Summary: She had walked out on him on the day he was going to tell her that he was her father. Two years later, she's back, new self, new image and a haunting past. Sequel to forgive me

Disclaimer: I still don't own anything but Billie and her band mates. If I did own the WWE I'd be Vince McMahon who's writing stories.

Chapter 9

Billie's POV

I walk down the familiar hallway of the house. It hasn't changed much, there were just a few pictures added. I see the old pictures of me and Abe and a few pictures of Mark and the guys. I guess Mark is right, I really look like him, but I still don't understand why he left me in the care of Martha or my "mom". I stood in front of the door where Mark stayed, there were the Taker signs and the pictures of everybody and I glance at a picture that I haven't seen before. I look at it closely and see Mark still young and a baby in his arms and that baby was…

"Yeah that's you Billie"

A familiar voice said, I froze and turn around to see that Mark was watching over me.

"So, I guess I gotta talk to you"

I reply, considering we were in the hallway he replied

"Well let's sit down"


"Yeah, the hallway's carpeted and it's comfortable"



Ric said as he heard Mark and Billie talk. The others were in the living room and shut down the lights trying to listen to them talk face to face for the first time. He was actually happy that Billie would probably straighten out the relationship they had as father and daughter.

"Ric. Are you crying?"

Jericho asked as the nature boy's eyes began to twinkle. Ric shook his head and replied

"I got something in my eye, don't bother and ssshhhh… keep quiet I want to listen"

We sat in silence for a while, I am nervous because I didn't know what to say now. I was so bent in my anger I guess I forgot what to say to him. I looked at him and saw his brown eyes twinkle and a tear roll down his cheek.

"I really wanted to say this to you a long time ago"

He started.


I replied.

"Remember when we were in the carnival?"


Welli was supposed to tell you that you were my kid"


"Yeah. I kinda got scared and worried because…"

"you were afraid that I might get really angry at you?"


"It wouldn't hurt much if you told me sooner."

"Well that was a fault on my part too."

"Why didn't you take care of me?"

"I cared for you. I was the one who gave you the merchandise and the tickets to every show"

"So you were the one who was providing those stuff for me"

"Yeah. Sorry about that"

"You shouldn't be sorry because you did your part of taking care of me"

"I gave you to Martha and Abe so you would be closely supervised because if you were under my care you wouldn't be the beautiful kiddo you are today"

"Good reason"

I chuckled and he chuckled also. That was the first time I heard him do that and it made me smile.

"You know what?"

He said.


I replied.

"It's the first time I saw you smile up close"


"Yeah., and you have the prettiest smile for a kid like you."

"It's not often that I see you smile with me. You smile a lot with Dave and I gotta say, he's really faithful to ya"


"He waited for you to come back and I know what's going on between you two"

"So you just learned about it now?"

"Nah. They all told me about it"

"I see. Ric couldn't keep his mouth shut huh?"

"I guess and Dave asked me something… and errr that's it"

The door of my room suddenly opened and Dave was stretching and yawning. Then I heard a frustrated scream downstairs

"Damnit Dave! You ruined the moment!"

It was Ric and I suddenly laughed and Mark laughed too and pretty soon I heard everyone laughing.

"The next time you eavesdrop guys make sure you're not in the living room"

Mark said and laughed some more. All of us had a good five minutes of laughing. Then I smiled at him and said

"Thanks dad for making me laugh a lto again"

And then he smiled and I saw the tears come down.

Mark's POV

"She did it! She said it!"

IU heard Ric say and I felt the tears come down my face as I heard her say the word. Dad. She smiled and hugged me and I felt the warm touch of my daughter's hug my cold self. I buried my head on her shoulders and whispered

"Thanks kid. I love you"

And she replied

"I love you too dad"

I could hear all of them screaming happily and Dave watched me and caught my eye and he smiled. Somehow I could feel that my future son in law is going to be one hell of a great guy. I almost slipped it when I told Billie about that.