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Sengoku Jidai - Forest

Inuyasha was sniffing the air. He could not detect even a hint of this 'vampire' anywhere. Not that he would know what one smelled like, but, assuming that he didn't smell like a common animal or any other the other normal scents, then there was no trace of her. "This is pointless! How are we supposed to find this demon when I can't even find its scent?"

Miroku looked from one area of the dense forest, to the other. "I can't even detect any demonic aura here either."

Inuyasha gritted his teeth. "It had to be here somewhere! No demon can move that fast!"

Sango looked wearily around the forest as well with Kirara next to her. "I don't know Inuyasha. I feel that this demon is different then all the ones we have encountered."

Miroku looked up in the air as he noted that the sky was beginning to change color. "Nightfall is approaching. If Kagome is correct, then this demon would be at out hunting very soon."

"And it will be very hard to kill won't it?" A scared Shippo commented at Inuyasha's feet.

"Hmph." Inuyasha grumbled in frustration. "Well if anything, it would help us find this demon!"

"Mmm." Miroku sounded in agreement. "However, we need to stay alert! If the villager's stories are true, then this demon is going to be difficult to defeat!"

"Feh! Whatever!" Inuyasha brushed Miroku's warning off. "Even if the stories are true, I've faced tougher demons!" Inuyasha sheathed his sword. "I'll just burn it with my Kaze no Kizu."

Miroku sighed. "I wished it would be that easy." He then looked up to see Sango who seemed lost in thought at the time. A lecherous smile appeared on his face.

Sango looked around a bit more. 'Hmm. Where could…' Suddenly, she sees a bat hanging from the trees. It was a little difficult given that the branches blocked most of her view, but she was certain it was the same bat. 'Huh? Is that the same bat?' She took a few steps closer to the creature. 'What is with that bat that intrigues me? Doesn't seem like a normal bat…' As she was thinking this, a familiar feeling came over a certain part of her body. This brought her back to reality, and her eyes instantly narrowed knowing full well who it was.

"I know it's out here some…" Inuyasha stopped when he heard the slap. His eyes narrowed. "Typical."

Sango was shaking fist with anger. 'Same old Miroku!'

Miroku, with a familiar red bruise in the shape of a hand on his cheek, had his eyes closed in content. After all, it was worth the pain!

Modern Era – Higurashi Shrine

Sota walked by Kagome's room. "Hi Kagome." He said as he passed by her room without much of a care, only taking a slight glimpse into her room.

"Hi Sota." Kagome replied without looking up from her book that was strewn all over her room.

Sota continued on his way to the bathroom, until he stopped as he recalled what he glimpsed in Kagome's room. He thought he saw her room filled with books all over the place. He took a few steps back and took a longer look into her room, he was nearly aghast. It was like a storm ripped through Kagome's room. Granted, the storm only brought in a ton of books, DVDs, and VHS tapes, and left everything else in tact, but still, they covered everything.

"Kagome? What are you doing?" Sota asked still completely stunned with the state of Kagome's room.

"Oh me?" Kagome innocently smiled. "I'm just doing some research!"

Sota took a look at some of the books Kagome was looking at. "Dracula? Interview with the Vampire?" He then took a look at one of the DVDs. "Nosferatu? Blade? Van Helsing?" Sota raised an eyebrow. "You're researching vampires?"

Kagome nodded. "Yeah?"

Sota's eyes lit up. "Cool! You've met a real live vampire?"

Kagome looked from one side to the other. "Um, not yet but we did see some evidence of them in the Sengoku Jidai!"

"Awesome!" Sota plopped down next to Kagome.

'Only my brother would think that meeting a vampire would be cool.' Kagome thought. 'Then again…given what vampires are supposed to be like…maybe…' Kagome instantly shook her head at the thought. She then noticed Sota sitting next to her. "By the way…what are you doing Sota?"

"I'm going to help you out!" Sota grinned. "So, what kind of wood do we need to make the stakes?"

Kagome narrowed her eyes before showing her sweet 'loving' smile. Kagome didn't want Sota to be involved, especially if said vampires are still alive. 'I'm not sure what is actual fact, or made up by some of these authors or whatnot, but one thing is for sure, vampires live a long time. I don't want Sota to get involved! If they knew I was helping destroy them back in the Sengoku Jidai, what if they come here…' "Sota…why don't you leave all these up to me while you go and do whatever you were doing right now!"

"But Kagome…" Sota pleaded.

"NOW SOTA!" Flames seemed to shoot out of Kagome's eyes as she was saying this.

"AHHHHHHHHH! Okay! I'm leaving!" Sota shot up from his seat and ran out of Kagome's room.

Kagome closed her eyes. Though as she thought about it, unless Sota put his name on it, there would be no way for the vampires to trace it to him right? Then again, given Inuyasha's heightened sense of smell, would vampires have something similar? Like, maybe a kind of sixth sense? Either way, Kagome couldn't take the chance just in case there were still around. 'I mean, they are still writing stories about them! That must mean something right? Then again no…but…ARGH!'

Kagome took another book in her hand and started rifling through it. After pages of boring romance, which she normally wouldn't find boring but given the situation…she threw it down in frustration. "This is pointless! So many writers add their own interpretations on what a vampire is like that I can't tell if they are real or not!" After pouting over this for a moment, she took a deep sigh. 'Funny, when I read all these stories, and seen these movies, I never thought they were real until now. Heh. Kind of sound silly now given all the demons I've encountered in the Sengoku Jidai.'

After deciding that this was enough research for the night, she decided to study something a little pressing, like math for the big test tomorrow at school. "I almost completely forgot about that!" She took out the math book and began studying. "I am so dead!"

As darkness began to descend out her window, a single thought entered her mind. "I hope you can handle it Inuyasha."

Sengoku Jidai – Forest (Nightfall)

A man in a thirties style suit peered through a number of bushes. While it was dark outside, thanks to a campfire burning, he could see the area clearly. Actually, he could see pretty clearly even without the campfire, but the campfire doesn't hurt his vision either. There seemed to be a monk meditating next to a sleeping woman. The woman was sleeping on what looked like to be a huge boomerang. Next to her was an unusual looking little catlike creature with two tails. Sleeping next to the catlike creature was what looked like a little boy with a foxtail.

The man looked at each member of the group. 'So, they are trying to find Annabelle too. I'm assuming to avenge the ones that she killed in that village.' As he looked around in the darkened field, he noticed a member missing. 'I seem to recall two others. I believe one left to who knows where, and the other…where is he?'

Suddenly, he sensed movement above him. He turned his head at the last moment to see something red coming quickly on him.

"SANKON TESSO!" Inuyasha brought his claws down at the man. The man quickly shifted out of the way faster then any normal man could do.

The man skidded a few yards away from Inuyasha. He opened his mouth slightly exposing his sharp canine teeth.

Miroku quickly opened his eyes to see what the commotion was about. He turned and sees the man Inuyasha brought out into the open.

Sango opened an eye and saw a man, obscured by the burning embers of the campfire. Seeing this, she quickly shot her head up. She turned first to the man, then to Inuyasha who was cracking his hands. "Inuyasha!"

Shippo and Kirara both woke up. They both were blinking a few times in order to get any lingering sleep out of them.

"Ah!" Shippo was the first of the two to react as he saw the man.

Kirara stared at the man.

The man continued to avoid each attack from Inuyasha at an incredible speed. At the moment, each attack consisted of Inuyasha using the sankon tesso. Though all this did was make little creators on the ground.

"Why don't you hold still so that I can shred you to pieces?" Inuyasha yelled in frustrations.

The man looked at the unusual looking creature. "I'm supposed to listen to a man with cat ears?"

Inuyasha grew more enraged. "These are DOG ears!"

"Inuyasha! Who or what is that?" Miroku asked as he watched the man continue to avoid each of Inuyasha's attack.

"Isn't it obvious monk?" Inuyasha glared at the man. "He's one of those demons Kagome was talking about?"

"AH!" Shippo froze in fear. "He's one of those vampires?"

Miroku stared at the man. "Could he really be that demon? Then why…" He narrowed his eyes. "Wait, he does have a demonic aura. But it is very faint." 'No wonder we were having trouble tracking them. He, or they, must be able to mask it somehow.'

"Perceptive half-demon." The vampire continued to play hopscotch with Inuyasha. He even had his hands in his pockets as if to arrogantly taunt Inuyasha by not showing what he can completely do. He then made a single turn and, for a second, made eye contact with Sango.

Sango froze when he saw his eyes. "Those eyes…it…it can't be…"

Inuyasha stopped. "Enough of this!" He took out his Tetsusaiga.

"Interesting sword." The vampire simply stood his ground as he saw the katana's blade turn fat. 'Definitely not a normal sword. Wonder what it is made of?' He didn't even bother to remove his hands. "Is violence the only thing you respond to?"

"Wait Inuyasha!" Sango rushed up.

"Sango?" Miroku looked at her confused. "What are you doing?"

"Stay back Sango!" Inuyasha yelled at her. "This one's mine!"

The vampire simply shook her head. "If you haven't figured it out already, I'm not here to fight."

"Oh really? Then why were you stalking us?" Inuyahsa was about to bring his sword down.

"STOP!" Sango ran in front Inuyasha.

"Sango? What are you doing?" Inuyasha gritted his teeth.

"If he wanted to attack, he could've!" Sango glared at Inuyasha's golden orbs. "I think we should hear him out."

"But he's one of those demons!" Inuyasha protested.

Miroku turned to the vampire. When he caught Miroku staring at him, the vampire took his hands out of his pocket and raised them as if he was surrendering. He turned back to Inuyasha. "Maybe so, but Sango's right. He could've attacked anyone of us easily. Yet all he was doing was avoiding your attacks. He didn't even attempt to counter you. Besides, he's not the one we're looking for."

"Well, at least someone here is thinking with their brain." The vampire placed hands back in his pockets. "I'm only here to talk!"

"Grrr." Inuyasha grunted before deciding to sheath the Tetsusaiga. "Fine. I'll listen to what he has to say. But if you make one move against us…"

"Then you have every right to strike me down." The vampire grinned. "However, I believe we can be…beneficial to each other. After all, we currently want the same thing."

"The female demon." Miroku said in assumption.

"That's right." The vampire confirmed. "And we probably want the same thing. Her destruction."

Sango slowly turned to stare at the vampire. 'His eyes what's with his eyes? They have to be the same! But no, Kagome said that they couldn't survive in sunlight. Then why…' "Tell me, do you have a name?"

"Oh! I apologize. I forgot to properly introduce myself." The vampire bowed slightly. "My name is Darcia. And you are…"

"My name is Sango." Sango replied as she continued to stare at his deep blue eyes.

"Miroku." Miroku said as he looked at Sango with a worried expression. 'What's wrong with her?'

"Inuyasha." Inuyasha responded as he continued to glare menacingly at Darcia.

"Um…" A still scared Shippo appeared behind Miroku's leg. "I'm Shippo, and that is Kirara!" He pointed to Kirara who sounded affirmatively.

Darcia bowed again. "Now that we have been properly introduced, let's begin with the business at hand shall we?"

"Yes. But first, I notice your dress is a little unusual." Miroku noted, as he looked Darcia up and down. "And Darcia is an unusual name. Where exactly are you from?"

Darcia looked around the area. "Well, if this is the place that I think it is, very far away from here. Though maybe the question you should be asking wasn't where I come from, but when. Though I have no idea when this is either…"

Miroku raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying you're from the same time as Kagome?"

Now it was Darcia's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Who is this Kagome?"

Sango was still entranced by his eyes. However, she was still able to answer his question. "She's…from the future, at least to us. She wears a short green skirt…"

"Ah." Darcia rubbed his chin. "I have seen her. I thought her dress was strange for this time. That also might explain a few things about that well…"

Inuyasha glared dangerously at him. "If you touch one hand on Kagome…!"

Inuyasha's outburst broke the trance Sango seemed to be stuck in. She quickly turned to him. "Inuyasha!" Sango scolded.

Miroku was getting more confused by the minute. 'Why is Sango defending him?'

Darcia shook his head. "Look, you have my word that this, Kagome woman will not be harmed. After all, if she were to be killed, whatever magic made travel through that well possible might go with her. That and I do not want to make enemies in this time period, when ever I currently am."

"You better not!" Inuyasha threatened as he calmed down a bit.

Sango turned back to Darcia. This time, avoiding his eyes. "Um, Kagome said that this era is known as the Sengoku Jidai."

"Sengoku Jidai?" Darcia rubbed his chin. "From my knowledge of Japanese history, this is the warring state period where all of Japan is in a civil war no?"

"Sounds about right." Miroku commented. "The land is strife with a lot of conflict."

Darcia crossed his arms. "This period lasted from about fifteenth to seventeenth century in the Gregorian calendar if what I learned is correct." Darcia gave a wide grin. "Interesting. While I do not know the exact year here, in either case, I can literally meet my younger self."

Sango raised an eyebrow. "Younger self?"

Darcia nodded. "I was born about three to four hundred years before this time."

"Oh!" Sango replied with intrigue. 'If he survived all the way to Kagome's time…' Her thoughts were interrupted by Inuyasha's outburst.

Inuyasha was getting impatient with the conversation. "Excuse me! Are we just going to sit here and chat all night, while…"

"I'm with you. But do you even know how to track her?" Darcia crossed her arms. "I have been following you since daybreak. And yet you weren't able to discover me until now. What makes you think you can find her?"

Inuyasha grunted. But he was forced to admit that he was right. If it weren't for the fact that Darcia gave off a faint scent of a certain flower that wasn't common in this area, he wouldn't have discovered Darcia.

Miroku frowned. "And you do?"

Darcia grinned. "I should know since it's my job to destroy her." Darcia took out a pocket watch, opened the faceplate, pushed the top, and watched the hands move over the glowing blue symbols. "I can tell you that you do not have to worry about being ambushed by her. Wherever she is, she's VERY far away from here. My estimation, at least a half a days walk for all of you, maybe even more. This includes you half-demon."

"What?" Inuyasha frowned. "No demon can move that fast!"

"You'd be surprised how fast we really are half-demon." Darcia glared at Inuyasha. "The only thing I can say though is, with speed comes a price. She will need to feed soon again."

Miroku slowly approached Darcia. Though he didn't seem to be a threat, it could still all be a trick to get them to trust him, and then take them all out when they had their guard down. Still, Darcia did nothing that gave them any suspicion that he was up to some malicious deed. And he certainly won't do it now given all the information he has given out. If Darcia did betray them, he would use his Kazaana in an instant. But that doesn't seem to be the case right now. However, he does seem to have some strange effect on Sango. 'I have to talk to her about this later.' Right now though, his main concern was what Darcia held. "Are you telling us that this device can help track down the female demon?"

Shippo fearfully approached Darcia. When he looked at the small demon, Darcia grinned, exposing his fangs. "Ah!" Shippo quickly scurried behind Sango's leg for protection.

Darcia then turned back to Miroku. "That is correct. This watch is specifically designed to track Annabelle's essence." He then frowned significantly. "Though, I can no longer pinpoint her exact location since whatever magic she is using is throwing it off at long distances. Still, the closer she is…"

"The more accurate your device is at locating her correct?" Miroku closed his eyes as he took in this new information. "Annabelle. Strange, but somehow, a quiet seductive name!"

Sango narrowed her eyes when she heard Miroku's little statement. "You do realize Miroku that you're talking about a dangerous bloodsucker right?"

"More dangerous then you think." Darcia noted.

"So she isn't here." Inuyasha growled. "Then why are we just standing here doing nothing? We should be searching for her this instant!"

"This coming from a half-demon that couldn't even put a scratch on me." Darcia grinned.

"Why you…" Inuyasha was about to rush him before Sango stopped him.

"Stop Inuyasha!" Sango glared at him. "This isn't the time…"

'She's doing it again!' Miroku noted with a little disgust. Still, he had to agree with Sango in that this wasn't the time. Especially with a potential ally that knows the enemy better then any of them, especially how to stop one. Something even Inuyasha should be able to understand. "Okay! So what do you plan that we should do then?"

"Right now, you all should wait!" Darcia crossed his arms. "None of you seemed to be adapt at moving at night, which you all know, is a big advantage to us."

"Uh hem!" Inuyasha crossed his arms and stared at Darcia. "I'm just fine in the dark if you haven't noticed!" Now it was Inuyasha grinning.

Darcia sighed. "Okay, except you. However, you are able to move about by relying on your sense of smell and superior hearing. We vampires can do a little bit more then that in the dark." Darcia paused as he waited for a response from Inuyasha. Receiving none, he continued. "Still, if you insist, you and I could go scouting around. But given that she is no where near here, all we would be doing is wasting our time."

"And that's it?" Miroku asked still unsure about this.

"Again, other then I," Darcia glared at him before he continued. "AND Inuyasha, none of you seem to be adapt and moving around in the night. You should remain here until sunrise. Then, you should all head east from here. Again, while I can't pinpoint her exact location, I can at least tell you this."

"And given that they can't move during the day…" Miroku noted.

"She shouldn't be going anywhere." Darcia finished.

"But what are you going to do when the sun rises?" Sango asked with a little curiosity.

"Sleep of course!" Darcia turned to the east. "And because I can move in the day, I will have to move up ahead. Do not be concerned for I will stay close as long as you head east."

Sango then realized something. "And you said that with speed comes with a price…if you go as fast as her, that means that…"

"I'll need to feed soon as well." Darcia said as his focus was still on the forest to the east. "However, unlike Annabelle, I'm perfectly fine feeding on animals. Even other demons if I come across them. Heh. In a way, demon blood is better."

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes and placed a hand on his Tetsusaiga when he heard that. "And what makes you think we should trust you? What if this is a trap set up by you and that female demon?"

Darcia grinned. "Nothing except my word. I'm well aware that trust is built over time." He took a few steps ahead towards the east. "Now if you excuse…" He jumped and disappeared in the night.

"Hey!" Inuyasha rushed up a bit before stopping as he loses what little scent he had of him. "Grrr. I don't trust him!"

"But he is our only lead at the moment." Miroku reminded Inuyasha. "But yes, even I am skeptical about him." He turned to Sango who hasn't moved from her position. "Sango?"

Sango heard Miroku's voice which seemingly snapped her out of whatever trance she was in. "Yes Miroku?"

"What do you think we should do?" Miroku asked in a serious tone.

"Huh? Oh!" Sango turned back to where Darcia left. "I believe we should follow what he says for now. If he was working with that, Annabelle, or whatever that demon's name is, we can simply take them out both."

"I agree." Miroku said in a level voice. "Though this Annabelle might be difficult to defeat. Especially if she is beautiful."

Sango growled.

Inuyasha smiled. "Sounds like a better plan to me!" He looked down and sees Shippo hugging his leg. "Why aren't you a lot of help?" Inuyasha sarcastically said.

"Hey! I'm just a kid you know!" Shippo whined.

Forest to the East of Them

A woman in a red and white kimono walked through the dark forest. Surrounding her were shinidamachu, each carrying the soul of a young dead maidens. She journeys on even though she doesn't have a defined destination. The only thing she was certain, was the need for revenge.

After coming up close to a babbling creek, she suddenly took out an arrow and swung her body in what appeared to be pure darkness.

"So, I'm not the only walking dead here." The red-eyed woman said in a low almost threatening tone. She stared at the dead miko. "But instead of sucking the blood out of mortals, you take their souls instead." She looked up to see the shinidamachu circling their location. "Though I am surprised that you could sense me. This means you're no ordinary dead woman. This era is getting more interesting by the minute."

Kikyo drew her bow back. "And you're not a common demon!"

The woman smiled. "I am not! Though it's been a while since I have seen so many full blooded demons." The woman moved at a blur to the right of Kikyo.

Kikyo moved her bow quickly to the right before this strange new demon could catch her off-guard. "Are you one of Naraku's demons sent to kill me?"

The woman raised an eyebrow. "Naraku? Who is this Naraku?"

Kikyo cocked her head. "You do not know of Naraku?"

"No." The woman replied truthfully. "But given the way you talk about him, now you have my interest peeked." The woman jumped into the unknown.

Kikyo, sensing the strange new demon's essence disappears, slowly lowers her bow. Suddenly, she feels it return behind her. She quickly spun around to see her face to face.

"By the way, the name's Annabelle. If we ever see each again dead woman!" After saying her piece, she again jumped into the unknown. Leaving the dead miko to her thoughts. Whatever they might be.

-------End of Chapter 2

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