Little Gallifrey

A mercifully short Little Britain / Doctor Who Crossover

By Nix Nada

Disclaimer – I can only apologise…

It was a fine day on Gallifrey as Lou pushed the Doctor's wheelchair through a used-TARDIS lot.

"Well?" said Lou, leaning down to talk to the grey-haired Timelord. "See anything you like?"

The Doctor pointed to his right, without looking. "I want that one."

Lou glanced over to see where the Doctor had pointed. "Are you sure?" he asked. "It's an old type-40, and it doesn't look like it's working very well any more."

"Yeah, I know," replied the Doctor, still not looking around.

"I think its chameleon circuit is broken as well," went on Lou.

"I want that one," repeated the Doctor.

Lou sighed. "All right," he replied. "You'll be needing a travelling companion, won't you? I'll just see if I can get some time off."

"I want Susan," said the Doctor.

"Your granddaughter?" said Lou. "She's a bit young to go off travelling the universe, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I know," said the Doctor. "I want Susan."

Lou shook is head. "All right then, Doctor," he said with a weary sigh. "You know best."

Later, the Doctor sat in his new TARDIS and looked around the console room. Susan caught his eye and gave him a little smile.

The Doctor stared at her.

"This TARDIS is rubbish," he said.