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As you can read, Stranded is similar with Shipped Off, only this time it was Harry alone that got 'shipped off' instead of Naruto and friends and 'stranded' in Naruto's universe.

I haven't read HBP, although from various fanfiction with HBP spoiler, I knew that Dumbledore is dead because of Snape, the Half Blood Prince (It's hard to imagine Snape as a halfblood), the greasy git created 2 new spells sectumsempra-or something like that and the other spell that I forgot its name. And then there is also these Hocruxes that have something to do with Voldemort's soul. Well, I guess I just have to read more HBP spoiler to see the entire story of HP book: 6 (I'd like to buy it, but there is only the English Language version and imported books are expensive, you know. Maybe I could buy HBP, if I don't go to internet for 2 weeks, but I don't think I can do it. Beside if I do avoid internet, I'll allocate my money to something else, like renting anime for example. Uh-Oh I think I got addicted with fanfiction and anime. Hey, that's not a new news!)

Anyway Harry is 19 years old, and his friends were all dead, leaving him alone. So that's mean: no Lupin, no Ron, no Hermione, and no other Weasleys. They are all dead.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know! I shouldn't make a new story when not even 1 of my stories is finished. But hey, can't resist the temptation! I wrote half of this chapter in my lesson. Hopefully you'll like it. Have fun reading.

Chapter One

Harry sighed for…well, he didn't really count how many times he had sighed in theses couple of days. He only knew that it was a lot.

He didn't know what to do here. Everything was new for him. New country, new people, new custom, new language…that he didn't understand… One could wonder why he didn't just leave.

Well, that was his plan.

Only he didn't know how.

He could blame Voldemort for that. Stupid dark lord using a spell that would ensure him gone for good. Away from him and from ruining his plans that he had so many times thwarted.

At least he had ensured that the moron met his maker. He was sure that his curse hit him, judging from the last thing he heard before he was enveloped by the dark portal: Voldemort's high pitched scream. The same scream that he remembered hearing when he was only 1-year old.

Damn, he really loved to hear that scream. He really loved to see little ol' Tom suffered, to hear him scream as his soul ripped from his body. After what the dark wizard done to him, he felt that it was justified. He had finished his job. He has destroyed Tom's soul just like when he had done it when he was a baby. Only this time, he had made sure that he did it thoroughly. The death eaters wouldn't be able to resurrect him anymore. Not since his soul was reduced to nothing.

Whoever made the saying 'Payback is a bitch' was right.

Now if only he could find a way to go back to Hogwarts everything would be alright. Even if he didn't know what to do later there, since all of his friends had died in the war and the whole fiasco with the ministry. Should he went back to the life of a fugitive?

He had cried for hours when he woke up in the new place, not caring that the 2 people that took him to their home were watching him in uncertainty, not knowing how to deal with a hysterical young man. Hysterical indeed…he was crying in sadness for the loss of lives, crying in anger because of the madness on his lives, and then crying in happiness when he remembered that he had killed his destined enemy. He was sure that the family that had helped him thought that he was crazy…which might not be a mistake entirely actually.

He had no one now. All of them were dead because of Tom Riddle. The same Tom that he had killed with his own hands. He felt satisfied at first. Afterall he had succeeded in avenging all of his loved ones' deaths. But as time went on, he couldn't help, but feel empty. The satisfaction he felt days ago, didn't mean anything for him now. They were dead. And they wouldn't be back to life.

To make it short, he was simply lost.

Lost on what to do and of course not to forget that he was lost in the middle of… well he didn't know where exactly it was. The woman and her son that took care of him since he was stranded on this unfamiliar place couldn't tell him.

Or at least they tried to tell him, only he didn't understand what they were talking about.

Both sides were pretty frustrated by this. They couldn't communicate and it really made a strain on his nerves. He has tried to learn their language, but god damnit, the difference between their languages was too vast and he was only there for a couple of days, not even a week. He remembered about a language called Japanese that sounded like this language he encountered. Was he transported to Japan?

For some reasons, he really doubted that this was the case. Voldemort wouldn't waste his energy only to transport him to another country only to have him back to England in couple of days where he could once again ruin his carefully designed plan. Nope, nuh-uh. He didn't think so. His stomach lurched at the thought of where he actually was.

He should have learned some spells other than battle spells. This was starting to get ridiculous. He had huge arsenals of spells, but none of those were translation spells, not even the most basic one. Hermione was right, Harry decided. He dismissed her when she told him that he should try to learn spells other than spells for battle scolding him with a question of what he would do after the battle was over. Becoming an auror? Nah…he has told her that he wouldn't be an officer for a corrupt ministry.

Well, now looked what it had gotten him now! He really should more attention to what his best friend told him.

"Harry, dinner is ready" a feminine voice called him up. Harry turned around in surprise. He berated himself inwardly for not noticing her presence. He was trained by the infamous Mad Eye Moody himself to detect any presence nearby. He must be too deep on his thought.

The young wizard stood up and faced the source of the voice. It was a woman with a long black hair and looked as motherly as Molly Weasley was.

God, he missed her and her families.

"Hai" Harry answered in Japanese. This was one of the few phrases he had learned in these days. 'Hai' meant 'yes'. She smiled kindly at his response. Harry followed him to the table where his son was already waiting for them.

Just like his mother, the boy had black hair. The first thing that came in his mind when the boy said something rude to his mother—something that he didn't understand and it didn't look like that the boy was talking about him to his mom—was that he was a spoiled brat. The boy was ranting to him for a couple of days, telling him something that must had happened in his country. Too bad he didn't really understand what he was talking about. The boy left him after the idea that he couldn't speak his language went through his thick skull.

He didn't know much about the condition on this country because they had to use hand signs to understand each other especially when he didn't know their language. And that was not easy too.

From what he had gathered, there was a tyranny named God-Ou (pronounce as 'Gat-Ou' similar sound with Gato " Gatou) or something like that that control this place. The people were suffering under his rule and they couldn't do anything to bring him down because he had power and money.

Harry had tried to use minor legimency on the woman. And the images he saw confirmed his information he gathered or at least similar enough with what he was thinking about. From her mind, he also knew that there was another family member. The eldest of the family, Tazuna, who had gone a day before he was stranded on his place to somewhere, possibly to ask for help. The old man was apparently the one who mobilized the people of this place to fight against this God-Ou.

If only he knew what the persons in her memories were talking about, it would be better. He never tried to use legimency on her again afterwards, not wanting to disturb her privacy anymore.

"Arigatou" he stood up and helped her wash the dishes. The woman, Tsunami, still seemed impressed with his polite demeanor, even when he has done it ever since he woke up in her home.

Harry went back to his room, or at least the room where he currently stayed. He was really fortunate that he just had the time to go to Gringotts in disguise to take all of his money and possessions from his vaults because of big problem with the ministry (and he didn't want his vaults to be frozen). Harry paid her despite Tsunami's insistence of not taking his money.

The first time he gave her a pouch of gold coins, she nearly fainted at the sight. Obviously the situation in this place was really bad judging from her reaction.

Harry didn't know how to pay her aside from giving her gold. Tsunami was kind. She treated him when he was unconscious, brought him home, and gave him food and shelter. Him, an unconscious stranger with suspicious garment and deadly looking weapons. Normal people would be frightened and left him to take care himself. He owed her a debt for that. And he didn't think that mere money could pay that debt.

The dark haired wizard went over a silk covered blade. He untied the rope that held the purple silk cloth. Harry let the dark cloth dropped on the floor. His fingers running through the runes carved on the smooth dark colored surface. The red crystal let out soft red aura while the runes glowed golden. The blade length was 1 meter excluding its hilt. There was a magical focus red stone on the joint between the hilt and the sharp metal and there was a pair of demon wings in the front and a pair of angel wings on the back.

This was the blade that he made under the instruction of the blacksmith master, Kienne. The old dwarf refused to make him his magical sword and instead insisted that he made it on his own with his assistance. Well, not exactly assistance, since the dwarf only taught him how to make the sword, the steps, and some information, while he would have to finish the sword himself.

Harry made this blade with the hope to use it to slay dark creatures such as giants, werewolves, and vampires that followed Voldemort. The dark creatures were rallying to Voldemort's side at the time, and Harry couldn't afford it. Numerous dark creatures had met their end under this blade. It grew stronger as it slay more dark creatures and that was what frightened the dark creatures it met. And the only one who could control its power was only Harry, its maker. The only ones who could touch the blade were only those that had no ill will toward its master. The soul of the blade was cruel and bloodthirsty and only its master's touch could sooth its rage.

When Harry gripped the sword on his hand and fought, the soul of the blade merged with him. It guided him and gave him strength to use it properly. And damn, Harry was glad for that guide, because he never had a sword lesson when he made the blade. Without that soul that controlled his body when he fought with it, it was a surety that Harry's sword technique was as good as those beginners. Which meant that he sucked. Thankfully, he improved and the blade started to lessen its control on the dark haired wizard's body when they fought together.

Harry named his blade as Zeus, after the King of the Gods from Greece mythology.

The making of the blade's soul was the hardest step. Harry had to pour a part of his soul to a powerful mindless demon entity that Keinne's family had trapped centuries ago in an old rusty broken sword. Harry also had to imagine the blade's appearance while removing the soul of the demon from the broken sword to the red stone (and trying to hold it from escaping at the same time). To make sure that the entity wasn't as mindless as it used to be and obeyed Harry, the young wizard had to merged part of his soul with the demon's. It felt like hundreds of cruciatus were used on him at the same time when he did it.

Harry was put in coma for a month after he finished his blade. Keinne had told him that he was lucky that he wasn't dead. Only a few beings could actually withstand the ritual and came out of it alive. The old dwarf was laughing when he saw Harry's face. It was obvious that the blacksmith master didn't tell him the danger of using such ritual.

The ritual that he had undergone to create the blade was dangerous and most importantly: illegal and was banned for thousands of years, even before the time of the founders. Harry got lucky that Keinne's family held the last book in existence that contained the information of such ritual.

Now, that he thought of it again, maybe he probably for other pathetic and ridiculous reasons? The ministry was still corrupted and most wizards and witches were morons. Even if he had killed Voldemort, people would think of him as the next dark lord. Especially when he has already on run from ministry plus British wizarding society and death eaters plus the dark creatures.

People had branded him as coward and traitor when he went missing for few months after all of his friends' deaths. And when he returned, a blade with demon soul on his hand, they went…ah, berserk and demanded to have him persecuted before he became the next dark lord. They were afraid when they received the news that stated that he massacred packs of dark creatures.

Sheesh…he really couldn't believe the level of their idiocy. They should have thinking of the threats of Voldemort instead of worrying and fussing about him becoming the new dark lord.

Anyway the reasons for the death eaters to hunt him were simple. Harry had killed a big number of their army, especially the dark creatures that joined them. He crippled their power and they didn't want it to continue. Voldemort wanted the biggest threat of his life to be eliminated. Harry's merciless slaughter toward his army made the dark lord looked like a saint. Simply to say, the dark lord didn't want to have a rival, and having Harry as the most fearsome being in his death eater ranks instead of him, their own master, really did something on his nerves.

Sometimes, Harry wondered whether the demon soul inside his blade had affected him. He had become a cold and ruthless killing machine. Maybe not toward innocents, but he butchered those that dare to stand on the way of his vengeance quest toward Voldemort. Mad Eye Moody, one of the very few people that still believed on him, had once time warned him that his thirst for vengeance has blinded and controlled him. He nearly killed the ex-auror for that, but the old wizard's statement opened his eyes. He tried to control his rage afterwards, instead of letting his rage controlled him. He still killed the death eaters, but he no longer tortured them and instead trying to kill them as swift as possible. It was a small improvement, but still improvement nonetheless.

Harry still wondered till this time, what were exactly May Eye's thoughts of him now? The retired auror had become his mentor for some time and Harry respected him.

Harry sighed tiredly.

It was a hard work. Trying to ditch the ministry pursuers and killing death eaters, but he managed. And hey! He had just killed Voldemort. He has fulfilled his destiny and if the wizards and witches wanted to succumb on darkness with their shitty attitudes, so let it be.

Yep! He decided. Better not going back at all! Maybe he could lead a new life here in this new and unfamiliar place. No one knew him here.

Harry's thoughts went back to his beautiful, elegant, and yet also dangerous looking blade. He could blame the RPG games he played in the summer for the appearance of his sword.

It was a double-edged sword unlike Japanese sword that had 1 blunt side. When he concentrated his magic on the red stone, the sword would be separated into 3 parts. The middle stayed on its place, while the 2 others moved away from the middle part. When the transformation was over, the blade looked like the Poseidon's trident. Only its hilt was shorter than the blade itself. On this stage, the blade could let out a high electrical current that came from the red stone and then transferred to its middle blade part and lastly surrounding all parts, making as if there were thunders around it.

This was the other reason why Harry called it 'Zeus'.

Harry's ears perked up when he heard the door of the house was knocked (read: banged) loudly.

God damnit! He really should stop daydreaming or he would get killed soon!

Harry's blade transformed back to its 1st stage and he quickly covered the sword with the silk and tied it with a rope. He put back his sword knowing that he didn't sense killing intent from any of the people in front door.

Harry walked as silent as he could. He saw Tsunami opened her door anxiously. 5 guys appeared from the door. Harry's eyebrows rose when he saw the 3 children, 1 girl and 2 boys. The girl had such an unbelievable hair color. Pink! If he didn't know better he would think of her as metamorphagus and if he didn't notice that her hair roots had the same color, he would think that she dyed her hair. She had green eyes.

The boys however mesmerized him. There was darkness and pain hidden beneath their eyes. The first boy, a pale brunette with the eyes as dark as abyss had the softer version of his eyes when he when he was still in his vengeful mode. The other boy's appearance was different than his friend. He was blonde, and his eyes were the brightest blue he had ever found. Harry found himself staring at a child version of his. Those blue eyes hid the anger and pain of rejections, loneliness, and abuses. The same pain he had when he was a child and still was till now. Only these blue eyes looked more tormented than his emerald eyes ever were.

Just what happened to these boys that make them had the same eyes he had?

Harry caught himself staring at the boys and quickly shifted his eyes to the one that was being carried by the 2 boys. This person was older, probably in his middle age. He had silver hair (Harry was starting to wonder if the people here had genetic malfunction or something) and a mask covered his face. The man looked exhausted.

Harry's eyes lay on the last person. The old man was the one in Tsunami's memories, and Harry concluded that he was Tazuna, Tsunami's father and Inari's grandfather.

Didn't Tazuna go to ask help? What're the 4 people doing here then? Surely he didn't ask them to help him, even if one of them was an adult. The rest were children for God's sake!

"Tsunami…san?" 3 pairs of alerted eyes quickly stared at him. Harry would have laughed to see the boys dropped the man to the floor in surprise if he didn't notice that the 2 boys' hands held…daggers? The pink haired girl looked uncertain before she too drew a dagger from her hidden pouch.

Harry blinked.

"Tsunami, who is he?" Tazuna asked confusedly as his eyes darted between his daughter and the young man in front of him.


I think that I didn't really organize the sentence and paragraphs really well here, but oh well! shrugs. I make some Qs and As to clear some things!

Q: What's with the blade?

A: sorry couldn't resist. I'm thinking of Gryffindor sword at first for Harry's weapon of choice, but I think that the sword is too flashy and is suited for display instead of battle, so I create this.

Q: If all vaults were with Harry, couldn't he just try to find the translation spells in 1 of his books?

A: Unfortunately he had removed all the books and magical artifacts to one of his houses where he practiced the spells good for battle (it is when Harry went into hiding in order to train to avenge the deaths of his friends and before he became a fugitive). He didn't open the books unrelated with battle. And when he took the contents of all his vaults (and then met with Voldemort and had battle with him before being transported to Naruto's universe), there was no single book there anymore, only money, and jewels. That would be one of the things on Harry's 'regretted acts' list.

Q: Harry is a fugitive?

A: I didn't make him as fugitive at first, but I needed something to make him cut the ties with his world. Yup, Harry won't go back to his world. I felt bad for the books he had left on his house…yeah, you hear me, I felt bad for the books. When I wrote a chapter, I let my hands and ideas guided me.

Q: Is the way Harry destroyed Tom has something to do with the Hocruxes?

A: I haven't read HBP, and I only have a vague idea about it, so you can imagine it on your own.

Q: Harry is 19 years old?

A: Yup, he is 19 years old in this fic. I wanted him to have times to study the spells, making his blade, and then goes in killing frenzy for quite long time, trying to avoid his pursuers and many other things.

Q: Is this going to be a super Harry fic?

A: Nay! This isn't. Harry still lacked many things. His sword skill was still improving. When the blade's soul took over his body, it put strains on his body if used for long and hard battle. Harry had to use his creativity (not like the creativity Naruto had in Lack of Motivation, okay?) and element of surprise to win from strong shinobis.

Q: When are you going to finish your other stories?

A: Hm… that's the million-dollar question.

Spoiler for this story: Harry is invulnerable with genjutsu. Why? Because he didn't have chakra! From what I read in one of Naruto's manga chapter when Itachi fought against Naruto, genjutsu manipulated the chakra around the brain, so since Harry didn't have ahakra, so genjutsu attack is practically useless on him. The down side of it was that he couldn't use jutsus and his shield has a problem protecting him from jutsus that could go through his shield (he only has shields for physical and magical attacks).

Heh, the Hyuugas would be stumped in confusion to see him not having any chakra pathway, afterall every living creatures have chakra. He3x. Another universe, another rule! That meant that in this fic, the people in Harry's universe also didn't have chakra. Anywaaaaaaaaayyy! REEEVVVIIIIIIEEEEEEEEWWW!