A/N: This was just a random story I thought of as I listened to a song. I hope you like it.

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Ratings: PG

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Nothing really…

Main Characters: Shigure and Akito (female…for once)

Additional Notes: The song at the beginning is "I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me" by Fall Out Boy. And yes, that's really the title. Oh, and Akito is FEMALE this time. Strange for me, but oh well.

Cheap Perfume

"Douse yourself in cheap perfume

It's, so fitting, so fitting

To the way you are

You can't cover it up

You can't cover it up"

She is like cheap perfume. That is what I think of, when I see her. She is like cheap perfume. I try to forget that, but it is such a sweet comparison. She's fragile, sometimes, like a light, gentle scent. Other times, she's strong and her presence is felt, regardless of where you are in the compound.

But she is cheap perfume, no matter what I wish otherwise. Like all cheap perfume, she will eventually fade. And soon, too. Already her scent is leaving, it is not as strong as it once was, but it is still there, though muted somewhat. It still calls my senses to it.

I cannot help but go to her, to her intoxicating scent. A dog's sense of smell is over a hundred times more accurate than a human's…I can smell her before I even reach the gate… Her smell electrifies my senses and I begin to hunger for her. I long and ache to wrap myself in that scent. It is nearly torture for me.

Her touch is like frail rose petals, darker than blood. It's bittersweet and silky—beautifully twisted. Fragile and commanding all at once—she is my master and my greatest, darkest secret—my love.


A/N: Wow…I think it's my shortest yet. By the way, it's Shigure talking about Akito. I thought it really fit Akito, the idea of cheap perfume. Please, tell me what you think—review!