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Summery: Sakura grew up differently from other girls, under sisters from a church and her power. Syaoran grew up faster than other boys under his father and is unusual craft. When Sakura is assigned as the nanny of his family, the two learns to listen tot he Sounds of Love.

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I hope you guys like the first chapter of this story. This story was created with a friend of mine. Daisychan Mistress of Evil. So she deserves a lot of credit for this story.




Chapter 1: Our First Meeting


The gentle blow of the wind drifted across the mountains and the hills, the lush grass waving at the skies, the sun distributing its warmth. It was a clear summer day, the sky as blue as blue can be, stretched across the world as far as the eye can see. The sun glimmered glamerously in the sky as it overlooked the world. There, on the hill stood a lone church. The amber bricks gave it a look of authority. The silver cross shimmered in the sky as the sun's ray hit upon it. The bells rung, the melody travelling through the air, and around the church. Birds chirpped their songs, joining the awakening of a new day.

Inside the walls of the church, woman figures dressed in black rushed around the church, starting their daily chores. Only one of the many busied figures seemed to notice that out of the rushing sisters, one tiny figure was missing. Brown eyes scanned around the place, snapping out of her inpecting as someone bumped into her.

"Oof!" the figure grunted. "Oh, Daisy, I'm sorry, I was rushing." The blushing figure apologized. Daisy smiled gently, helping up the new girl.

"Dosn't matter Lily. Have you seen Sakura around?" Daisy asked her, knowing she knew the young girl pretty well. Lily shook her head at the high ranking sister. Daisy had a fair dark skin tone, with warm brown eyes. Her black hair was lucious and smooth, but was always tied behind her head and hid underneath her hat, so no one was able to admire it.

"I'm sorry Daisy, but I haven't seen her since I woke up." Lily replied. Daisy groaned, rubbing bridge of her nose. The girl had done it again.

"She never seems to learn." she groaned. Lily laughed, watching her troublesome face.

On the hill, the fresh grass of summer brushed against her tiny feet as she skipped across the field barefooted. She knew she wasn't allowed to come out this early, but the birds had called for her with their melodic songs. The grass had beckoned her to come and join them in their dance, the clouds drifted across the blue sea in the sky, telling her to follow, the the great yellow sun had allowed her to go. Her long auburn hair drifted around her, forming a little cloud of her own. Her emerald eyes shone in delight, her little tiny dress twirled around her. Ever since she could remember, she had been living with the sisters in the church. True, they weren't the number one fashion critics, or the greatest fashion designer, but they were able to give her a home, a meal, and had even provided her with a snow white dress to be worn everyday, one colour for one different day. Today, she had a sleeveless snow white dress that twirled freely around her ankle. The sun shone upon her head and a halo was formed. Young 5 years old Kinomoto Sakura danced along with the grass by her feet, ran with the wind, and sang with the melodies of the birds. Oh how she loved the outdoors. Everything was so natural, so fresh and everyday it brought something new. Sitting down, with her tiny legs stretched before her, she giggled happily, feeling the wind brushed against her skin. Suddenly, the crunching of grass brought her out of her thoughts. A 9 year old boy showed from behind a great oak tree. Interested, Sakura lifted herself off the grass and walked carefully towards the shy boy.

"Hello? Is someone there?" her soft voice drifted in the wind. The young boy poked his head out. "You don't have scared. Sister Daisy said noone should be scared because noone is scary." Sakura reasoned. Slowly, the rest of the body of the boy was shown to the world. Wearing a black t shirt and jeans, the young boy stared back the the girl. Amber eyes shone from beneath the messy locks of chestnut hair. Sakura tilted her head. "Are you not from here? I haven't seen you before." She asked. The boy shook his head.

"No, I don't go here. I'm just here... with my mother." he said in a hard voice. Sakura shivered from his stare.

"Oh... I'm Sakura. Kinomoto Sakura. But you can call me Sakura. Some people call me Saki or Saku, but I don't like it." Sakura said sadly, pulling a face, "Hopefully you won't call me that and only call me Sakura, but I won't be mad if you call me Saki or Saku, well maybe a little mad but not all mad." Sakura babbled happily. The boy watched in amusement at how the young girl spoke. Obviously by the way she spoke and by the ways he looked, she was at least 4 years younger than himself.

"Um... all right... I'm Syaoran... Li Syaoran. Well no one ever called me by a nickname... so I guess you can call me Syaoran, if you wanna." Syaoran offered, giving her a lopsided smile. He felt happy watching the glow on her face brighten and her smile wider.

"So that means you're my friend... right?" she asked happily. Syaoran stood stunned, he had never had a friend before. Everyone treated him differently, because he WAS different. But this girl didn't mind... or maybe she didn't know. The wind suddenly became a strong gust for no apparent reason. The tiny crown made from flower blew off Sakura's head. Gasping, she tried to reach it standing on her tiptoes, jumping, but it didn't work. The crown drifted in the sky, before drifting down onto Syaoran's opened hands. Running, Sakura took the crown from his hand. Syaoran was at least a head taller than her. Blushing, she placed it back on her head.

"Thank you so much! I could never get it back, and it was made from daisies, and it is very hard to find enough daisies to make a crown like that. I've been collecting for so long now. So... you're my friend now right?" Sakura asked. Syaoran just nodded, trying to open his mouth to speak. But Sakura had all ready gave him a tiny kiss on his cheek.

"Great! My first real friend!" Sakura said happily. Just as she was about to talk more, a strong morning bell rang through the skies, making Sakura gasp. "Oh gosh! I am going to be in trouble! Bye Syaoran!" she said, before running off. Syaoran watched her retreating back, the little twirl on her dress, before brushing his finger against his cheeks.

"Yea... I'll be your friend..." he whispered to the wind, unaware of the tiny glow of fire from the dark forest.

Pitty-pat pitty pat went her small feet as it hit the cold stone floor. As she reached the door, a yellow golden retriever puppy came out with a pair of tiny shoes she had placed by the door earlier that morning. Bending down, she slipped them on, before patting the dog on his head.

"Arigatou Kero-chan! Hurry, go before you get in trouble." she shouted from beind her shoulders.

Daisy stood in the front line with 4 other sisters. Her eyes glanced at the front door worriedly as they were awaiting an important guest. Today, Li Yelan would be arriving with his son, Li Syaoran from Hong Kong, to prepare for the death of her husband. The Mother had instructed them that all were to attend. Hearing the soft tapping of shoes in the front door, she quietely slipped out of line as the Mother was talking. Walking quickly to the door, she bent down, to talk with the young girl.

"Sakura! Where have you been! You knew you weren't supposed to go out and you knew today was an important day." she said sternly to the young girl. Sakura's eyes dropped slightly, unhappy she had made Daisy angry.

"Gomen... but I can't help it." Sakura said sadly. "Are you ... mad?" she asked fearfully. Daisy groaned.

"No, No I'm not mad. But quick, get in line now, hurry young one." she said, grasping her hands, together the two made it back in line. Sakura was the only young girl here, so she was to stand in front of Daisy. Soon a group of 3 came in. A woman with straight black hair and brown eyes looked solemnly at the group of sisters. The Mother went and hugged the dear woman, consoling her. Then, a young boy of 9 entered the room. Sakura gasped softly, seeing the boy she had met earlier.

"Syaoran..." she breathed against the sudden drifting wind that had appeared inside the church. The wind carried her soft whispers to Syaoran, where he had heard it. Looking up, he saw the smiling face of Sakura, still in her soft white dress, her hair, he had now noticed, was down to her waist. Her emerald eyes had shimmered at once as she saw him. Her tiny hands lifted and gave a wave. Scared that his mother might notice him waving to a girl, he just nodded at her. Sakura's smile dropped, wondering why her friend won't wave back to her. Syaoran saw, in the corner of his eyes, the dropping of her smile. Feeling slightly guilty, he gave her a full smile, waving his fingers just a tiny little bit, just to show he said hi. Sakura's smile returned, watching her friend follow Mother to the room. As the sisters started to scatter, her eyes followed the boys body, until the door had blocked him from her. She wondered why he was here, she thought some very important people were coming... sighing, she followed Daisy to the dining room, where one hundred candles were alligned on the side of the wall. When someone dies, lights will not be turned on, but will use the candels as the source of light, to honour and respect the family.

"Sakura, I need you to light all the candles." Daisy said quietely, "Please make sure none of the sisters see this, I will lead them out." Sakura nodded waiting patiently. "All right, girls, I need to help prepare dinner, come with me." Daisy commanded the 10 other sisters in the room. Nodding, they obeyed and Sakura was soon left alone in the room by herself. Slowly, she marched towards the middle of the room, then climbed upon the stage, in front of god. Kneeling in front of god, her tiny hands placed together, she prayed,

"Please god, please help Syaoran's family. Help him feel better and make him not sad." she whispered. Everytime a family came, she would pray for them, pray for them to be well, pray for them to cope, and pray for them to know that their family member was now in a better place, a place with no pain and suffering, where they will look upon their family along with god. Standing up, Sakura walked down the stairs towards the middle of the room once more. Closing her eyes, she snapped them opened, a tiny fire burning in her eyes. She twirled around once before closing her eyes once again, the fire disappeared. Smiling happily to herself, she quickly ran to the kitchen to see if she could help, leaving the now brightly lit room from one hundred lit candles. Each candle baring the four colours: cool blue, shimmering white, rich red and fresh green. (The 4 elements, water, wind, fire and earth)






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