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By: xXxSoratoxXx65

Chapter 3Crazy Fans



(Normal POV)

Sora's eyes widen, Mimi's shocked, Kari looks scared, andYolei was shaking.

They all made eye contact and yelled "RUN!" They started to run out of the building and started sprinting.

"How did they find us?" Sora said while running. "I mean how did they get backstage?"

"I don't know Sora but they did some how now just keep running!" Yolei replied.

.:about 5 minutes later:.

"You guys I can't run no more I'm tired!" Mimi said while slowing down. "Wait up!" Mimi stopped to take a break.

Kari stopped to look back and saw Mimi with a bunch of fans right behind her.

"Mimi run! Hurry they're coming!" Kari shouted while Sora and Yolei ran up to Mimi and grabbed her hands and started pulling her away.

.:With the fans:.

"Hey hurry up they're getting away!" A short blonded hair girl said to a brown haired girl with spikes all around her head.

"I'm coming Rena but what are we going to do with this crowed?" the Brown haired girl said.

"I don't know Jun but let's go!" Rena said while running.

"Okay, okay I'm coming! huh?" Jun stopped running and picked a card up from the ground.

"Hey whats this?" Jun looked on the other side and Mimi Tachikawa's picture on the side, M.S.K.Y on the top, and some info about her on the bottom.

"Oh my god... this is Mimi Tachikawa's I.D! RENA STOP! LOOK AT THIS!" Jun went and showed Rena the I.D.

"Where did you get this?" Rena said while snatching the I.D away from Jun.

"I found it on the floor just now" Jun smiled. "Does that mean we could meet them in person?"

"No you dumbass! We could use this to..." Rena starts whispering in her ear while Jun's eyes starts getting bigger and bigger.

.:With M.S.K.Y:.

"You guys we should split up! I'll go with Meems since she's tired so I'll pull her along Kari and Yolei u guys go that way!" Sora said while pointing to the right "and Meems and I will go straight and we'll meet up at the hotel alright?"

"Right!" Mimi, Kari, and Yolei said at the same time while Kari and Yolei ran to the right and Sora started to pull Mimi again.

"SORA! I"m Tired! I can't run with you no more!" Mimi kept whining while Sora continues to pull Mimi.

"Meems we're almost there!" Sora said while turning a corner. "just a little longer!" They can still hear the running sounds of their fans right behind them.

"DAMMIT! DON'T THEY EVER GIVE UP?"Sora yelled while running out of breath.

.:10 mins later:.

They all met up again out of breath. "I...t..think we lost them" Kari managed to get out and sat down.

"Yeah I agree! wow who knew all those people can run so fast and long!" Mimi managed to say.

"hmm I wonder..." Sora thought.

"Wonder what Sor?" Yolei asked.

"Oh nothing at all!" Sora sweat dropped. "Okay..." Yolei looked at Sora with a strange look.

"ehehehe... so uhh anyone up for ice cream?" Sora smiled and tried to brighten up the mood.


"Okay, Sheesh Meems I was just trying to help! No need to bite my head off!" Sora explained.

"Sorry Sora, it's just i'm really tired that's all... Plus I think I lost my I.D card some where" Mimi said with a groan.

"Here let's all go back to the hotel and take a rest for a while, than we'll come back and look for it to see if it's still there okay? Plus you could always get a new one." Kari said.

"Yeah, I guess, Let's go I'm really tired."

"Great idea! Here let me help you Meems." Yolei walked over to Mimi and helped her get back up.

.:With The Rushing Devils:.

"What was that all about?" Tai asked scratching his head.

"Fans. The rest of them replied.

"I wonder how the fan girls and guys run so fast and long!"Matt exclaimed.

"Yu..." TK started but got cut off by Ken, "Hey guys do you smell that?"

Tai started to sniff the air. "Hey what is that?" Matt looked to the front of the car and saw...


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