Playing Cards

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Chapter Two: Why to get it when you can have a delivery?

"Don't you feel cold?", Yuri asked Dimitri in the snowy place that seemed like the northern part of the middle of nowhere. The mountains rised high right next to the road, and after some looking, they had finally found a flat area where to order the packets. After he had stopped, Dimitri stayed silent and reached for the back of the driving booth, taking out a black laptop, that looked clearly like a Dela, but didn't have a logo on it. Things don't usually have logos on them, if these guys gave them to you. The site was merchantofmenace dot com, where he went to supplies and cars, then placed the order.

Only in about ten minutes, a couple of "personal" helicopters came to the same place, the first two carrying wooden crates and the third having a military jeep. They barely stopped to drop the crates, due to the win, the other even flew to north for a few meters. The car was dropped on the road, luckily no one had driven by for five minutes. It was a Northern Korea one, acquired either by (usually) stealing, or having a supply officer of their army on the payroll. Dimitri got into the jeep at the same time as Yuri started breaking the crates. Inside, there were two guns, pretty damn much of ammo and two outfits. Even though it would sound easy, it wasn't so easy getting a North Korean military suit. The jeep was a bit wrecked, having a couple of holes in it. Didn't matter much – Wasn't that just making it more believable?

As they had changed clothes, they grabbed the extra AK-47s and stacked them into the back of the new car. The cars were quite much the same, seeing it as both were technical-like, only that the North Korean one looked more like a jeep than a technical, and you couldn't fire behind with it's machine gun. "Shit! There's an AN car coming to us!", Yuri shout. "Get the fucking siren then!" Just before the HUMVEE started shooting at them, Yuri could get into the car and push down the button to get the self-made siren sounding. It was the "white flag" of the AN, just that the ones seeing it wouldn't capture the users. Some rumoured that it was made especially for the Mercenary to use, but nobody really cared. All you needed to know that if you had a North Korean car, you could always press down the siren and no one would mind you. The car passed by, no more even looking at them or caring about the empty Mafia technical.

After some driving, they were approaching a city. The meeting was supposed to be there, in about three hours. There were people around, but they would most likely hide somewhere if tanks, military cars or soldiers would roll into the town. Mafia thugs, they never really minded, since they knew the criminals would only shoot them in a misfire – The policy of some soldiers was sometimes quite different. Medieval age wasn't over. The atmosphere was kind of peaceful, when you considered that the country was in war, and the city could be taken over any second, since the North Korean line was pretty near. Each time a new military car came by, they put the siren on. Unless it was the same model or other NK vehicle, of course. There had been a minimum number of cars there, though. You wouldn't have thought that it was near the line.

"So, they're going to meet here, huh? Doesn't seem like much security", Yuri mumbled, looking around. "Maybe your opinion will change when you look over there", Dimitri answered and pointed at a convoy of military jeeps and APCs coming into the city from a road a few hundred meters from them. "How in the fuck are we going to get those fuckers?", Yuri asked, simply using one strong word, which seemed to be enough. "You see, we're going to strike when they least expect it!", Dimitri replied, taking out a pack of cheap cigarettes and took one to his mouth.

"You always say that, and then we get a bullet rain at us!"

Dimitri snickered, taking an old, rusty Zippo out. "These things are way over-respected, don't you think?", he said, pointing at the lighter.

"Don't change the subject!"

"Alright. The thing is, we go next to the convoy... We look like guards... We're next to them... You turn around... And shoot them!"

"Why, that is a brilliant plan, Dimitri. Where did you steal it from? A b-class American movie!"

Dimitri started to laugh, the cigarette dropping on his pants, luckily not lighted up yet.

"What, you actually believed I meant that? Didn't you see the sniper rifle I took?"

"How in the hell are we going to get the bodies then?"

"First, I snipe them, and in a few minutes, you strike through the backdoor, killing the guards inside when the front guards have already gone outside to call their HQ."

"Great, great... You will fucking strike them! I'm going to snipe!"


"Shut the hell up, Dimitri."

Dimitri took the cigarette back to his mouth and finally got the Zippo on, watching the convoy slowly approach the city itself.