By: xXxSoratoxXx65

Chapter 1 The Band


(Normal POV)

"Here are the M.S.K.Y" The announcer said.

Mimi, Sora, Kari, and Yolie walked out.

Sora's wearing a white skirt with a pink tank top, and she plays the guitar.

Mimi's wearing the same as Sora but a pink skirt and plays the keyboard.

Kari is wearing a black shirt that shows her belly button and a long jean with sparkles, and she plays the guitar also.

Yolie is wearing a red short sleeve shirt that has baby gurl and a pink short that says angel,she plays the drums.

"HELLO EVERYBODY!" yelled Mimi.

"What kind of song do you want us to sing?" asked Sora.

"ASHITA WA MOTTO" Everyone shouted.

"Than Ashita wa motto it is!" said Kari.

"Now on with the song!" Yolie said.


The one's that are initalics are the people singing and what they are singing.

Now singing:

Sora: That time when I had a dream seems so far away…

I feel like crying more than anyone knows.

Too clumsy to convey my feelings I try to pretend to be strong…

Mimi: But if I'm all alone in this world, and love disappears instead of tears I won't hang my head, I'll fly away…

Tomorrow I'll be closer to that dream I held.

The journey is and sometimes painful….

Kari: People are just so small, My weakness suddenly makes me unable to see even the meaning of my being here.

But if I clear my heart.

Someday I'll surely find a love I want to fill it with.

Yolie: I won't give, I'll fly away.

Tomorrow I'll get stronger for someone's sake.

But if I'm all alone in this world…

All: And love disappears instead of tears.

I won't hang my head… I'll fly away.

Tomorrow I'll be closer to that dream I held…

Sora ended the song then said, "How'd you all like that? Pretty good huh? Not too shabby either right? We started seven months ago and POW! We're a success!"

Mimi smirked at Sora's behavior.

"Ok we're all done now go and enjoy the rest of the other bands!" Yolie said.

"I remember now! Mimi! Kari! Yolie! Do you want to meet the Rushing Devils in person?" Sora asked.

Mimi, Hikari, and Miyako shouted in unison, "What do you mean by that! In person! You serious!"

Sora just stared at them and then said nervously, "Uhh…if I say yes, don't try to blow my head off of my shoulders…and yeah, I got a letter and it said M.S.K.Y we're inviting u in a competition in the battle of bands against other bands from around the world, we will wait for your reply but please, tell us as soon as you can. See? They want us in a competition! Yes or no?"

Mimi, Hikari, and Miyako shouted, "Of course, dummy!"

"Fine! Stop shouting at me then! I'll call Rebecca to night to tell them our reply; I'll tell you guys the results of the call as soon as Rebecca tells me so yeah, leave me alone now! And I call my own room!"

Miyako, Mimi, and Hikari complained, "What the hell…how come? Oh yeah…I forgot, you are calling them…"

To be continued…

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