Author: Hello! This is my first YuYu Hakusho fanfic (on this site)!

Setsuna: Don't blame us if it sucks

Author: -hits Setsuna over the head- I'll have you know that lots of people like my fanfics! Besides, it's that kind of negativity that makes most people dislike you.

Raye: Are you sure it's not the cold attitude and the proneness towards alcoholism?

Setsuna: Hey! Those are some of my best traits!

Author: Anyway, I don't own anyone but Setsuna. I co-own Bunny, Raye and Tempest. I hope you enjoy my story!

In a city as large as Japan, there were many low-rent apartments standing ready for suspicious tenants. One such apartment had just been rented out to three innocent enough looking teenage girls. It was cramped, but somehow each girl had her own room. The apartment was sparse, each bedroom equipped with nothing but a futon, the living room only holding a beat up couch and old tv.

From one of the bedrooms came a voice. "Bunny! Where did you put my booze?" yelled a seventeen year old girl who was bending over an open suitcase, sifting through the junk crammed into it. She had blue and silver streaked hair that was pulled back into a long pony tail. Her eyes were electric blue that stood out on her pale skin. She was wearing cut off jeans, cut to short shorts that were slung low on her curvaceous hips. Her top was a light blue wife beater with the words 'Insanity's my friend' scrawled onto it with what appeared to be sharpie. Her feet were bare while her wrists, fingers, neck and ears were heavily decorated in silver jewelry.

"I didn't." said a cold voice in the next room "It would have weighed us down. I left it."

"What?" The girl's eyes bugged out and she stood up, revealing her height to be close to six foot. "Please tell me you're joking!" She ran into the other room and stared down at the short silver haired girl. Her hair was short in the back, with longer chunks in the front framing her face. This eighteen year-old had reddish-gray eyes and skin more pale than the blue haired girl in front of her. She was wearing baggy black pants and a tight long-sleeved red shirt that said 'Save the trees from the hippies'. She was very petite, with a boyish figure that was hidden by her clothes. Her feet were covered in black steel toed boots. Around her neck was a long silver chain, on the end of which had a crystallized flame hanging from it. Around her forehead she had a black bandana. "Please tell me you didn't really leave it!"

"Okay. I didn't leave it." she said her cold stare never blinking.

The taller girl slid to the floor. "Bunny, How could you? You know how much alcohol means to me."

Bunny rolled her eyes. "Setsuna you are such a dumbass. You need to get over yourself."

Setsuna stood up, putting her hands on her hips. "Fine as soon as YOU give up ice-cream, which can be an addiction too you know!"

Bunny paled and her red eyes glared. "Never!"

"Nope, too bad. If I can't have my Vodka, then you can't have your strawberry ice-cream." Setsuna stalked to the fridge, Bunny right behind her. Setsuna opened the freezer and turned on the water faucet, holding a box of strawberry ice-cream above the sink.

"You wouldn't dare!" growled the other girl. Setsuna threw the box into the sink, squishing the ice-cream out to run down the drain in a pink mess. Bunny growled and launched herself into the air, punching her sister in the face. Setsuna backed up and kicked out, her foot connecting with her opponent's shin.

At that moment a sixteen year old girl with long dark blue hair walked in. She had blue eyes, the right one having a slit of silver in it. Her skin was slightly darker than the other girls. She wore black jeans and a midnight blue t-shirt with safety pins randomly put in it. The shirt was stretched tight over her large chest, while the jeans hugged her smaller hips. Her shoes were scuffed up tennis shoes and she had a select few shiny pieces of jewelry decorating her. "Guys! We've only been here five minutes and you're already fighting! Can't you people get along for one moment?" She scolded.

"It's her fault." Setsuna pointed at Bunny.

"Is not! You shouldn't have thrown away my ice-cream." Bunny hmphed and crossed her arms "You shouldn't mess with my sweet snow."

The blue haired girl rolled her dark blue eyes. They stood there a minute just looking at each other then the girl who had broken up the fight said. "Okay! Who wants to go outside and explore!"

Her older sisters sweat dropped. "Raye! We have better things to do than explore!" yelled Setsuna.

"Oh yeah? What?" muttered Bunny. They all stood there silent for a second thinking.

"We could go get me some booze." suggested Setsuna.

"No 'Suna. No. We have a job to do." said Bunny.

Setsuna looked dejected for a moment then said. "Fine. So what exactly is our job, oh boring one?"

Bunny glared but said "Tempest said we needed to meet someone. She said they would be at the square all day today."

"And how would our loving sister know that?" replied a miffed 'Suna.

"'Cause the spirits told her." replied Bunny. 'Suna huffed. Again there was a little silence as Setsuna pouted.

"Let's go!" said Raye.

"Oh," Suna said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Well if 'the spirits' said it, it must be true. I mean Tempest isn't always the most reliable person, remember that time in Istanbul? Holy Grail my ass. And how exactly are we supposed to recognize this person, if there even is a person?" When she looked up to see what her sisters would answer she realized they had left already. "HEY!" she yelled "Wait for me!" she ran after them after slipping on her platform black flip-flops.

She practically jumped down the stairs in her haste to get to the parking lot. Her sisters were already by their car, an old looking van painted a light blue.

When Setsuna reached her sisters she paused, trying to catch her breath. When she succeeded she took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. "You know you guys, you shouldn't have left me. I made a good point- how are we going to recognize the mystery people?" Suna asked, taking a drag off of her newly lit cigarette.

"We will worry about that later." said Raye, hopping into the passenger seat.

"Whatever." said Setsuna "I'll drive" she says as she passes Bunny.

"Hn." was all Bunny would say. They drove off, leaving their new apartment in a cloud of dust.

"So where is the square?" asked Setsuna.

"Go straight until you get to Orange Street then take a left. Drive on until you see a big sign that says THE SQUARE" said Raye said yawning.

Setsuna glanced at her sister "Are you tired already? Did you have less sugar than usual?

"Yeah, I only had a pound." answered her sister

"That's a dangerously low amount." Setsuna said sarcastically. "I think I may have some Kool-Aid in the glove compartment.

Raye reached in and pulled out about a thermos containing cherry Kool-Aid "Awesome." she swallowed it down in almost one gulp.

It is at that point they reach the square.

"I sense something." said Bunny from the back seat. "I'm guessing it is the people we are supposed to meet."

"YAY!" said Raye as she jumped out of the car.

Suna turned off the engine and stepped out into the sun, slipping on sunglasses. "I just hope we don't have to kill them this time." she said

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