Rated G. This poem describes the bond and love shared by a particular redhead and one visor-wearing do-gooder (Hey, I can't help it...I think they're a great couple). While the bond was dead, never once did one truly forget the other. Jean and Scott always danced on the edges and memories of the other's mind. True love can transcend death.

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-Men. They do not belong to me. However, the poem is all mine.


As I lie here in this bed
thinking of how I met you then,
I think of the things you told me.
I realize that I can't remember when

the last time I was afraid,
the last time that I was alone
when I knew of no one I could trust
when my heart was on its own.

I remember the sweetness of your kiss and
the tenderness of your strong embrace.
I recall the deep gentleness of your voice
as you said that you would patiently wait.

You told me you wouldn't let this true love perish
you told me what I needed to know.
You made me feel so cherished.
You are the half that makes me whole.

We share such an intimate rapport.
You always enthrall me with your touch.
You always leave me wanting more.
You have always meant so much.

The last time that I was afraid
the last time that I was alone
I knew who to turn to; who to trust
and I knew I was no longer alone.

We were two that united as one
what was this between us that had begun?
All that I had to do was reach
and find paradise right under the sun.

I turned to you to let you know I understand
I just wanted to let you know.
As I turn my thoughts into speech you take my hand
I tell you, "You're the half that makes me whole."