Kagome was walking down the street looking at the sky, she let out a big sigh at least I have a week to get cought up on my school work . She looked back at her backpack it was almost as big a she was, she let out another big sigh. I wonder what Inuyasha is doing right now she shook her head, "No I cant think about him right now I have to keep my mind on my getting my schoolwork done." She continued walking home when she heard three familiar voices calling her name. She let out a very big sigh this time, but put on a big smile and turned around to face her friend.

"Oi, Yuka, Eri, Ayumi whats up!"

"Oi Kagome, how are you feeling?" said Eri.

"Ya, we heared you were out with Halitosis"(Thats is a disease were you have REALLY bad breathe)

"Ya, we heared it was really bad to, so bad that everyone in your house had to wear stink masks! Is that true?"

All three girls plugged there nose and took a step back.

A large sweat drop formed on Kagome's forehead. "No,no it wasnt that serious". Ill have to talk to gramps about these "disease" I am getting Kagome put on another big smile while her friend unplugged there nose and took a step foward.

"Few...we wouldnt want you to come to the Halloween party with bad breathe", said Eri.

"Ya, that would be the worst!" said Ayumi.

"Well, no, there are some things that are worse than bad breathe", said Yuka putting her hand on her chin thinking on what would be worse.

Kagome had zoned out by then. Thats right, its almost Halloween (I dont know if they celebrate Halloween in Japan if they dont just bare with me) It took Kagome a minute then she realized, "Wait, what party? Kagome looked at the three girls with a confused look on her face.

"Kagome dont you remember?", said Eri. They all looked at Kagome.


It was lunch time and Kagome was sitting at a table fixed on a geomotry book "aw man I am never gunna learn this stuff by Wensday's big test! That only leaves me two days to study!" She went back to studing and sneaking in in a bite to eat every now and then. Kagome didnt even notice her three frinds come down and sit next to her. They all looked at her and looked at eachother in concern. "Oi, Kagome are you OK?" said Ayumi tapping Kagome on the shoulder and making Kagome jump. Nani? Oh, gomen, you starteled me I didnt see you sit down. Kagome flashed her friend a smile and then went back to studing. Kagomes friends were talking about something for Halloween when Yuka said " Kagome are you going to come to the Halloween party this weekend?" Kagome really wasnt paying attention "Ya...sure guys", she said without even lifting her head from her book. "YAY! that means all of us are going do you have a date yet Kagome?" said Eri, just then the bell rang which ment lunch was over. Kagome imediatly got up and headed of to her next class.

"Oh" was all Kaome said.

"Your still going arnt you Kagome?" said all the girls at once.

"Well...you see"...How do I get out of this one. The party was Saturday nigh and Inuyasha was expecting me back in the sengoku jidai at noon at the latest. But I kinda do want to go to this party. I mean I have been in the sengoku jidai for so long now that I miss partys, hanging out with my friend, and just being a normal teenager! Heck, if anything I diserves a nighout, fighting demons and traveling for long periods of times was hard enough. Inuyasha would understand...wouldnt he?

"Kagome" said one of the girls.

Huh? Nani? said Kagome.

Are you still going to the party?asked Eri?

Hai, Inuyasha doesnt control my life, if I want to stay an extra day I could its my life.

Nani? What are you talking about Kagome? asked her friends with a confused look.

Oh, nothing...Few that was a close one!

YAY! cheered her friends all at once.

So who are you going with? asked Eri.

Ya, are you taking Hojo? said Yuka.

Or are you taking your two-timming Koibito? asked Ayumi.

Just as they started to interigate her guess who comes up riding on his bike.

"Oi, Higurashi over here" yelled Hojo from down the street. He pulled his bike next to hers and handed her a basket. "Theres some herbs in there that I got from my moms shop they are supposed to work miricals when you have bad breathe."

"Um... Arigato...thats really sweet of you...demo you didnt have to this for me."

Oh, its no problem. "So...um...are you going to the Halloween party this Saturday?

Before Kagome could awnser her three friend shouted "Hai!"

"Um...ya...I am" she sighed for what she new was coming up, demo, how would I say no? Mabey I should go out with him this time...no its not fair to Inuyasha...wait Inuyasha...she went into even deeper thought. Hai...it just might work.

She looked back up at Hojo. He was rubbing the back of his head. "So, Higurashi, would you like to go out with me to the Halloween party?

"Oh, im so gomen Hojo I already have a date." Kagome said.

"Oh...well then...um...mabey next time." said Hojo with sadness in his eyes. Hojo got on his back and rode of waving to the girls but soon he was only a speck.

Kagome turned back to her friends. Who were looking at her straight in the eye.

"So, who are you going with? asked one of the girls.

Ya, if your not taking Hojo then are you bringing your two-timing Koibito? said another.

Or is there another man? said the third one.

No,no,no, Theres no aother man and hai I am bringing my "two-timing" boyfriend. The other girl moved away so he doesnt talk to her anymore anyway. Actually, Kikyou died after the battle a few weeks ago after Naraku was destroyed

"Oh." said all the girls at once.

They had all started to walk to Kagomes house. "So, nani are you going to wear Kagome? asked Eri.

"I dont know yet, I guess I will have to go shopping." replied Kagome.

"Well, we are all going shopping tomorrow after school if you would like to come with us."

"Alright, do you guys know what you wanna be yet?"Kagome asked the girls

"No, not yet" they all said.

They had reached Kagomes house.

"See you guys tomorrow at school" said Kagome.

"Bye Kagome"all of them said.


"Konnichiwa Kagome, how was school"

"Konnichiwa mom, well, I can say for certian im going to fail math if I dont study for my test on Wednsday. And I was invited to a Halloween party and I still need to get a costum oh and I almost forgot I need to convince Inuyasha to come with me to the party this weekend."

"Im sure you will do fine on your test honey, and that party sounds like fun you will pick a wonderful costume but why does Inuyasha need to come?" her mom replied.

"Well, I am supposed to go back to sengoku jidai the day of the party but I decided that this was my life and if I wanted to stay another day then Inuyasha could not make me go back to sengoku jidai. Then to top it all of Hojo came and asked me out to the party and I did not want to go with him but" Kagome stopped herself before she said it in front of her mom I would feel guilty for not taking Inuyasha to be my date, it just would not be the same because I do like Hojo as a frined but I like Inuyasha much more than that "anyway I just said that I already had a date so I could not go with him so I need Inuyasha to come with me as my date."

Mrs. Higurashi knew what Kagome was trying to say, demo, she decided to play along so her daughter didnt get embarressed. "Well im sure Inuyasha would love to go to the party with you demo, dont forget to tell him I just bought some more ramen"

Her mother gave her a wink and she smiled back at her. "Arigato mom, well I had better get studing if I want to pass my test."

"Ok honey are you hungry I can make something for you to eat while you study"

"No Arigato mom" Kagome was already halfway up the stairs heading to her room. Kagome walked up to her door and felt something weird in the pit of her stomach, she did not know what it was from demo when she opened the door she saw the reason why. He was wearing a red kimono and had long white hair and to Kawaii Koinu ears twitching on top of his head.

"Inuyasha what are you doing here?"

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