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Sora, Matt, Tai - 16

Mimi – 15

Kari, Tk – 13



By: xXxSoratoxXx65

Chapter 1: Meeting Mimi


(Sora's POV)


"Wake Up Sora!" Toshiko yelled.

"Argh I'm up!" Sora yelled back.

"Hurry up Sora I don't want to be late for the party,"

"Okaa san, I don't want to go to the party... I don't even know any of those people."

"Well you can make new ones. NOW GET UP ALREADY SORA ISABELLA TAKENOUCHI!" (I know that she doesn't have a middle name but just go on with it okay?)

"Okay, okay, sheesh."

I walked up to the bathroom and gets ready to take a shower.

(Normal POV)

.:15 mins later:.

Sora looks at herself in the mirror; she is wearing blue jeans that have red flames on the bottom with a pink tank top and her hair up in a pony tail. "Alright let's go already Okaa-san!"

.:10 mins Later:.

Sora was now at the party in somebody's back yard. It has a pool that's ten feet deep, a radio playing a crappy song, a whole bunch of people she doesn't know, a table for the foods, and a jumper for the little kids.

"Now where did she go? Ahh!"

"Oh I'm so sorry are you alright?" A girl pink hair asked. "uhh yeah I'm sorry it was my fault I wasn't watching where I was going" Sora apologized. "No that was my fault sorry I wasn't watching where I was going too. Hi my name is Mimi Tachikawa!"

"Hi I'm Sora Takenouchi nice to meet you!"

"Ummm so do you know anybody here?"

"Not a single person," Sora said.

"I have an idea why not hang out with me because we both don't know anybody here,"


"So do you have a boyfriend yet?" Mimi asked.

"Nope not yet," Sora answered. "Umm do you want to go sit down or something?"

"Sure!" Mimi said as they sit down at a table and started to chat more.

.:Half an hour later:.

"Are you hungry? Because I'm starved!" Sora asked Mimi

"Yeah a little, let's get something to eat okay?"


"Oh! They have so many foods! Oh there's two last piece of cake want one?" Mimi asked.

"Umm sure"

"Arigato Gozaimasu"

"And one for me! Hey!" Mimi yelled. "What do you think your doing?"

To be continued...

Japanese meanings:


Arigato GozaimasuThank you very much

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