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Tsuzuki and Hisoka haven't met, they're not shinigami, they're still alive and so is everyone in this story until I say so.

Chap 1 Destined Encounter

Meet Tsuzuki Asato, your average wage earner. One day, our hero felt like taking a walk that July afternoon. After a long day of work, he had no intention of rushing home to complete his paperwork. He was a man of few friends, not because people hated him or anything, its just that he didn't want so much of his time to have to be spent on entertaining friends. After all, no matter how lazy he might be, he's still a busy guy.

Moving Zoo, this way.. the small banner in front of him displayed.

'Zoo, huh?' he muttered to himself. 'Hmm.. I still have time to spare. (A/N : Some busy guy.. (rolls eyes) oh well, read on.) Why not? It might be fun! And besides, it's a free entry!', he said gleefully.

Upon entering the front gate, he saw many cages of different sizes. All were holding different varieties of animals, big, small, dangerous, and some just plain cute. He walked around, just looking at all the different animals. Soon, he felt quite bored and thought that he might as well go home and finish his paperwork (yeah, right..).

He was just looking for the exit when he set his eyes on one particular cage which had a lot of visitors surrounding it. He couldn't see what was inside, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to just hang around for a little while more and see what the fuss was about.

He could have jumped when he saw what was inside. A teenage boy, with wheat coloured hair and big emerald green eyes. What's he doing in there? The boy was dressed in ragged robes and was lying on the floor of the cage. Inside, there were two other men, one holding a gun to the boy's head, and the other, talking to the crowd.

'Come on over and see the freak! He feels other peoples emotions, and when its too much for him, something amazing happens! Beware, though. This creature can be extremely dangerous' he cried to the crowd. So that's why the guy with the gun's there..

The boy nervously looked into the crowd and eyed the people suspiciously, clearing reading their thoughts. Various emotions went through him at one shot. Too many emotions. He put his hands on his head and closed his eyes, trying to block them out, but as always, it didn't work.

'Now ladies and gentlemen,' the man announced ' watch closely..'

The boy let out a silent scream and an orange coloured energy blasted out from his back (A/N : think the time that Tsuzuki grabbed Hisoka in the Nagasaki arc by his shoulders and that orange thing that came out and hurt Tsuzuki.. Remember?) . The crowd gasped and backed off a little. Then they inched closer to try to figure out how that really happened. The men in the cage weren't hurt and they simply smirked. The boy was left panting.

W-what was that! I've never seen anything like that before.. My goodness, the poor boy! Put on display like that, I'm sure he still gets hurt when he does that! Tsuzuki instantly despised the men who were in the cage and whoever that thought about putting the boy there in the first place.

'The next show will be tomorrow, folks!' the man said. SHOW? Those bastards..!

The crowd parted and the men left the boy in the cage. Tsuzuki slowly went up to the cage and watched the sleeping (or passed out) boy. I wish I could just take you out of this place. You don't deserve this. No one does.

The boy opened his eyes slowly and eyed Tsuzuki. The man smiled back at him, trying not to scare him in any way. 'uh,.. hello there..' Tsuzuki started.

The boy got up and slowly crawled to the cage bars. 'Hi, I'm Tsuzuki' he said, still smiling. 'What's yours?' The boy kept silent and wondered how anyone could be so nice to a stranger. 'uh.. can-… can you talk?'

Slowly, he smiled and said, 'I… My name is Hisoka. Kurosaki Hisoka.'