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Bloody Hearts

Chapter 11


They stared down each other, Anubis smirking and Yami growling. A gust of wind blew past them and soon, Yami jumped to attack but was easily slapped away by Anubis. He growled once more as he stood to attack him again but came up with the same result. Diamond came by overhead, on Bahamut ZERO's back, Crimson right beside her and saw the battle already commencing. She took an arrow and set it onto her crossbow, aiming for Anubis. Once she had the target, she let the arrow loose and Anubis wailed in pain as holy fire rushed through him. He snarled more as he was hit by Yami's sword in the midst of the distraction.

"Alright! Get him while he's in pain!" Yugi called and they all charged in with their attacks. He snarled and a surge of power from the pyramid threw them back. He then looked up to Diamond and sent another surge of power towards her, connecting hard with Bahamut ZERO, knocking him out of the sky. "Diamond!" Crimson shouted, flying down to grab her and landed. "Are you ok?" she called, looking to Bahamut ZERO. He struggled to get up but he nodded, showing he was ok.

She nodded back and then looked to Crimson. "Thanks for the help." she said and he smiled. "No problem." he said before glaring at Anubis. "Now, we have a vamp to take care of." She nodded and got another arrow ready. "You will never defeat me!" Anubis shouted, bringing out his halberd and slashed at Yugi who jumped out of the way. Keara weaved a quick spell, granting it to them and strengthening their weapons greatly. "This should work. Now kill him!" she called before she went to tend to Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO.

Yugi looked over to Aqua who was defending Anubis' slashes towards him with his rapier. "Aqua! Mind giving me a lift?" Yugi called and he nodded, jumping back and Yugi ran over to him, grabbing onto his spines and swung himself onto his back. He unfurled his wings and kicked himself from the ground, flying high into the air.

Anubis was busy fighting with Yami and Jou, snarling as he felt arrow after arrow hit his back so he couldn't keep up with Yugi's nimble attacks. The puzzle shone brightly as Yugi went to hit Anubis with his sword, making him give off a painful wail from the attack, kneeling down and holding his chest.

The pyramid shone dimly from the attack and Yami saw this. 'That's right, the puzzle nullifies the pyramid. Maybe if Yugi can hit the pyramid while using the puzzle's power, he can shatter it.' he thought and then looked back up to Yugi. "Yugi! I think I know how we can end this battle! Use the puzzle's power to shatter the pyramid with your sword!" Yami called and Anubis hissed when he heard him, standing again and swung at him but he jumped out of the way. Aqua turned to look at him. "Shall we?" he questioned and Yugi nodded.

Aqua dove for Anubis, Yugi preparing for the attack. But Anubis spotted them and his eyes narrowed, turning a menacing crimson. The pyramid shone once more and a huge tail came out from behind him, flinging Yugi and Aqua back. Aqua landed harshly on the ground, Yugi safely landing on top of him.

Aqua looked up and saw that Anubis' form was starting to shift. "What's going on?" he questioned. "You will never defeat me! I wield the pyramid now and your deaths will be the first thing I'll succeed with using the pyramid's power!" he roared, his form shifting into a menacing beast.

They backed away, seeing Anubis transforming into a huge, hulking jackal-like beast with a large, axe-like protrusion coming from the top of his head, giant spines dotting his back along with a pair of large wings on his back. They could tell its only weak spot was the jewel upon his chest fashioned into the same shape as the pyramid. "This is going to be a problem…" Jou muttered.

"Well, we can't give up. The world is counting on us. If we don't defeat Anubis here and now, he will not only take over the world but have every single vampire under his control and make them mindless minions to do his bidding and enslave the human race while he's at it." Diamond claimed.

She took out another summon materia and glanced up at Anubis. 'Hopefully you can help us.' she thought. "I call upon the might of the legendary Phoenix!" she shouted and the materia glowed before the great fire bird appeared. The bird landed beside her and she climbed onto her back.

"Do you think you can help out, Phoenix?" she questioned and the bird nodded before taking to the air once more. Anubis roared in anger, swiping his claws at them but the Phoenix moved out the way and shot a wave of fire at the beast, making him cry out in pain.

Diamond, with a quick flick of her wrist, shifted her crossbow into a regular bow and took three arrows from the quiver on her back. She aimed before letting them fly and the arrows embedded into Anubis' chest, just missing their mark but still caused a good amount of pain. Yugi finally got off Aqua after the moment of shock at seeing Anubis change form and looked down to him.

"Come on, we need to help." Yugi urged. Aqua nodded as he stood back up, the small hunter climbing onto his back again and he flew off once more. Bahamut was back up again and flew over to Yami, picking him up and Yami stood upon his back as he flew towards Anubis.

Seeing as the others knew it was in Yugi and Yami's hands now, they stood back, hoping for the best outcome.


Anubis roared as he tried to slash at Diamond and the Phoenix but she moved out the way, unleashing a strong Phoenix Flame that consumed and burned him. "Diamond! We're here to help!" Yugi called as Aqua flew close to Anubis and he made a slash at his chest, hitting the gem but it didn't do much. Anubis snarled and swung his tail at him but Aqua moved out of the way in time to avoid being hit. "You insolent fools! I will never be defeated!" he roared as another surge of power hit them, causing them to fall out from the sky.

Anubis glanced down at Yugi, grinning maniacally and raised his foot, ready to smash the small hunter but before he could do so, the puzzle shined brightly, engulfing Yami and Yugi in its light. "No...No! The prophecy can't be coming true!" he snarled, reaching down in hopes to stop the process but as his claws touched the light, it started to melt away. He screamed in pain and anger, removing his hand and started backing away from the growing light. Diamond covered her eyes and when she removed her arms from her sight, she gasped when she looked over to them.

Yugi was donned in gold armor, brilliant gold wings on his back and his sword now shining white with gold markings along the blade. Yami's armor in contrast was obsidian black with many blades making up his wings. His sword was a inky black with crimson markings glowing upon the flat of the blade.

"No! The armor of the Light and Dark Princes!" Anubis hissed, backing away more. "This may be the only way how we can defeat him." Yugi said, looking to Yami. "Ready to deal with him once and for all?" Yami nodded as they soon ascended into the air, flying towards Anubis.

He roared and tried to claw them but they weaved through his attacks, slashing him every time he was open. Soon, he was riddled with heavy wounds and he was shakily standing, too weak to protect himself or the gem that gave him strength. "This is where it ends, Anubis." Yami whispered, holding his sword up towards the gem.

Yugi did the same and their swords started to glow. The Phoenix, Bahamut ZERO and Bahamut also came up to their sides, preparing their own attacks. "With the combination of Light and Darkness, your reign of terror ends now!" Yami shouted as two beams of light and dark came from their blades. Bahamut, Bahamut ZERO and the Phoenix let their own attacks out and they combined together into one final blow that hit Anubis right at the core.

He roared in unbridled pain, the gem on his chest soon shattering and everything was encased in a giant orb of light.


Vincent, Nanaki and the others watched from where they were, hoping that the battle was in their favor. "Do you think they won?" Ryou asked, looking to Vincent.

"Let's hope so." Vincent answered quietly.


At the capital, Seto and Ruby finished moving the last of the vampires from the capital for safety and saw the blast from afar. "I wonder what that could be." Ruby questioned. "Let's hope it was something good." Seto replied before they made a move to follow the vampires.


"Man! Two bright flashes in one day! Give me a break now!" Jou whined as he covered his eyes from the explosion. A harmless shock wave passed over them before the light dimmed down and they opened their eyes to look back at the spot where Anubis stood. He was gone, a wisp of smoke left from the crater being all that was left of him. Yami and Yugi hovered in the air still beside the three summoned beasts, exhausted but smiling. Yugi looked over to Yami with and smile and flew into his arms, kissing him happily.

"I can't believe it! We did it! We defeated Anubis!"

Yami smiled as well as he descended, holding Yugi in his arms and their armor disappeared as their feet touched the ground. "Yes, we did and saved many lives." Yami replied. Aqua and Diamond ran over and Yami released Yugi, snickering lightly as he saw the younger be enveloped in a big hug by the older woman.

"Oh Yugi! I'm so glad for you!" Diamond said and Yugi laughed as he patted Diamond's back. "Well, I had to do my part. I am the Prince of Light and if I didn't help, we probably be all killed and Anubis would've had control of the world like he wanted." Yugi said.

The other ran over and Jou, Kaiser and Malik embraced Yugi as well. The other soon came back from where they were guarding the scrolls from and asked about what happened. Yugi told them of what happened and they were glad to hear that Anubis was gone for good. But what they didn't notice was that the gem from the pyramid was still there and it floated, emitting a menacing red light and shot towards Yugi's unprotected back. Aqua saw the gem and shouted to Yugi who turned to see what it was.

Seeing as it was too late for him to dodge, Aqua ran towards him and pushed him out of the way, taking the full hit that was to kill Yugi. It was all like slow motion as Yugi landed and he cried out for Aqua. Blood spewed from his mouth as he landed and Yugi quickly made his way over to him, picking up his head and feeling for a pulse along his neck.

"No. No, not again. Aqua..." he whispered. Yami and the others ran over and Yami knelt down beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "He'll come back, I know it." he said as he looked down to the pendant and gasped, seeing it was shattered.

Yugi looked up to him, tears in his eyes. "What's wrong?" he whispered and them followed his gasped down to his pendant and saw it shattered from the collision of the gem, thankfully the gem also destroyed in the blow. But what they didn't know was that the evil energy encased inside was meant as a final, killing shot so even with his pendant guarding him, it still did the deed.

"No, Aqua. You risked your life again and this time, you probably won't be coming back." Yugi whispered, tears in his eyes. He then looked up to Keara, eyes pleading. "Keara, can't you do whatever you did to bring him back again? Please tell me you can." he asked, sobs muffling his words. "I don't know, Yugi. The spell I used to bring him back before took half of my life and even though I'm a dragon, I can't risk too much of my life for a restoration spell. Especially the one I used on him before." she murmured solemnly.

Yugi looked back down to Aqua once more and leaned down, placing a chaste kiss on cold lips before letting him down again. "Why does it always come to this? He died once and he was able to come back and now he dies again…and we don't know if we can bring him back this time." Yugi whispered and Yami pulled him into a hug.

"I'm sure we can find a way, Yugi. Come on, We better get back to the capital and see if we can find Seto or Ruby so the vampires can come back now that it's safe." Yami said and Yugi nodded as he stood, following Yami and the others back, turning his gaze once more to the prone form of Aqua.

When they were gone, they didn't notice the puzzle glowing or the dark and light strands of energy that encased Aqua's form.


Once they got back to the capital, after finding Seto and Ruby and bringing the vampires back, they rested in their shared home that was now given to them by the people for their heroic deed in ridding the vampire race of Anubis. Yugi sat in a chair, still mourning over the loss of Aqua while Yami sat beside him, comforting the young hunter the best he could.

"I'm sorry you had to witness his death again but I know he will come back. Don't worry, Yugi." Yami murmured and Yugi only nodded. Diamond came in with some drinks and handed them out to everyone before kneeling down beside Yugi's chair and gently ran a hand through his hair.

"I don't think he will let up from this one. This is hard on him since we don't know if we can bring Aqua back or not." Diamond said, looking to Yami. "I hope that Keara can find a way. I hate seeing him sad and I don't want him to be this way forever." She nodded and stood once more, heading over to sit on the couch beside Crimson who wrapped an arm around her.

They soon heard a knock at the door and Yami stood up to see who it was. "Now you didn't really think I was going to be gone for long, did you?" A familiar voice spoke and Yugi's head shot up before he ran for the door, seeing Aqua standing there and smiled. Tears of happiness coursed down his face as he jumped into his arms.

"Oh Aqua! Please! Don't leave me again! I don't want to lose you a third time!" Yugi cried. "Don't worry, I won't be leaving you again for a long time." Aqua said, kissing his cheek and Yugi only continued to hug him, glad that he was back.

The other ran over to the door, also in awe that he was back. "But how? I thought that the gem killed you?" Ryou questioned from Bakura's arms. "Here, why don't we sit back down and I'll tell you what happened."


Once they were settled back in the living room, Yugi never parting from Aqua's side, he started to tell the story. "Well, as you all know, I was killed by the gem and in my spiritual state, I thought I wasn't going to be coming back again since that accursed gem shattered my pendant when it hit. But a miracle happened and before I could go into the afterlife or wherever slain vampires go to, the original Princes of Light and Darkness came to help me. Since their souls was in the armor you two wore to defeat Anubis, the Prince of Light knew that Yugi had a close relationship to me and didn't want to lose me again so when you guys left, their spirits came and restored me with some help from the puzzle." He explained and Yugi smiled, holding the golden item in his hands, thanking it silently for saving Aqua.

"And before I forget, the princes told me to tell you and Yugi to have a great life together since you were able to live through the fate that was placed on them." Aqua said, looking to Yami. He smiled and nodded. "Don't worry," he said, standing up and walking over to them. "I'm sure we will all have a great life together now." he continued, placing a hand on Yugi's shoulder and the young hunter looked up to him with a smile.

"As long as I'm here with you and Aqua, everything will be alright. We took care of the ultimate evil and I have found someone to be with. So did my friends." he said, looking to them with their loved ones.

"There is no need for us to hunt vampires anymore since we have dealt with the only one that caused a threat to humanity and vampires alike." He continued as he snuggled closer to Aqua who smiled as well.

Up above in the nighttime sky, two spirits smiled upon them. The young one looked to the older with a smirk. /"Now aren't you happy we helped them, Atemu?"/ The little spirit asked. The vampire spirit huffed but smiled anyway. /"Yes. They deserved it. No more lives needed to be lost by the pyramid and now that it's gone forever, no one will ever have to worry about it again for many centuries to come."/ He said, looking to the other. /"Now come on, Heba. It's time we got back to where we belong now that our spirits can rest in peace."/

Heba nodded and they soon faded away. /"Hopefully we can come back to visit. Right, Atemu?"/

/"We'll see my little hunter. We'll see."/


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