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Butterfly kisses.

Over my cheststomachthighs


Haven't you done enough damage?

Your eyelashes flutter

and I giggle.

Don't tell anyone
Don't tell anyone

This is our secret. (NO ONE CAN FIND OUT)

Your warmth washes over my body and
you place moist kisses along my jaw and
you lick up my neck to my chin and
your rough tongue pushes past my lips and
I purr.

My brain is foggy
and I can't think correctly

But just


(don't stop)

"Ryou..." you drawl, your eyes feasting on my flesh.

(I hate how you say my name)

But I can't help myself and I smile softly

and I want more

I whisper your name back


and you grin.

I hate it when you look at me like that.

Your lips perfectly rounded and pale, twisting up into the most horrific and twisted smile ever.

You know I hate this but
you don't want to stop
because you want to hear me scream

You want me to scream your name.


and I hate it when you get me to.


I arch my back and your fingers twist and turn like snakes down to my crotch
and then you do something that makes me yelp and


and I bite down on my lip
and close my eyes
and hope you'll be done soon

(but all my hope is gone)

Why do I trust everything you say?

You say that it

but it does.

You say
you'll be gentle

(but the bloodcumsweat stained sheets tell otherwise)

and you say
you wont turn on me.


I'm suffocating Bakura.

(oh, Ryou...does it hurt? do I hurt you?)

yes Bakura.

(Ryou, Ryou, Ryou...)


right now.

(oh hikari, you were always so innocent)

I writhe and
you grin and
I growl and
you love my body and

I moan.

I cannot stop.


I love you.

(Silly hikari...)

You say that you hate me
you say I should die.

(but your actions tell me different)

And now something rough and wet is touching me there
and it can't be your hand.

I flush, arching into your mouth.

and then you bite down



And you stop immediately and look up


And then you shoot me a look of pure insanity

(bang bang)

And it seems like your roundpink lips turn gray and your eyes droop and your hair becomes lank

But you still smile through those mud colored eyes and whisper
(I hate you)

Before standing up and leaving me there to wait

until tomorrow.