Reconciled Brother

Chapter L : Redemption Part II

The boy was crying now, moaning endlessly for his mother, but she would not come. She had already departed this world. Turning up to look into the disgusting face of the elite the young boy stopped crying. His whining subsided, his body stopped trembling. His face twisted into a chilling vision as the elite watched dumbfounded. Then the boy began to laugh, a wild cackle that froze the warm summer air. The down on the back of the commanders' neck prickled, his heart began to pump furiously against the cold he felt. The boys eyes rolled in his head, scanning the world around him and boring into the elites soul.

From behind his back the boy activated the two plasma grenades he had stolen earlier, laughing once more he lunged forwards. His arms swung around and both grenades stuck to the gold elite in front of him. The elite stood still as he looked down at himself. The glowing balls on his chest and the boy impaled on his still outstretched sword.

As the child died he grinned once more and whispered "You took all I had and made me human," before the twin blue suns ignited, vaporising all in the vicinity.