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By: xXxSoratoxXx65

Chapter 6 Jealous



Hears noises

(Normal POV)

Somebody in the stall starts farting.

"Aw gross!"

-finally they're gone! Hey is that Sora? And who's the guy? - Matt thought as he moved closer.

"Hey Sora? Umm would you like to…. be my girlfriend?" asked a guy with brown hair and blue eyes.


"Please Sora I really like you and your so nice to everyone just give me one chance." -What? Is he trying to go out with her? - Matt thought as anger ran up and down his spine.

"Oh umm… Jason that's really nice and all but umm I kind of like someone else. Sorry" – what she likes someone else already man I'm too late. At least she won't go out with HIM; maybe just maybe she could like me? Nah she will never like me-

"Oh um sure no problem sorry for wasting your time." Jason said sadly.

"But we could still be friends right?" "Yeah sure."

"Oh I know what will cheer you up! You could meet my friend Arista! She's really nice and pretty too! I'll introduce you to her!"

"Really? I guess that if you think so, than I might as well give her a try."

-I wonder who Sora likes.-

"So Sora who do you like anyways?" Jason asked.

"Umm I don't want to say, nothing personal but what if it gets out."

"Oh no problem."

"Hey Sora!" "Huh? Hey Matt wassup?"

"Oh I was just running away from my fans and I saw you! Who's this?"

"Oh sorry, Matt this is Jason, Jason this is Matt." Sora introduced.

"Anyways I've been telling Jason about Arista and he seems to be interested and I think that they are a perfect match!"

"Well I guess I'll leave you guys to chat while I find Arista okay?"

To be continued…

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