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Chapter 5
I Don't Love You Like I Loved You

Inuyasha walked slowly through the trees sniffing at the air, the ground, the bark of the trees, everything. "I don't understand it. I just don't freaking understand it!" He turned and punched a tree, "ARG! DAMNIT!"

Shippou leaped up onto Inuyasha's shoulder, "Will you tell us what's going on, Inuyasha?"

"Yes, please, Inuyasha. You've barely said a word since you came and got us. Tell us what we're doing, and where Kagome is," Sango said catching up with Inuyasha and Shippou.

"Damnit!" Inuyasha shouted again, punching the tree once more, "I don't know what the hell Bankotsu did, but I can't find his or Kagome's sent!" He continued beating the tree with his fist, almost knocking it over.

"Inuyasha, be rational," Miroku said, leaning against another tree, "If you would calm down -"


Miroku sighed, "If you would calm down and tell us what's going on, we could find a way to track down Bankotsu and Kagome." He looked up towards the tree that Inuyasha was hitting, "And will you please stop hitting that tree before you knock it over!"

Inuyasha stopped and stood staring angirly at the ground. His hands tightly curled into fists, his claws digging in his skin, "Bankotsu is in love with Kagome."

"He's what?" Sango asked he jaw dropping,

"Yeah," Inuyasha said, "In love. He loves her."

Miroku sighed, "What is Kagome's feelings on this?"

"I don't know," Inuyasha whispered, "She went with him."

"Do you think Kagome is in love with Bankotsu?" Shippou asked.

Inuyasha grabbed Shippou by his shirt and threw him off of his shoulder, "Shut up!" he yelled, "There's no way Kagome would fall for that creep! Damn, this guy is gonna be just like Koga!"

"Well, Inuyasha, I suppose it's quite possible that Bankotsu would be just like Koga and the other men, including myself at one time, who have all taken a likeing to Kagome," Miroku said, "She is a very beautiful young woman."

Inuyasha punched the tree once more. "Whatever. I don't care if he loves her or not. We've got to go get Kagome back."

"Inuyasha, something tells me that if Bankotsu cares about Kagome as much as he says he does, then Kagome is most likely perfectly fine," Sango said, "So there is no need to be rash and rush into things."

Inuyasha grunted, turning back to the forest, sniffing more trees.

The sun had finally set, but you could still see a bit of light. The rest of the sky was a deep navy with stars beginning to shine brightly through the clouds. The full moon was rising high in the sky. Kagome and Bankotsu walked through the forest, dodging random treess that seemed to almost jump out in front of them. They stayed close together, Bankotsu occasionally brushing his arm against Kagome's. Their conversations were small and seemingly pointless. Until...

"Bankotsu, how did you do that?" Kagome asked.

"Do what?" Bankotsu replied while walking around a tree.

"That thing with the dust then you drug me through the forst really fast." Kagome replied using hand motions to explain it.

"Oh that?" Bankotsu said, "It's a trick I recently learned." He pulled a few small pebbles out of his sleeve and held one up, "You see, these things are filled with dirt and when you pop them the dirt spreads. So I just snap them in my fingers, for added effect," he laughed, "and then I run. It's a lot of dirt for a little pebble, so I get pretty far before anyone notices I'm gone."

"That's interesting," Kagome replied. It was silent for a moment between the two before she spoke again, "Why did you decide to take me?"

Bankotsu stopped and faced Kagome. "Well, Jakotsu told me not to let him have you, and he was right. So I wasn't going to leave you with him, when you know, and I know, that we should be together." Bankotsu turned and held Kagome's hand in his, "I love you, Kagome."

Kagome pulled her hand back and turned away. "Bankotsu, I..."

"You do love me, don't you, Kagome?" Bankotsu asked. When Kagome didn't respond, he lowered his glance to the ground, "What happened, Kagome? Did you...Have you already fallen for someone else?"

"No," Kagome whispered. She looked back at Bankotsu, but avoided looking into his eyes, "It's just, well, one minute you were there, and the next you weren't. You were dead, so I didn't know what to do. I've been so upset over your death and as I'm finally beginning to let you go, here you are, alive."

Bankotsu grabbed Kagome's hand again and pulled her close to him, wraping his arms around her, "That's it. I'm alive now. We can be together, Kagome. We won't have to worry about anything else."

Kagome pushed him away again, "No, don't you see it, Bankotsu? Inuyasha will kill you. He already thinks you've kidanpped me and now that he knows you're in love with me, he'll hate you even more. He'll kill you, and then we won't be together." Kagome turned away from him and lowered her voice to almost a whisper, "I realize now that I can't love you, Bankotsu. If I did, it will only hurt more in the end."

"Kagome..." Bankotsu began.

"And staying here with you won't make it any easier on either of us," Kagome said, "So I'm going back. Goodbye, Bankotsu."

"Kagome, please don't leave," Bankotsu pleaded, "I won't let him kill me. I promise you. Please, Kagome."

Kagome continued walking away, "Don't make promises you can't keep, Bankotsu." she said. And just like that, she was gone.

Bakotsu fell to the ground, folded his hand into a fist and threw it to the forest floor, "Damnit!" he shouted. He sat there, kneeling on the ground, for a long time. He wasn't sure what to do. He loved Kagome, he had loved since the moment he laid eyes on her, and yet he had to watch her walk away. A sight he never wanted to see. And it was all becuase Inuyasha was going to kill him. Inuyasha. That sad ecuse for a half-breed...

Jakotsu found Bankotsu almost an hour later, still sitting on the ground, picking at the grass and curshing under his breath. He walked up behind him and leaned foreward. "Somethng wrong, Bankotsu?"

Bankotsu seemed oblivious to Jakotsu and continued cursing to himself. Jakotsu looked around, "Where is Kagome?" he asked, "Are you two haveing a lover's spat or something?"

Bankotsu punched the ground again, "No, Shut up!"

"You're not telling me something," Jakotsu replied sitting down next to Bankotsu, "What happened?"

Bankotsu sighed and told him the whole thing. Everything that Kagome had jus said and how she just walked away. "So that's it," Bankotsu said, "She's gone. And I think that I'm going to just let Inuyasha kill me. What's the point on being alive if the one you love doesn't want you?"

"Oh, I swear, Bakotsu, you are so dumb," Jakkotsu replied, "If you want her back, then you need to keep yourself alive. Don't let Inuyasha or anyone else, for that matter, kill you."

"I can stay alive, but I doubt I'd even get her back. She won't love me," Bankotsu replied, "There's no point in trying."

Jakotsu sighed, "Then just kill Inuyasha," he said, "Then you'll have Kagome all to yourself."

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