A Dark Passage

Chapter 5: Lily's Birthday Night

WARNING: This chapter gets rough again.

Since it was Lily's birthday, that evening, the family went out to a restaurant to celebrate. Petunia sat slumped in her chair, stewing over this situation, and wondering why the hell William hasn't done anything to Lily yet. It was so obvious that he wanted Lily, so why hasn't he grabbed her yet? Petunia watched as Lily smiled and spoke to her mother. Oh, Geez, she's so, Lily White! What would happen if Little Miss Purity suddenly got pregnant? Then everyone would hate her, and think the worst of her.

Petunia smiled evilly as she sipped her drink. Come on William, she thought silently, get your ass moving.

That night, when the family got home, Petunia gave a look up at William's house. She saw his bedroom window, and that his light was on. She wanted to give him some sort of signal. Suddenly, she hurried her step, and offered to unlock the house herself. Dad and Lily lagged behind, while Mum strode behind. Petunia rushed to the phone, and dialed William's house.

"Who're you calling, Petunia?" Mum asked.

"I'll only be a second," Petunia breathed as William answered.

"Hullo," he said.

"Look for her outside!" Petunia hissed, then hung up.

"Everything alright?" Mum asked.

"I got the wrong number. I guess I'll call her tomorrow. I'm tired," Petunia yawned.

"Yes, I s'pose it's getting late." Mum, and now Dad and Lily, were all in the kitchen. Petunia rushed out of the room, and up the stairs. She stopped when she reached the top landing. Listening closely, she heard her mother sigh. "Oh, dear, we forgot to take the garbage out to the curb."

"It's okay, Mum, I'll take it." Petunia felt a thrill of excitement as the heard Lily go out the front door.

Heaving the trash can, Lily dragged it to the front curb. In the darkness, she could barely make out a silhouette of a young man nearby. She put the can down on the curb, then turned to go back in.

"Lily? How are you?" she heard the neighbor boy, William, say to her.

"Er, hi. Just taking out the garbage..." she explained.

"That's a nice dress," William said to her.

"Thanks. My Mum and Dad gave it to me for my birthday."

"Oh, yeah? How old are you?"

"I turned sixteen."

"Oh. Say, come with me. I want to give you something," William told her.

"What is it?" Lily asked curiously.

"You'll like it. Petunia told me what you like," William answered. Lily didn't move.

William approached her, and grabbed her arm. "Come on," he urged.

"Okay, okay..." she sighed as he half dragged her to his house. "Y'know, William, I don't think I should come inside. Mum and Dad thought I was only taking out the trash."

"It'll only take a minute," he told her. Lily followed him inside his house.

As soon as he shut the door, William pulled Lily down by the arm. At first Lily was so startled that she lost her balance. William wrestled her to the floor. It was dark, but Lily knew there was a Chinese carpet on the floor of William's foyer, because that was what she was laying on. William pressed her mouth into his, jabbing his tongue between her lips. She started to push him off her, and struggled to disengage him from her arms.

"Happy Birthday, Lily," William smirked. He held her down as best as he could considering the fact that Lily was trying to fight him off with all her might. "You don't have to put up a fight with me, Lily. I know you want me. Petunia told me," he assured her.

"Petunia was wrong!" Lily gasped as he settled on top of her, to keep her from moving. William was a heavy boy, so Lily was pinned under him, and it was hard to breathe.

"She told me how you love to get it rough, and about how you can't wait to get back to that school you go to so you can go back to fucking all those boys there," William revealed.

"What? What are you talking about?" Lily cried.

"Fine, play the sweet little virgin game, I don't care. Petunia told me of your true nature, though. I can sure use some of your pussy now, Witch whore..."

Lily shook her head. "No, please William, don't do this, she lied to you! I swear, I've not been with anyone," she sobbed.

William reached up and savagely ripped Lily's dress bodice. Her breasts popped out. "Oh, yeah! Look at these tits!" William crowed as he grabbed Lily's breasts and squeezed them. Lily cried out in pain. William straddled Lily to hold her in place while he unbuckled his belt. "Sure, I've been looking forward to this all summer!"

"William, I don't want this, please stop!" Lily begged.

William got mad and leaned down on her, gripping her breasts and squeezing them hard again. "What's the matter? Can't spread your legs for the neighbor boy, but you can for those boys that go to your high-and-mighty school? Well, if you don't do what I say, I'll make you hurt so bad..." he threatened.

Lily tried to get away one last time, but this time, William's thick rough fingers pinched her nipples with a vise-like grip. Lily screamed with the agony. He slapped her face and slammed her head on the floor, making her world begin to spin. "You don't like that, you slut? Then you do exactly what I tell you. Don't fight me anymore, or I'll pinch you again," he hissed. "Now," he snarled as he held her nipples between his fingers threateningly, "I'm not playing games with you!"

"Stop! Please don't!" Lily sobbed in terror. William looked up into Lily's eyes. She sobbed uncontrollably as she parted her legs. William paid no attention to Lily's crying, and wasted no time pulling his pants down past his hips.

"Please, William, don't rape me. I swear to you, Petunia was lying to you. I've never been with any boys," she begged. She tensed when she felt him, and wished with all her might that it wasn't there, that it would go away...

She waited for him to start, for him to invade her completely.


Lily expected William to plunge into her, but instead, nothing. Daring to believe that William might have reconsidered his actions, Lily looked up into his face. She had never seen someone look more confused and frightened in her life.

"What did you do to me, witch?" he gasped.

"Do to you? I didn't do anything to you!" Lily spat angrily. "You're the one who was raping me, you pig!"

William began to sob in absolute terror. Abruptly, he let go of her and backed away. Lily sat up and covered her exposed breasts. "Oh, God, Lily, I'm so sorry! So sorry! Please, just give it back, and I swear I'll never bother you again. Please give it back!" he sobbed.

"Huh? Give what back?" Lily asked him.

"My..." he pointed downward. Lily looked carefully.

And, she saw nothing was there!

"Oh, my God," Lily breathed, covering her mouth with her hands. How had she managed to remove William's penis with magic?

William was a pathetic wreck. Lily was confounded. And just to add some more confusion to the situation, an owl pecked at the living room window. Lily went to open it, and saw that the owl was holding a letter in it's claw.

It simply read,

Dear Miss Evans,

This is hearby a warning issued that the Ministry of Magic has recorded that you performed a Severing Charm at 9:11 p.m. on July 15. You are reminded that underage witches and wizards are not allowed to perform magic outside Hogwart's school grounds, and that repeated offenses will lead to your expulsion from the school.

Please return to your home,

Ministry of Magic

Use of Unauthorized Magic Office

Lily began to sob. This was so unfair! She'd only been trying to protect herself! Was she supposed to just let William carry on raping her? "Lily? What's going on? What was that owl?" William asked her. Alarmed, she dashed out of William's house, and heard her mother calling her as she ran into her own house.

"Lily! My God, what happened?" Mum asked as she looked at Lily's new dresss all ruined by William's assault.

"William..." Lily wept.

"What? William attacked you?" Dad gasped.

Petunia had gone back downstairs to see Lily in tatters. She peeked into the kitchen as Lily cried incoherently. Then, suddenly, there was frantic banging on the kitchen door.

"Lily! Lily! Please help me! I'm sorry, Lily. Please don't leave me like this!" they heard William beg from outside. Dad threw open the door, and angry glared at William.

"Just what in God's name did you think you were doing, young man?" Dad growled with murder in his voice. "Nobody touches my daughter like that and gets away with it!"

"But Mr. Evans, I didn't!" William cried.

And suddenly, another person appeared out of nowhere. Lily recognised him for what he was, a wizard. Probably from the Ministry. Her stomach sank to her feet.

"Come with me young man. We need to correct your problem." William, dazed by his confusion, simply followed the wizard out to his own house.

Dad and Mum were also confused. "Lily, what happened?" Mum asked her as she sat Lily down at the table.

"He...he..." Lily broke down and sobbed.

"Did William rape you, Lily?" Dad asked her gently.

"N..no. He didn't get a chance. That's why the wizard showed up."

"I don't understand..." Mum said.

"What did you do to him, Lily? Put a hex on him?" Petunia frowned as she entered the kitchen.

Lily glared angrily at her sister. "You! How could you tell him those horrible, dirty things about me?" Lily gasped.

"What things?" Petunia asked innocently.

"That I wanted him to...to..." Lily broke off. Then, she breathed and continued. "She told him that I did...stuff, with the boys at Hogwart's. That's what she did!"

"Oh, my God Lily! I'd never do that! I knew William was liking you and everything, but I told him that you weren't interested in him, that you had a boyfriend at your school. I thought this way, he'd back off," Petunia lied.

"Pet, why didn't you tell me or your Mum that William was talking like that about your sister?" Dad asked.

Petunia frowned. "Dad, I've known William for years, and I swear, I didn't think anything of it..."

"That's damned right, Petunia. You didn't think at all did you? And your sister could have suffered a terrible ordeal because of your foolishness!"

"No, Dad. It's because of William that I could have been...it's not Petunia's fault."

Petunia inwardly winced. Damn that Lily! She was always Miss Goody-Goody, even after nearly getting raped by the neighbor boy. What had happened? Why had he stopped?

Just then, the wizard reappeared at the Evan's kitchen door. "Miss Evans, may I speak with you, please?"

Lily felt coldness fill her stomach. She rose and followed him right out the door. Petunia got up and moved to Lily's seat, which had been nearer to the door.

"Miss Evans, we were able to reverse the Severing Charm you had performed on Mr. Hill. I also perofrmed a Memory Charm on him to keep all this forgotten."

"But," Lily began. The wizard nodded, knowing what Lily's next protest would be.

"I know, Miss Evans. Please be assured that no one holds you in the least bit responsible for what happened tonight. We know that you did what you did in self-defense, and there is no one who could possilby find fault with you for that."

"Oh," Lily stammered, blushing profusely.

"We will see you at Hogwart's in September, Miss Evans. Until then..." he left it hanging as he Disapperated before her.

I've got some good stuff planned for the next chapter, but this one had to come first.