Well this is my second FanFic and I must say I like how this one has started, sort of similar to Reconciled Brother, only the opposite. I hope you like this one as much as a lot of you liked my last one. I'll probably finish it very soon seeing as how I have no school now.

This chapter is short, but to compensate that I've put chapter two up straight after it. As usual, read and enjoy. And review if you have the time.

Prisoner of War

Chapter 1 : Redemption Part I

The orange suns cast a fiery gaze upon the city. The late summer winds gently blew along the ruined streets. Overhead a massive Covenant cruiser hung in the skies, its organic curves hiding the deadly weaponry poised to rain down super heated death. Ground troops of both sides, dug into the rubble of what was once a magnificent city, engaged into a continuous guerrilla battle. The Covenant, with their superior numbers and weaponry slowly pushed the humans back, exterminating them with a cruel efficiency. Banshees screamed through the skies, mopping up lone stragglers, the sounds of their weapons overwhelming the screams of dying mothers and children.

A small band of men moved silently down the side of what was only a few days ago the main high street. Each carried a weapon, be it a high power hunting rifle, or simply a heavy object. Around them shots rang out into the air, mixed with the smell of fire and death. Up ahead a group of jackals stood around two elites, obviously waiting for orders. The men moved up silently, taking cover behind burnt out cars. When they were within twenty feet the leader stopped and called his men forwards. He opened his mouth to begin talking, but nothing came out. Looking down he saw blood seeping through his shirt. Falling forwards, the others saw the hole the plasma shot had burnt through his back. Before they could react the waiting Covenant ambushed the group. They screamed, one man tried to run and was picked off by the same Covenant sniper who had shot their leader. Soon only one boy was left, he couldn't of been more than sixteen. As the gold clad elite walked up to him the boy trembled visibly. A foul stench reached the elites nose and he looked down to see the human had urinated on itself. Flicking his wrist a plasma sword flashed to life, bringing it down to within inches of the boys face the elite whispered, "I will kill you, not because my Gods wish it or my Superiors command it. But because you are the most pathetic thing I have ever seen."

Reaching down the elite grinned in the reflected blue wash from the plasma sword.