Seduction of the Night

-My first (only?) Inuyasha story! It is also the second time where I haven't seen most of the episodes of said series (the first being Oh! My Goddess. Though in this case, it's along the lines of not having read all the mangas. I've seen all of the OVAs). Not exactly the most dedicated Inuyasha fan. Still, even with this handicap, given that most of the episodes seemed to be filler to me (only ones not filler, Naraku ones. But even here, with his delaying tactics, some could be considered that way too), and I pretty much know how the characters are like, I'd say I can still make a good story out of this.

-It is also where I'm going against my major beefs in Fanfiction that I've read, new characters. No, not the new villain characters in stories for obvious reasons (especially since in Inuyasha, where almost every episode there's a new villain, this shouldn't be a problem), but the new 'ally' characters that become friends with the main characters. Most of the time, this turns out either as a, Mary/Larry Sue situation (the super 'perfect' friend), and/or, as the case with the vast majority of Love Hina stories with new characters, a self-insert (who usually are ALSO Mary/Larry Sues types. Sometimes they don't use their own name, but the idea is the same). More times then not, CRAP! I especially hate self-inserts! So what am I doing? I'm going to use new characters! Sounds kind of hypocritical huh? Well, to be fair, in a really great story, if the NC is well written (i.e. non-Mary Sueish), then I have no problem with it. Also of course if the character isn't a self-insert, which this one won't be, I have no problem with it as well. Hopefully, it will turn out well in this story.

-And as a typical Inuyasha story, there will be some pairings here. So what are they? Kagome/Shesshoumaru, Inuyasha/Kikyo, and Sango/OC. Um, yeah, these are not exactly popular ones, especially Inu/Kik with all the anti-Kikyo fans here (though there is a pretty significant Kag/Shessy group here as well) but hey, something different right? Now, am I forgetting someone? Oh yeah, Miroku. Miroku?. Haven't decided yet. So why not Sango instead of OC? Well, I like Sango (one of my favorite characters of the series), and I like Miroku (though not as much as Sango. But still…), just not together!

-This story takes place somewhere in the middle of the Inuyasha anime (not manga since, well, have NOT read a single manga of it). Slightly AN if only because I'm adding my own characters. When exactly? I do not know. Reason being is, I want to keep certain characters in mind that, given I haven't seen every single episode, am not sure if they survive by, say, the fourth season which is airing now on CN, although I do plan to use the Band of Seven in some capacity later in the story.

-And as you can see, really long AN, which if you read my other stories, pretty common. Sorry! As I have said in my other stories, I hope to make it up with an even longer story!

-Standard Disclaimer, I do not own Inuyasha. Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, and Sunrise Ltd, Columbia TriStar Television, and VIZ Media. I am not making money off of this venture and would gladly remove it without hesitation if asked. Although I do own two characters that will appear in this story, Darcia, and Annabelle.

-Now that I got that out of the way, on with the story!

Modern Era - Higurashi Shrine

The full moon was shining brightly in the relatively quiet shrine. Most of its inhabitants were sound asleep. Only the sleepless insects scurried about throughout the shrine's ground. At least, that was the case before a woman, seemingly dropping out of nowhere, lands in this place.

The woman, with long red hair and dark brown eyes, scanned the Japanese shrine. She was wearing a black leather corset, with a high neck collar, short black leather skirt, a long black leather jacket, and black leather boots. She wiped a bit of blood off her mouth as she slowly approached one of the buildings. She didn't like the situation that she was in, but it was unavoidable. She was too weak to take them on all at once, the ones that ordered her execution. But she vowed, that one day, that she would take her revenge on them. 'Their outdated ways will their downfall.' She thought as she entered the shrine. 'However, I can't do that if I'm dead.' And so, she had to find a place to hide. To be as far away from anyone that would be chasing her.

But this place, she's getting a strange feeling about this place. Although at first, she was more interested with the inhabitants currently sleeping in this place, her attention quickly changed to the well inside this building. Although the fact that it was inside a building was in itself, strange, there was something else that bothered her too. 'What's so special about this well?' She peered down the dark well and listened. 'Nothing seems to be out of place…' Her eyes adjusted to the dark well. Even so, she still can't quite make everything out. 'I wonder…' She jumped in to see just that.


A man stopped in front of the Higurashi Shrine and peered in. He was wearing a 30's style suit, gray dress pants, brown dress shoes, brown vest over a white shirt, a reddish tie, and a brown coat. A chain hanged out of his vest, connected to a pocket watch. He was tall, with long black hair, and deep blue eye. He came to Tokyo after hearing that 'she' was here. With the help of a special stone in his watch, he could easily track her down. At least, that was the plan. Ever since the council voted her execution, he dedicated himself to bringing her down. Unfortunately, whatever she was using made it difficult to track her. Still, once he gets close, his tracker will be able to pick her up. He took out his pocket watch and pressed the button. The roman numerals started to glow and the hands started to move. After a few rotations, the minute hand glowed and stopped, heading towards one of the buildings in the shrine.

The man looked towards the building the hands were pointing to. It was small and seemingly insignificant building, at least as far as he was concerned. 'But if she was hiding here, then so be it.' As he approached the building, the hour hand started to aligned with the minute hand. He frowned. This was definitely the right way, but something wasn't right. 'Why was she staying in one place?' As he approached the building, with its ancient Japanese style architecture, and a well in the inside of it… 'A well? They didn't even bother to take it out?' As he came closer to the well, a strange feeling washed over him. 'Something's odd about this well…' As he pointed his watch down into the well, he noticed the hands did not move. He raised an eyebrow. 'She's hiding in there?' As his eyes adjusted and peered down, he couldn't find any trace of her. Much less, any way she could be hiding down there. At first, he checked around the well to see if she was hiding somewhere else. As he pointed the watch away from the well, the minute and hour hands moved away, still pointing towards the well. He frowned. 'She must be down there. But where could she be hiding? Maybe there was a door down there that she is hiding in.' But that still didn't explain the strange aura that this well seemed to have. He however, put those thoughts in the back of his mind.

There was of course, only one thing to do, and that was to jump in it.

Sengoku Jidai - Well

He got on top of the edge of the way, and jumped in. THUMP! He hits the damp floor of the well. He checked the walls. It was covered in vines. 'That's funny. I don't remember these vines in here. Especially since…' As he looked up from the well, his eyes widen in surprise. "Sky? But that can't be possible." He flew up and landed on the ground in a kneeling position. His surprise was even greater when he reached the surface. He slowly got up and looked at the city, or, in this case, a forest. "What, where am I?" Then he looked back at the well. "Or should I say, when am I?" He took out his watch. The minute hand glowed. However, instead of locking in one exact direction, the hands moved within a 24 degrees area of his watch. With the hour hand never lining up. "She's here. And she definitely gotten a head start on me."

As he looked up towards the horizon, the dark sky was changing color.

"Shit! Morning has arrived." The man stepped back and flew to parts unknown.



"When you come back, remember to bring more of that ramen stuff." Inuyasha harshly said. "We're wasting enough time with these supply runs when we should be looking for jewel shards."

Kagome glared at Inuyasha. "It isn't like I can carry that stuff all on my back you know. Just be glad I'm courtesy enough to still bring them!"

"Feh! Whatever!" Inuyasha quickly looked away from Kagome. "Just come back quickly you hear!"

Sango sighed. While this was a relatively minor argument, she still didn't like them fighting all the time. The taijiya was holding her hiraikotsu with Kirara on her shoulder. "I wish they won't do this every time Kagome needs to return to her time."

Miroku, the lecherous houshi was walking next to Sango and nodded. "Though maybe Kagome being a way for a few days right now would be a good thing. Given the last battle with Naraku, maybe things will settle down a bit."

A village was coming into view.


Inuyasha suddenly stopped, causing the others to do the same. He sniffed the air.

Shippo jumped on his shoulder. "Something wrong Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes. "I smell of recent death. But this one doesn't seem right. I don't smell a lot of blood."

Kagome looked at the village. "Do you think it is poison?"

Inuyasha shook his head. "I don't know. But I have a bad feeling about this."

They all approached the village where they could hear the faint sound of crying.

Inuyasha was the first to enter the village. "What happened here?"

A woman was standing with a group of people. They were all stricken with fear and sadness.

"A youkai came at night!" One of the men spoke up.

"It was so fast! I didn't even get a good look at it!" Another man said with fear in his voice.

"When I heard the screams, I came out as quickly as I can! But when I found them, they were already dead!" Another man said while trembling in fear. "I didn't know what it was!"

Miroku looked past the group, and sees the group of dead people. His eyes widened. "What kind of youkai did this?"

The group was silent at first, before a child passed through the group and looked up at Miroku with terrified eyes. "I saw it! I saw everything! It was a human looking youkai! She had…she had fangs!"

Inuyasha knelt down at the bodies and examined them. They were all completely white with only a trace of red on their neck coming from two puncture wounds. "Huh! Bloodsuckers."

Shippo looked through Kagome's legs to view the bodies. "Bloodsuckers?"

Sango looked at the bodies. "Do you think it was another bird youkai like that one time?"

Inuyasha shook his head. "I doubt it. Naraku killed that one youkai. And I doubt there were anymore where she came from. Besides, we would've detected something here. Could be an overgrown mosquito youkai or…"

The boy quickly shook his head. "No! She was human! At least she looked human!"

Miroku got on one knee and petted the boy in a vain effort to comfort him. "Some youkai take on the appearance of a human. Don't worry. Once we're done with her…"

Kirara jumped off of Sango's shoulder and sniffed the corpses that were strewn on the streets.

Sango knelt down besides the trembling boy as well. "Can you tell us anything else about the woman?"

The boy nodded his head. "She…she looked different! She had red hair, wearing this strange shiny clothing, and…before she left she looked at the horizon right before the sun came up. She said something then flew off."

Kagome was next to examining the bodies. Although she was getting used to dead bodies, given what she has seen throughout her adventures in the Sengoku Jidai, it still bothered her. This was especially true since, in the back of her mind, she blamed most of these deaths on herself given that it was she that shattered the Shikon Jewel. Still, she shouldn't let that bother her if she was to get all of the pieces back. As she noted the boy's story, and the type of wounds on the body, a thought came to her. "Maybe it was a vampire."

Inuyasha eyed Kagome. "Vampire? What kind of youkai is that?"

"Um…" Kagome turned her attention to Inuyasha. "According to stories back in my time, a vampire is a bloodsucking youkai that hunted at night. They have long sharp fangs that they use to suck people's blood, and in some stories, sharp claws too. Though the sharp claws thing isn't exactly consistent. What is consistent though is the fact that the reason why they only hunt at night is because if they step into the sunlight, they burn to death. Otherwise, they are immortal with the only other way to kill them in through a wooden stake through their heart. And…I guess also burning them to death with a fire."

"Feh!" Inuyasha grinned. "What a shitty youkai. Can't get out in the sun, and can be killed with a wooden stick in the heart, this should be a piece of cake!"

"I wouldn't be so hasty Inuyasha." Miroku stood up. "While it appeared that this youkai's weakness is sunlight and fire, at night, if Kagome's stories are true, then it might be quite a match for us." He then looked out towards the forest. "And I didn't exactly sense any youkai around here either. If this occurred right before sunrise today, she could be anywhere."

"And given how fast it can fly…" Shippo replied in his voice. "We might not be able to even catch it!"

"Oh please!" Inuyasha grabbed a hold of the sheath of his sword. "I've easily defeated those fast moving youkai. This one shouldn't be a problem." He again, eyed Kagome. "Say, are there any other ways to kill a 'vampire'?"

Kagome thought about all the stories that she ever heard about vampires. "Well, some stories have it where if you cut off a vampire's head, they die."

"Is that so?" Inuyasha grinned widened. "It's starting to sound like these 'vampires' are not even worth my time! If a simple head slice can do the trick, then it should be no problem."

"But keep in mind that these stories may not all be completely true since a number of them contradict each other…" Kagome began. 'Especially Hollywood movies.' Kagome thought before she continued. "For example, in some stories, garlic can repel them. While other stories, garlic will do nothing to them!"

"Well, there's only one way to find out which ones are real, and which ones are not right?" Inuyasha turned to the group of villagers. "Don't worry. That youkai will not bother you ever again when we're through with it!"

The shaking boy nodded his head. "Thank…thank you!"

As Sango looked at the bodies, one thing struck her as odd. "In all the cases, this 'vampire' sucked their blood but stopped right before they were completely drained. Why is that?" Sango turned to Kagome who simply shrugged her arms.

"I don't know." Kagome answered honestly. "Although, maybe it's to prevent them from becoming vampires themselves? Another thing that was fairly consistent about all the vampire stories I have read and heard was that once a victim was completely drained of blood, the victim becomes a vampire as well."

Shippo gulped. "Does that mean…"

Kagome shrugged. "I guess to be safe, they should burn all the bodies. But again, since they haven't been completely drained of their blood, maybe they won't become one." She looked at group of villagers who were listening in on her explanation.

The men all furiously nodded. "We'll do! Get the pyres!"

Inuyasha started to sniff the area. He detected nothing. "Damn! Whatever this youkai was, I can't even smell a trace of it!"

"Then maybe it is still close, but using some sort of barrier to hide in. Though given that it's day, it should be in some hiding place right now, away from the sunlight." Miroku added.

Sango nodded. Then she noticed something odd hanging on the roof of one of the houses. She blinked as she stared at this object.

It was a bat. Fairly large compared to the ones that she was used to seeing. And it wasn't in a cave somewhere, but on the house's awing.

Sango continued to stare at this bat. 'That's funny. Since when do bats do that?'

Suddenly, the bat opened its eyes and stared back at her.

This startled Sango deeply. 'Is it, staring at me?'

Kirara looked back at Sango. She then looked at where Sango was staring. She cocked her head to the side as she was trying to figure out what was so fascinating about the bat.

Inuyasha turned to Kagome. "So, are you going to come with us? Or are you going to go home and get more supplies?"

Kagome was startled about the question. "Um…"

"Do you detect a jewel shard around here?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome shook her head. "No. Not even a trace…"

"Then it might be okay if you go back home Kagome." Miroku commented. "While it might be able to hide it's youkai sent, I don't think it could hide whether or not it had the jewel shard with her." 'Of course, if this youkai moved fast. She could be anywhere and far away for Kagome to detect it. However, I'm not so sure about that given that it would've only been a few minutes since she was forced to escape the sunrise. Even at her speed, she shouldn't have gotten THAT far.' "Given that this one doesn't appear to have a jewel shard, it shouldn't take us long to deal with this vampire."

"Yeah!" Shippo jumped ahead of the group. He was making little punches with his fist. "That youkai will not know what hit her!"

Inuyasha grinned. "And given that the sun is still out, all we have to do is crack open a window, and let Mother Nature take care of the rest. It won't even last a few minutes!"

Kagome thought about this, and finally nodded. "Very well. I'll be back in three days!" Kagome started to wave at the group as she headed off towards her well. She took a short glance at Sango who wasn't paying much attention to her. 'Huh? I wonder what got her so interested? All well, I'll just have to find out when I get back!' Although technically she wasn't in a hurry, given that an upcoming test was fast approaching, and she was trying to at least appear to be having a normal life back at home, it was a very good idea to get back as soon as possible to study.

"See ya Kagome." Miroku waved at her as she left. He then turned to Inuyasha. "I guess we should start looking for the youkai."

Inuyasha nodded. "Yup!"

Miroku then looked out towards the forest. "Do you have any idea where we should look?"

Inuyasha shook his head. "Nope!"

Miroku sighed. "Me neither. Though we should probably check for someplace dark. Like a nearby cave maybe." He turned back to Sango. "Sango?"

Sango was still staring at the bat.

"Sango?" Miroku repeated with a slightly raised voice.

Sango broke from her trance. "Huh?" She turned back to Miroku.

Kirara did the same.

"We're heading out soon." Miroku yelled back.

"Okay!" Sango replied. She then took one look back at the bat.

The bat was gone.

Sango blinked. 'Where could it have…' She shook her head quickly, and decided to knock all thoughts of the bat out of her head. She turned back to Miroku, Shippo, and Inuyasha. She trotted back to where they were, with Kirara next to her. She noticed that Kagome wasn't there. "Kagome is going back to her time?"

Miroku nodded. "This one shouldn't be a problem. And given that Kagome needed the rest, I think it would do her good to go back home."

Sango nodded. "Yes. That sounds good I guess."

"Yeah." Inuyasha said as he led the group into the forest. "Now to find this vampire. This one should be easy."

Little did they know, this was only the beginning.

-------End of Chapter 1

And so ends Chapter 1. And did I say that I shouldn't have any problems doing an Inuyasha story? Well, I take that back then. Well, this chapter wasn't too hard I guess, but while I might have done the characterization okay, trying to come up with what they might say is another question entirely. If they felt OCC because of that, I'm sorry.

And yes, this is a vampire story. Although I'm not sure about Inuyasha stories, vampires are a popular theme in fanfiction. Even series like, Love Hina, you see a lot of vampire stories. I don't know if there should be rules I should be following (other then you typical rules that apply to vampires), I'm, going to press on.

Also, concerning the well. I read in other people's stories about how the well works. However, reading Inuyasha summaries, it seemed the anime either ignores those rules, or, they have some glaring inconsistencies (especially with the early episode with the hair demon). I'm going to assume that these rules apply to the manga that I might use if I see it fit for this story.

Oh yeah, and while I really shouldn't, if you noticed, I used a lot of Japanese terminology in this story. This 'Japlish' is quite popular in fanfiction (duh) but, given its uses (or misuse), I normally stayed clear of it. However, given that I plan to keep the original Japanese terms, one thing led to another, and voila, I'm using Japlish. Hopefully, it shouldn't bother too many people, and hopefully, I use it well enough that it won't, be a problem.

Right now, any signs of pairing don't exist yet. But as the story progresses, things should start to get interesting. Right now, simple introduction.

Next Chapter! Kagome goes back to her time, while the rest of the group look for the vampire. But what happens when a vampire looks for them? Until then…later!