling the mad urge to kill me?"

"Quite so, yes", Seto replied casually. "But it will have to wait till later. What did the others say?"

"What do you think?", Bakura rolled his eyes. "My powers of persuasion are beyond human imagination. So what happens now?"

Seto smiled. He had not expected this to go so well. "May I introduce you to my little brother now? Mokuba!" When the dark haired boy shuffled into the room, looking much less awake than his older sibling, he continued, "Mokuba, this is Bakura, the drummer in Yami's band. He said he would help prepare everything here. Would you show him around a bit?"

As soon as the word "drummer" had been uttered, the younger boy was all ears and now he was smiling enthusiastically. "Sure thing, Nisama. Hey Bakura, nice to meet you"

"Hey Junior", Bakura smiled slightly and Seto was surprised that the fierce white-haired man seemed to be fond of children. To be honest he would never have expected that, and it made him more comfortable about the whole thing.

"Well, can I leave the preparations to you two then?", he asked rhetorically, since Mokuba was already dragging Bakura into the kitchen.

"Of course, Nisama. You're not going to recognise the place after we're done here, right Bakura? Let's turn the mansion into a party hell"

"Wait, no!", Seto shouted but was answered only by mad giggles and two almost identically wild bunches of black and white hair disappearing in the doorway. He sighed softly to himself. At least the two of them were getting along, and he should really get going now.

Throwing his trench coat over his shoulders he left the house, putting on his sunglasses to facilitate driving in the bright morning light. In the garage it was dark but he did not bother to take the glasses off, instead ran his fingers lightly over the silver metal of his car. Then he climbed inside and started the engine.

Due to a small traffic jam on the brinks of the city centre it took him almost fifteen minutes to get to Sycamore Avenue, but he managed to be just in time as he finally knocked on Yami's door. The mute boy made no secret of having been waiting for him as he flung open the door, ready to leave. The sight momentarily made Seto's breath hitch. Yesterday Yami had been tired and dressed casually in order to be comfortable while travelling, but today he was well rested and presenting himself in his full glory. He was wearing wide black jeans and a tight, deep yellow shirt that shimmered dull gold in the sunlight. Up to now Seto had never seen him in this colour, but he had to admit it suited him very well.

Finally he gathered his wits and raised his eyes to meet Yami's with a smile. "Good morning", he mumbled. He could only stare as the other gracefully leaned against the door post and beckoned him over. Standing two steps above him, Yami for once had the advantage in height, and when Seto stepped closer he took hold of his chin and kissed him with something like restrained hunger that made him want to sink to the ground, holding the other, for his legs threatened to refuse their support.

All of a sudden he was released and Yami was standing next to him, the unusual air of power gone. For a moment Seto's brain shut down and he thought about undressing Yami there and then, but again he pulled himself together and led the smaller boy over to the car.

"Is that shirt new?", Seto wanted to know as he started the engine once more. When Yami shook his head he wondered, "I thought you were dedicated to purple and crimson, I didn't even realise you possess something like this. I like it though", he added when he saw Yami's expression, "It resembles the leaves of those enormous trees in front of your house."

The young guitarist grinned and signed something. Glancing over quickly, Seto almost missed the next bend and quickly directed his eyes back to the street. "Hm, I guess this isn't going to work. I'd rather drive you around safely, so let's do the talking later. You can switch on the radio if you'd like." Actually he very seldom listened to the radio, but he wondered what Yami would pick.

Oddly enough the other settled on a classical piece, a female voice which Seto recognised immediately. "Oh, Jessye Norman. She's got a wonderful voice. I didn't know you were interested in classical music too."

Yami signed quickly and repeated the sentence twice so Seto had a chance to look. Fortunately the streets in this part of town were almost deserted. "Any kind of good music, you say? I have to agree with you on that. Isn't that a song by Schubert?"

The other agreed and wrote the title down in his blue conversation book, showing it to Seto. "'The Dwarf' by Schubert, yes"

They fell silent, listening as the voice rose to marvellous dramatic expression as the dwarf in the song announced his intention of killing the young queen he loved. Seto knew a bit of the German language from occasional business trips and having heard the song before was able to get most of the lyrics.

Yami's face was unguarded when the piano's last chords faded, a bit shaken with the deep emotion of the song, and there was no sight more beautiful than this one to Seto who could barely restrain himself from leaning over and kissing the smaller boy, again and again.

Finally they pulled into the garage of the mansion, and Seto took off the sunglasses. Yami immediately commented by signing, I'm glad you finally got rid of those. I like to see your eyes Seto felt his stomach leap in response and didn't know what to answer.

Instead he walked up to the door of the mansion and held it open for Yami. Blowing him a kiss the other boy walked into the house that was unusually quiet. Is Mokuba away, Yami wanted to know and Seto shook his head with a small smile, hoping that everything was ready.

"Actually, he is right over there", he answered Yami's silent question and pointed towards the door. "And he's not the only one."

Yami turned around and Seto concentrated on his face, relishing in the exquisite beauty of the moment when the other discovered who was standing next to Mokuba at the entrance to the kitchen.

His crimson eyes were wide and unbelieving, his mouth slightly opened, ever so kissable, and Seto walked up behind him, leaning over his shoulder to speak into his ear and whispering, "Won't you say 'hi' to them?"

Taking a deep breath Yami turned back to him, watching him with utter surprise on his face, and Seto shrugged, smiling nervously. "Well, you did say it would be easier if you all could just meet in one spot. I thought that could be arra…."

Before he had finished the smaller boy had thrown his arms around his neck, kissing him soundly, before storming off towards his friends. Slightly flustered Seto watched how Yami's brother, Yugi, whom he would actually meet in person for the first time bounced up and down, hugging the young guitarist, how Yami happily embraced his grandfather who greeted him with an affectionate, "It's good to see you, my boy"

Anzu, the sign language teacher and Jou, the bartender were there, the latter beaming as he embraced his friend in a bear hug, the former kissing his cheeks. Bakura finally yanked Yami jealously away from them only to envelop him in a hug of his own, shared with his brother Ryou. The other band members were there too, smiling at him.

At last Mokuba received a firm hug and then Yami let himself fall into a chair, a wide grin on his face as everyone chattered at once, trying to gain his attention.

Sceptically eyeing the room Seto was relieved that Bakura and Mokuba had not carried out their threat after all, except for a few colourful balloons, paper chains and a "Moonbirds" poster the kitchen and living room looked perfectly normal.

He found Yami taking his hand and pulling him a bit aside, which was quite pointless since everyone was secretly looking at them anyway. However, when the other flashed him that wonderful warm smile he quickly forgot about his embarrassment.

Thank you so much, Yami signed, hands shaking a little.

"It's alright", Seto mumbled simply, again at a loss for words.

Yami winked and turned a bit so the others couldn't see what he was signing. I want to show you how much it means to me. Later. When we are alone.

Seto's heart skipped a beat. Was Yami only teasing him? Did this mean what he thought it meant? Of course he had thought about it, but he had not counted on it to happen that soon, he had thought Yami would want to wait before he made that sort of commitment. But…if he was indeed willing to do it….

Seto exhaled sharply, and Yami tried to hide his grin, letting his index finger run briefly over Seto's hip before turning back to his friends.

Lunch and the early afternoon hours proved more enjoyable than Seto had thought it would be. While Yami was constantly surrounded by his friends, he exchanged some of his views with Mai and Isis, and found the conversations interesting, even though he was convinced the two women would annoy him if present at a daily basis.

He also talked to Bakura Ryou and traded insults with his brother, who was busy building a set of drums out of his kitchenware to explain the basics to Mokuba.

The two of them had prepared the little party, if one wanted to call it that, very well, but as it got later and later Seto grew impatient. This time it was Yugi who had the keenest insight and shortly announced he was going to leave with his grandfather. The others soon followed, as promises were made to meet again in due time, as once more kisses and hugs were exchanged among the small group of friends. At last even Bakura left the house, and Mokuba went off to see a movie, probably sensing that he wanted some alone time with Yami. He had to give him credit, he was a smart teenager.

Sitting down on the sofa, Seto waited for Yami to join him and smiled as the smaller boy leaned his head against his shoulder.

"I still have to show you your surprise", Seto whispered against Yami's ear, eliciting a tiny shudder in the other's body.

That wasn't my surprise, Yami inquired curiously, freeing his hands from Seto's embrace enough to sign.

"Not quite", Seto breathed, turning his interest to Yami's ear, nibbling softly until the other pushed him away. "Hey."

Yami pouted. Now you've got me curious. What's my surprise?

Sighing, Seto stood and held his hand out to Yami. When the other didn't react he raised his eyebrow. "We have to go into the garden for that." Raising both his eyebrows in return, the mute guitarist stood and followed his lead through the house, out of the back door into the garden.

The sun was standing low on the horizon already but this part of the garden was facing east and there the sky was already darkening, a half moon waiting for nightfall in a remote corner of the still blue sky. Taking Yami's hand Seto walked towards the old trees behind the house, oaks mostly, and stopped there, pointing at one of the trees. Behind his back, he crossed his fingers. "This is for you", he said.

At first Yami didn't seem to comprehend, for he frowned and stepped closer to the tree. Holding his breath, Seto waited. Then Yami's hand reached out to touch a pair of strong ropes and a smooth wooden plank dangling down from the tree's lowest branch by them. He turned his head to gaze wide-eyed at him.

"Well, won't you try it?", Seto whispered tersely, internally fidgeting with nervousness. Yami did not avert his gaze, instead brought his hand up to cup Seto's cheek, thumb stroking softly, as if discovering his face, his lips for the first time. For a moment Seto forgot why he was nervous, simply leaned into the soft touch. Then Yami pulled him forward and set him down onto the swing he had bought for him.

"No, no", Seto mumbled, almost embarrassed, "It's for you, you should try it." However, Yami ignored his protests and just sat down in his lap and started to move his feet, pushing them away from the ground.

"Oh", Seto whispered, mesmerized, and wrapped one of his arms around Yami's waist while the other was clutching one of the ropes. He had never shared a swing with anyone before, and discovered that it was quite the difficult task, matching the rhythm of their feet, leaning back simultaneously. After a while, though, he got comfortable and rested his chin on Yami's shoulder. The smaller boy turned his head and placed kisses light as feathers and flower petals on his face. It was a beautiful moment, and Seto felt a rush of adrenaline and maybe something else pass through his body as he noticed the way Yami leaned against him, the way they sat together, staring into the growing night.

Finally the swing stopped and their feet touched ground again. As Seto stood he was wrapped in gentle arms and kissed again, this time more passionately, though it certainly was a kiss that meant to give pleasure instead of taking it. Of course, that was only in theory for soon both of them moaned and sighed softly into each other's mouths, an exchange on equal terms established.

"I take it…you….like your…present", Seto managed to mumble between kisses. Yami nodded against his lips, moving closer. After a long, loving kiss the mute boy pulled away and in the small streak of light coming from the window of his house, he saw Yami sign, I want to show you how much I like it. I want to thank you, I want to give you something, too. Can we…, he hesitated, go inside?

"Of course." Seto's voice was hoarse and he was sure he was going to have a heart attack soon, particularly when he felt Yami lead him by his hand again, into the house where he took the lead, suddenly anxious that he had mistaken the signs. "Where are we going?", he muttered, uncertain.

Yami flashed him a seductive grin and signed with a raised eyebrow, Bedroom?

"Oh my god", was Seto's only answer, pulling Yami into his arms, kissing him, then blindly stumbling on, towards a flight of stairs. He had no idea how they had managed to get up there, believed to remember he had been cursing and laughing at the same time, between kisses, his heart beating so fast he could feel it thump against his chest. At last he pushed open the door to his room and they were tumbling down onto the bed, bodies trembling with laughter and longing.

"Yami", Seto whispered, catching his breath and staring down into those unbelievably beautiful red eyes. "Yami. Do we….Are we going to do this….? Are we really…? Oh. Oh god." He buried his face in the other's shoulder for Yami had grabbed his hips and was rubbing their groins together.

A terrible fire seemed to possess Seto, an exquisitely painful longing to feel more, to thrust against the other's body. Rolling on top of him, he sought Yami's lips with his own, initiating a maddeningly slow kiss, while he fought to rid him of his shirt which was glimmering golden in the faint moonlight falling through the window.

More clothes followed as their movements grew more frantic, as they took shaky breaths, as he moaned with pleasure at seeing Yami's chest rise and fall. Yami, for the first time completely naked and lying before him, the very picture of lust and sin, elicited shudders from Seto, who couldn't keep himself from touch, slowly running his hands up and down his hips, his calves, all the places where they had never been allowed to stray until that moment.

Curious for this new part of Yami's body, he crawled down towards the smaller boy's crotch and experimentally licked the inside of his calves. Yami squirmed, tried to grab his hair, pull him closer, but with a fiendish grin Seto evaded him.

The other would have nothing of that and decided to take matters into his own hands and mouth. Seto felt him shift and roll on top of him before he had time to register the movement and suddenly he found Yami's head in his lap instead, his tongue stroking teasingly, making Seto growl in pleasure.

Finally he could not take the teasing anymore and again turned them around so he was on top again. Swallowing hard, he met the other's eyes. "You want to…you really want to do this Yami?"

He needn't have asked. Yami's eyes all but cried out to him, screamed at him to do it, and the nod of his head was firm, decisive, full of passion. It was all Seto could do not to call out to some god again, not to come at the mere thought of having Yami in that way, of being with him like that.

And then they were falling together, falling into a deep pool of lust and pleasure until Seto bit his lip to stop himself from crying out and held onto Yami's hips in order not to lose control, until Yami threw his head back, thrusting up against him, until they reached a level of completion and union Seto had never known or experienced before.

They sank into the sheets together, neither moving for a long time, until their breaths evened out. Finally Seto reached for Yami's hand.

"I hope…I hope I could make this good for you", he said softly, wearily crawling closer and tracing Yami's ear shell with his tongue.

Again Yami nodded and turned his head so they could kiss slowly, languorously.

Seto did not know why suddenly he started talking. It was as if his mouth had detached itself from his mind, was speaking without his consent, was saying something that Seto had never even thought about, not consciously at least.

"Well, Mokuba will have to learn sign language then. After all he has to communicate with you. Oh, and certainly Isono has to learn it as well. Lots of new clients for Anzu. I should get a bigger bed, then, shouldn't I? But you might like a room of your own, everyone needs privacy and I want each of us to have his space. You could have a large room where you can put your guitar and band equipment. We'll make it sound proof. Hell, you can have a whole room for band rehearsals, I don't mind them being here. I guess I can tolerate you being away for long periods of time, as long as we can mail each other and…."

He stopped, terrified, for Yami had pressed one of his fingers to his lips. It was a long, tense minute before the crimson-eyed guitarist slowly raised his other hand, sitting up slightly to be able to sign, Does that mean… He halted, insecure. On impulse Seto took his hands, kissed both of his palms, wanting to soothe him despite the fact that he was just as shocked.

Does that mean…, Yami began anew, that…you want me to live…here, with you?

And it was then that Seto realised that this was just what he wanted. Briefly, he had a vision of himself coming home to be greeted by Yami, of watching him on the swing in the garden, that beautiful dreamy look on his face, of seeing him play a stupid computer game with Mokuba, of sitting on the couch in the living room with his guitar unplugged, absently running his fingers over the chords while watching TV.

Yes. It was exactly what he wanted.

He looked up almost shyly. "You have a beautiful little house, Yami. I know you love the place you live at. I know I'm asking a lot. You wouldn't have to sell it you know." Speaking carefully, he took Yami's hand in his. "You can have a house of your own, and I don't mind paying for it, looking after it. Maybe you want your little brother to live in it one day, when he has graduated and wants to settle down with his girlfriend. But I am serious about wanting to be with you. I….I …"

And then he forgot what he had been about to say, for Yami kissed him, and kissed him again until he was sure he could not breathe anymore and would die the happiest man in this world, suffocated by kisses.

After all this time with Yami he was positive he could take that as a yes.

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