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I came up with this idea after I finished reading the sixth book today… and after I came to bypass my rage for Snape's actions. Remember this is NOT to bash on Snape, it's actually to show my views on why he did what he had after looking over the facts several times (there are many hidden messages I think, of course only Rowling knows what really hidden… at least I would hope).

Personally I don't think Rowling's turned Snape evil just because more people like him than Black (as she stated in interviews). She's been doing odd things with his character from the very beginning. 'sides, I think she'd hate to piss off millions of Snape fans by all of a sudden blow the personality she'd been setting for him and turn his evil (though I think many fans are already peeved XP)

Anyways, my reasoning for Severus still being good will show more and more as this story progresses.

Chapter 1

She stood there petrified. Never before had she felt such fear, such let down, such shock and sadness. How could Albus Dumbledore, a man she had thought of as a grandfather, be gone? How could the one man she had ever trusted her life to be the cause?

He had told her to be weary of anyone she didn't know. He had told her to stay clear of certain people he knew she'd see and would recognize from pictures or descriptions. He had told her to keep her heritage quiet, even told her it would keep her life intact. But what did it all matter now? She hadn't anywhere to go, anyone left to confide in.

The seventeen year old girl fell to her knee's and sat in-between her bent legs, tears trailing down her pale face from her dark eyes that saw nothing due to her immense shock. Her pale lips lay slightly open, trembling as she fought back the nosy sobs that pleaded for release. Her black hair lay braided and trailed down her back, just barely touching the ground.

Professor McGonagall stood there sadly watching her, not knowing what to do. The news had hit her worse than anyone else she knew, excluding Harry Potter who had witnessed it all. Her brown hair was in an untidy bun and her face had lost much color with the events that had been haunting everyone within the school for the last few hours.

"Lain," the professor said softly with a trembling voice. "You don't have to be alone."

The girl revealed to be Lain gave no immediate signal of having heard these words. As if it were a delayed reaction however the girl, moments later, broke out in a heart wrenching sob and covered her face with her hands. Her cries of anguish filled the room dropping the already depressed atmosphere to an all time low.

Professor McGonagall stood there uneasily, fighting back her own tears not for the first time that night. After a moments hesitation she knelt down at the girls' side and wrapped her arms around her in an attempt to comfort her.

Lain's body shook with sobs. She gave no struggle as the professor brought her head to lie near her collar bone. Moving her hand from her face Lain grasped the robe of the woman holding her, her sobs not calming, if anything they worsened.

"It'll be alright Lain," McGonagall said softly, though she did not know if her words held truth or not. She knew the girl sobbing into her robes would not feel herself for some time to come, but felt she should attempt something to at least calm the child.

It had only been a few hours before that the two people she cherished above all else had seemingly deserted her. Albus Dumbledore had left the physical plane of existence and all because of the man she had held dear, her father, Severus Snape.

The office that had for so long belonged to the headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts had never felt so pain stricken and never before had McGonagall ever heard of the girl in her arms being so broken. It was true that she had heard very few things concerning Lain Snape, but what she had heard could easily make her conclusion. She had heard Lain was a girl full of life, always finding ways to perk people up (she had even made a deeply stricken friend smile and laugh mere days after her mother had been killed by a werewolf), but now she was the one sobbing uncontrollably into someone else's robes instead of the other way around.

She is a ray of sunshine in Severus's life, Albus had once told her. He looks forward to seeing her come end of term. It's a time when father and daughter can reunite and be as a family should, even if a mother figure is absent.

This summer however, Lain would not see her beloved father. She would not be able to raise his spirits as she always did, help him send information as she had been since the rise of the Dark Lord, or tease him about his hair before shoving him into the lake near her school when he went to bring her home. No, this year she had greeted by a crestfallen auror she did not even know, one of the Order in fact.

She had, understandably, been worried by this, but Tonks, the auror who was to escort her to Hogwarts, said nothing more than she needed to come with her. The Dark Mark above the school had caused her to blanch, giving her already pale skin the look of a corpse drained of all its blood. This too was understandable as she knew better than anyone what it meant. It was also to be expected that she would dash faster than anyone thought possible from Hogsmead, through the school and up into the office that had once belonged to Albus Dumbledore.

And here she still sat sobbing in the new headmistress's arms, no amount of consoling, verbal or not, could calm her.

Severus had always told her he was not a true Death Eater anymore, even swore he'd left that path behind him. He had promised that the only reason he had rejoined the ranks was because he was to be a spy, a job that needed to be done so Albus and Harry Potter could vanquish the Dark Lord once and for all.

He had swore to her!

But now he had gone and done something she couldn't figure out the reasoning to; he had killed Dumbledore. Severus had always spoke highly of the Headmaster, said he was the only one, apart of her (being his daughter), who truly trusted him.

For the first time Lain cursed her herself for being so stupid. "I- I should have- come here- this- this term," she sobbed

"Nonsense Lain," McGonagall said quietly. "Serverus wanted the best for you and Salem Academy ranks even above Hogwarts." She had held back her bitterness in the name of her ex-colleague, though she wanted nothing more than to literally curse the man at the very moment.

"Besides, you would have been in danger had you come here. Death Eater stormed this place and they would have taken you with them as they retreated, something your father would not have wanted due to his refusal to let you come here for your final years of study."

This did not seem to comfort the girl. "Come," McGonagall said softly, "you need to rest."

Lain was brought to the Hospital Wing where she absolutely refused to take any potion to calm her nerves, it was something she wanted to get over by herself. No one in the wing was told anything besides her first name and not to bother her. Before Madame Pomfrey drew the curtains around her bed she caught glimpse of a boy older than her laying in bed unconscious with very bad wounds, something that made her turn and sob with a renewed depression into her pillow.

So much agony, so much depression; that was practically all she felt in the castle she once admired from afar. Despite all this bombarding her she felt a small inkling of hope. Maybe it was because Harry Potter was within the school, or maybe it was because in her heart she knew there was something left untold, something about her father she had not yet figure out through the agony that ripped at her very soul.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts position had be cursed for years, this was something she knew well from her discussions with the late Headmaster when she had bombarded him with question when she was as bubbly as ever at the age of seven. This had caused many questions to surface in her mind from the very day she had heard her father had gotten the position.

Had Albus known that by putting Severus in the position meant trouble lie it had in the past? Had he known his end would could by the end of the year?

She suddenly bolted upright. Albus was the wisest person she had ever known and she knew countless people, both magical and muggle alike. Was it possible that Albus had planned this out? Was it possible he had meant to die? Was it possible- she took in a deep breath- that his death was more than what it seemed?

Death was a funny thing in the magical world, something she knew very well from her studies. Lily Potter had died to save her son years before, placing a barrier of love around him to ward off Voldemort. That was something one did not expect a dead person capable of doing. So could it be that Albus's death meant more than the loss of a beloved Headmaster and friend?

Even in the weakened state McGonagall had said he had been in the fact remained that Albus was a very powerful wizard, he even knew bits of the old magic known as sorcery. History books have said more than once that very weak sorcerers and wizards had gotten away alive in scenes equally harsh to the ones that had been witnessed at the school. So Albus, the most powerful of them all in many people's eyes, could have done so as well.

Yet he had died.

There must be some over looked fact somewhere. Something that only those who truly sought after it would find, something- her spirits heightened- that would explain why her father had cast the death curse upon a man he had respected.

She lay back down as her heart pounded with the hope she had sensed only moments ago feeling stronger than before. The mystery that had been laid before would be her top most priority. She'd forget about graduation in a week and a half, forget about her plans to be an auror, something her father had laughed at but did not protest when she had told him only two years before, and she'd even forget the words of caution her father had given her about roaming around Britain in present times.

She had to figure out the reasoning behind the night's terror before it was too late. It was something, she was sure, both Albus and her father would have wanted.

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