Happy Ending

Teta rose early in the morning and set about her tasks, her jobs had doubled since Mara had left. Zasha, her

master had told all the slaves a horrible tale of Mara's punishment for running away, but for some odd reason Teta

came of with a hopeful idea that he had made it up to spare himself the embarrassment of a runaway slave.

When Ra was high over head Teta set about ironing a basket of shentis. No sooner had she finished the first

was she interrupted by summons by her master. She entered Zasha's office where he was speaking with a very wealthy

looking man, his voice was shaky and he kept throwing the man's wife nervous glances. Automatic her right hand

went to her left shoulder and she lowered her head in respect. Zasha spared her but a glance as she entered and

motioned for her to wait where she was. From what she heard of the conversation the man and his wife were buying

her from Zasha.

Inclining her head enough to see the man. Her was young , tall, very handsome, and obviously rich. Her eyes

then wandered to his wife she wore golden bracelets and necklaces, shear clothing, and leather sandals. She had

elegant features and her eyes….

Teta stifled a gasp. By the gods….those eyes were unmistakable, they were the color of the sky.


The man handed Zasha a purse of coins and turned to leave. Zasha motioned for her to follow the man

and his wife…Mara. Teta snapped out of her daze and followed obediently once they reached the outer gate

Mara turned to Teta who was certain her was dreaming the whole thing.

"see Teta didn't I tell you that I would one day I would have bold and eat roasted water fowl everyday?"

her new mistress asked.

"Hai, you did" Teta replied amazed she could even speak

Mara introduced her husband as Sheftu, he was King titmouse's closest adviser. They boarded a boat

called the Silver Beatle and sailed for Thebes, where Mara lived now.

During the journey Teta would sit at the bow with Mara and listen to her story of how she had gained

her riches. At times Sheftu would join them and tell his tails about the great gods. Mara declared Teta a free slave

and invited her to stay at their grand villa for as long as she chose to. Even after a few months Teta expected to wake up

bake in Menfe, still a slave of Zasha'z