Father of the Bride

Author: LVB

Disclaimer: George is the owner of all things SW. Some ideas also borrowed from Dave Wolverton. The point is, I don't own!

Summary: AU. Anakin Skywalker and family are invited to Alderaan for an announcement. What happens when the announcement involves wedding bells and a mystery groom? Sequel to Meet the Skywalkers.

A/N: Well, I'm back! You have KD Skywalker to thank for this little snippet being posted, because I was going to wait at least another week. But here's your first taste. Review and let me know if you like it!

Prologue: Proud Daddy, yet again!

Anakin Skywalker was a happy man. In fact, life had improved drastically for the Jedi Master. Luke had successfully completed his Jedi trials and was one of the most powerful Jedi Knights in the Order. Luke had shown greater potential than even Anakin at that age. Obi-Wan was impressed.

Leia Skywalker-Organa had also taken up Bail's role in the Senate on a more official level. For the first year she had only accompanied him on the Senate pods and listened to the meetings. Years of political training, and a Chancellor for a mother had prepared her well. There was only a slight disapproval regarding Leia's position but it was quickly overruled.

Because technically, Leia was an Organa. Which apparently solved many legal problems that annoyed senators couldn't overrule. This pleased Anakin immensely.

Over the past few years, Anakin had learned to accept that his twins were no longer children in need of his protection. Luke had gone on a Jedi mission to Dagobah a couple of years ago in order to do some 'soul searching'. Anakin hadn't even known he was gone until Obi-Wan told him. It had taken Obi-Wan a full hour to reassure Anakin that Luke was going to be fine.

Despite his best intentions, Anakin still kept track of Luke's activities. Especially on the romance front. Since the Council had relaxed the rules regarding 'attachment' significantly, it was entirely possible that Luke could bring home someone to meet the parents. Much like his twin had a few years earlier.

It was now common knowledge over the galaxy that Leia Skywalker-Organa was involved with the rascal Han Solo. He and Padme had now gotten used to viewing the HoloNews and seeing various reports on the young couple. In a way, at least Anakin was glad that the whole galaxy would be keeping an eye on them in public, where Anakin couldn't. At least there wouldn't be any funny business.

Not yet, anyway.

Anakin had significantly warmed up to Han over time. They still had their moments, such as when Anakin had purposely allowed Threepio to take ALL of Han's clothing away for dry-cleaning the day Han had decided to sleep naked. That had been funny.

Or the time Han had left his racy Sabacc cards in Anakin and Padme's bedroom, resulting in Anakin having to sleep on the couch for a week.

But other than that, the two got along for Leia's sake. And more than that, they had begun to develop a bond similar to a father and son-in-law bond. At least it didn't result in petty games and challenges, much like their first encounter.

So in short, life was good for the Skywalkers. Until one weekend, when Bail Organa invited the Skywalker clan to Alderaan to make an announcement.