I have good news and I have bad news.

Let's handle the bad news first, shall we?

I've been an emotional wreck for a while, a lot of family drama and just a lot of mess, all around. Finally, things are beginning to calm and I'm putting up—or at least trying to put up—everything I've scribbled while suffering from the big emotional drama messiness.

I'm going to try not to spam everybody with too many updates at once.

The good news, my loves, is that I've spent the last two weeks working mostly in the Love Story universe… lots of organizing, and I also found a notebook of my lost notes for the umbrella fics, which does more good for me and my Muse than anyone could possibly know. Basically, I've gotten the chance to focus myself on my writing again.

I will be doing some cleaning up of this fic, just to make sure that everything is fully on the tracks, at which point the next three updates, finished, will be posted up for everyone to read and hopefully comment on. Like I've said before, I don't abandon my writing… I can't. But things got really crappy for a while, and I'm finally getting my writing feet back under me again… finally.

Thankfully, things are calming, which is why I'm explaining everything right now…

Because I'm all about the rules, at least usually, I will be deleting this AN over the next two days…

Watch for the three updates, because they will be coming…

— Missy, and Muse