Symphony of the night


Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters. They al belong to J.K.Rowling. Also, I don't own the title either. It belongs to whoever the genius that created Castlevania is.

A/N: This is going to be a Harry/Fleur fic…and it's going to be a little weird. The plot, that is. Ok, it's the sixth year of Hogwarts (and we'll say Sirius is still alive), and Harry notices some changes, then it is revealed to him that he is really the son of Dracula, and his Vampiric powers are just emerging. (Think Alucard. Half vampire). Let's just say James Potter was Dracula, but nice….ish. Nice-ish. And yes, I know that the title is the name of a Castlevania game. So sue me. And no, I have not read the 6th book yet, so this will be almost completely original. Ok then, on to the first thing.

Chapter 1: In the beginning

The bells are told not to chime until the trumpets blare
The willow-wisp jive and wail
The once slow and steady dance is turned into a raging gale
All the while laughter strikes the air


Harry Potter had just turned 16, and was lying on his bed looking at his assortment of presents when the first spasm hit. His back arched up, giving several loud cracks and pops. His arms and legs started thrashing and twitching, the pupils of his eyes were going crazy (A/N: imagine the eyes when having a seizure.). His mouth opened to let out a silent scream, and the pain made him feel like he was being split open. Then, just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Harry lay on his back, his eyes wide and his mouth gaping. He was breathing hard, and his body still gave the occasional twitch. Harry's mind was reeling, not being able to figure out what had happened. His pain receptors were still overloading. Harry couldn't feel anything but pain. As the pain became too much, Harry, to his relief, fell into unconsciousness.


The next morning, Harry woke up in pain. The fact that he was in pain completely dashed away any hope that what had happened the previous night was just a bad dream or something. He slowly stood up, being sure not to strain his muscles. After he stood up, he carefully stretched out his arms and legs. Then he leaned back, trying to stretch his back, only to feel more pain shooting through his body.

Harry sat down on his bed, and groped around clumsily for his glasses. After getting hold of them, he went over to his mirror with a comb. He was about ready to attempt taming his hair when he noticed that the world was out of focus. Frowning, he adjusted his glasses, but to no avail. Sighing, he took them off and started to polish the lenses, thinking that maybe they were too dirty or something. He looked back up and his glasses were about six inches from his eyes when he noticed that the world was way more focused than it should be. Although Harry was used to surprises, he still let out a big-ass scream. Abruptly, he cut it off by clamping his hand over his mouth, sending a few nervous glances towards his door. About 3 seconds after doing so, he remembered, to his immense relief, that the Dursley's were away at some convention for the parents of "special" children. In other words, they were listening to the causes of fatness and stupidness in the children of today.

Harry got his mind back on track, and decided to test his eyes to see if what happened was a fluke, or real. He brought his glasses back up to his eyes again, but once again, the world went out of focus. He took them off, and everything focused again. Harry went through this routine about five times before deciding the change was real, not a short term "you're crazy and senile" thing.

By the time Harry was done with his tests, he was still too tired for anything to register completely. When it finally did, Harry's eyes went wide and he said the only thing that came to mind.

"Holy Shit!" he shouted…then he passed out.


Harry regained consciousness about three hours later. He had to recheck his eyes a few times in order to reassure himself that it was real. When satisfied, he went over to his bed and sat down to think.

'Ok….so my eyesight was miraculously fixed' he thought. His face scrunched up in concentration. 'So what now?' he asked himself. An idea came into Harry's head, and he went over to his desk. Taking out a piece of parchment and a quill, he prepared himself for what he would write.

Dear snuffles,

Something extremely weird happened today. Early this morning something happened. I don't know what, but I started spasming. Like a seizure or something. When it was over, I passed out. I know that's not too weird, but what happened after that was. When I woke up, I tried putting my glasses on, but everything blurred. When I put them back on, the world focused. It seems as if my eyes were miraculously fixed. I just thought that maybe I should tell someone. If you know anything about what could have caused this, please let me know.


Harry took his letter and walked over to Hedwig's cage.

"Heya girl." Harry said, a smile on his face. "I have a letter for you." Hedwig gave a hoot. "Ok, I don't know where Sirius is, but it's for him. Do you think you can find him and deliver it?" Harry asked. Hedwig hooted, indicating she could. Harry tied the letter to Hedwig's leg, and opened the window. Hedwig took off, and Harry gave a little wave. He turned around and lay back down on his bed, one hand over his eyes, the other resting on his stomach.


Harry woke the next morning, mentally cursing himself for falling asleep. He looked over to Hedwig's cage, only to find it empty. After giving a sigh, he got up from his bed, left his room and made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. He went over to the cabinet and pulled out a box of cereal. Then he went to the fridge and pulled out the milk bottle. After setting these things on the counter, he went over to a different cabinet and pulled out the bowl. He was about to pour the cereal into the bowl when he noticed a spot on the bottom of it. Frowning, he started to rub it with his thumb, trying to remove the spot. Unfortunately, as soon as he started to rub it, he broke through the bottom of the bowl.

"What the Hell!" he shouted in surprise. He brought the bowl up to his face and looked through the hole in the bottom of it. Frowning again, he put the bowl to the side and got another one out. He stared at it, then brought his finger up and placed it on the bottom of it. He gave a little push, and a crack appeared in it. His eyes widened in surprise. Then, after he realized who's bowls she was destroying, he quickly grabbed them up, and ran into his room.

After throwing open his door, he looked around and finally shoved the bowls under his bed. After wiping sweat off his face, he noticed Hedwig was back. He walked over to her and gave a nervous smile. She stuck out her leg and Harry took the letter that was attached.


That news isn't as surprising as you may think it is. I kno0w you won't like me saying this, but I told Dumbledore, and we have some ideas as to what could be happening. Unfortunately, we cannot say anything in this letter, but we'll figure it out for sure, and then make sure you know. I promise. Aside from that, I have some news. Not much is happening with Voldemort. We believe he is still bidding his time. We have also acquired some new members of the order, and you may in fact already be familiar with them. That really all there is at the moment. I'm sorry. All of us here say hello, and Molly told me to tell you to mind yourself. We'll see you soon Harry. Be good.

Snuffles and co.

P.S: I can't say when, but Arthur will be taking you for your apparation test soon.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief at the prospect of seeing his friends soon, but then his face drained of all color after remembering what had just happened in the kitchen. He looked towards the kitchen, his face grave. The Dursley's would be coming home in about two day, and he knew they would likely have something to say to him.

Harry spent the rest of the day dreading what the Dursley's would say and thinking of what Sirius had said.

"I wonder who they will be…" he thought remembering what his god father had said about the new order members.


Harry spent the night in a dreamless sleep. Not that he was complaining or anything. He was quite happy not to have to relive the horrors of his past again.

After getting off his bed, he got himself dressed in a pair of baggy black pants and a black tank-top. He pulled on his sneakers, and looked out the window. He frowned as he looked at all the clouds forming overhead.

"Great. Rain. Doesn't get any better than that." He mumbled to himself.

He went downstairs and, being careful with the bowl, fixed himself breakfast. He spent the day straitening up the house, making it spotless. He didn't want to give the Dursley's to find anything to yell at him about. It was seven o'clock and pitch black outside by the time he finished. He straitened him self up and cracked his back. Giving a sigh, he headed up the stairs and into his room.

Harry had been lying in his bed for about five hours when he heard a noise. He looked at his clock and saw that it was exactly twelve. He was distracted as he heard another sound, this time from right outside his opened window. Without making any noise, he sat up and grabbed his wand from under his pillow. There was silence for about 5 minutes, during which Harry sat as still as a board. Then he heard the noise for a third time, but instead of being outside, it was downstairs in the kitchen.

Harry didn't know how he knew exactly where the sound was coming from, but then again, it wasn't really at the top of his "to-do" list either. Carefully, he got up from his bed and when to his door. He sparred a brief moment to remember the previous year when something like this had happened. The difference was, last year, members of the Order of the Phoenix had come to take him to a safe place where Voldemort wouldn't be able to find him. This time, he had no clue what was happening.

Keeping his head cool and free from panic, he left his room and crept down a few of the steps. He couched down and peered over the railing. He could hear small noises, but couldn't see anything. Then, just after a little banging sound, he saw it. There was a slight disturbance by the counter. Harry knew from experience what it was.

'They're using invisibility cloaks…' he thought. He didn't waste anytime, knowing he probably couldn't afford to have them spot him.

Carefully pointing his wand at them, he whispered "accio cloaks." Five silvery cloaks flew off their wearers and into Harry's hands, revealing the astonished faces of five very familiar people. Not trusting his own eyes, he kept his wand pointed at them.

"Accio wands" he said, louder this time. Five wands came soaring to him, and he caught them all. He carefully moved down the rest of the steps, preparing himself for anything. He pointed his wand at the first person, not letting anyone out of his sight. He was now aiming at an attractive female of medium height. She had short bubblegum pink hair and blue eyes.

"Tonks," he began. "What is the name that you absolutely hate to be called?" he asked. The Girl scrunched up her face in disgust before replying.

"Nymphadora." She said. Harry gave her a small smile, before pointing his wand at the next person.

"Lupin," he said, addressing a middle-aged man with grayish brown hair, wearing shabby robes. "What is your 'pen name'?" Harry asked. Lupin smiled knowingly at him and replied.

"Moony. The others were Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs." Harry then gave Lupin a bigger smile and a small handshake. Turning to the next person, Harry continued.

The next person was a gruff looking man. He had one wooden leg and a very large, fake eye. His face was pitted and scarred and his nose was missing a chunk.

"Moody" Harry said. "What is you rule of life?" He questioned. Moody smiled at Harry with pride.

"Constant Vigilance" He barked. They briefly shook hands.

The next person was someone Harry wasn't expecting, but at the same time wasn't surprised to see. He suddenly remembered Sirius saying something about new faces he would recognize.

"Fred." Harry said, earning a smile from the Weasley brother. "What's the password?" He asked. Harry kept his wand trained on the boy while he walked over and whispered in his ear.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Fred backed away and Harry gave him a grin. Harry turned to the last person, only to get one of the biggest shocks of his life. He quickly calmed himself.

"Fleur." Harry greeted. "What did you think of me in the beginning of the tournament?" Fleur looked down in shame.

"I thought zat you vere only a little boy and zat you vere too young to compete" Harry nodded. He passed the wands back out to their owners.

The six people just stood there for a few minutes, nobody talking and all with different expressions on their faces. Tonks: Cheerful, Lupin: tired, Mad-eye: proud, Fred: smug, and Fleur: shame. Harry was just confused. Finally, he decided to break the silence.

"sooooo…um…what are you all doing here?" He asked. Moody was the one to give an answer.

"We're your guard, boy." Harry gave him a look that said 'right…I'm positive that's all.'

"Right" he said. Lupin then looked around at everybody.

"We should be going soon." He said. He started handing out instructions by turning to Fred.

"Fred, go outside under one of the cloaks and keep and eye out for the signal or anything else unusual. Moody, come with me and make sure everything is in order, then we'll write the note. Tonks, Fleur…go with Harry upstairs and help him pack. We need to be out of here in 20 minutes, understand?" Everyone nodded. "Then have at it." With that, everyone spilt up and went to do their thing(s). Harry turned around and started upstairs, Tonks and Fleur behind him. Fleur was looking around in curiosity.

" 'Arry." She said. Harry turned towards her. "Zere are no pictures of you here. Why 'es zat?" she asked, gesturing at all the photos on the wall. Harry sighed.

" 'cause I wasn't even worth that much…" he said quietly. Fleur took her cue and didn't say anything else about it. When they got up to his room, Tonks decided she would try to strike a conversation. While pulling out his trunk, she addressed Harry.

"So, Harry, what have you been up to? Been training any?" she asked. Harry, who had been busy gathering all his books, looked at her.

"Actually, I haven't been able to do that much. I'm underage, so I can't train. Not that the Dursley's would let me." He added the last sentence in an undertone. Tonks gaped at him.

"You mean you haven't been able to do any training?" she asked in surprise. Harry shook his head. "Holy shit, he took us all down without any training…" she mumbled to her self. Harry gave a small chuckle. After picking up the last of his books, he stood and stretched out. When he was finished stretching he looked over towards Fleur, only to notice that she was just standing there staring at him. Harry frowned a little.

"What is it, Fleur?" he asked. Fleur jumped, not expecting to hear his voice.

"Vell…ummm. It 'es just zat…you look different." She said, gazing at his face. Tonks straightened up from where she was bent over gathering quills. She grabbed Harry by the shoulders and turned him towards her. Studying him, she snapped her fingers, as if she was just realizing something.

"She's right! Where are your glasses?" she asked in suspicion. Harry's brain went into overdrive, trying to figure out what to say. Just when he thought his brain would explode, the little voice in his head, the one he would hear during the imperious curse, said:

'Why do we have to think up anything?'

'I can't have them getting suspicious.' Harry thought.

'Just tell them you don't need them then.'

'Good idea.'

"They're right here" Harry said, pointing to the bedside table right next to him. Tonks frowned.

"I mean, why aren't you wearing them?" she asked. Harry tried his best to look innocent.

"Because I don't need them." He stated. Tonks seemed to stare right into his soul for a few seconds. Right when Harry thought he couldn't take it anymore, she looked away and shrugged. Fleur was just standing off to the side, looking back and forth between the two.

"Whatever" Tonks said carelessly. Fleur looked confused.

"I do not understand any of zis…" she said to herself. Harry chuckled softly. Just then, Lupin called to them from the bottom of the stairs.

"Are you guys ready yet? We have to get going. Now!" He called, his voice dripping with annoyance. Harry called back to him, affirming that they were in fact ready. He grabbed his broom and followed the other two. Tonks had placed a hovering charm on his trunk.

When they got to the bottom of the steps, the saw Moody standing in the kitchen and Lupin bending over at the counter, setting a letter there for the Dursley's. Harry frowned.

'Why do you bother? They won't care.' He asked to himself. Fred had just come in to tell them that he had seen the signal. The others were all heading outside when Fleur went up to Harry.

" 'Es somezing wrong 'Arry?" she asked. Harry shook the thoughts of depression out of his head. He looked at Fleur and smiled, though his eyes showed something else entirely. He shook his head, indicating he was fine. Fleur frowned.

"I know you're lying 'Arry." Harry looked shocked, and Fleur looked down. "But for your sake, I vill leave 'et be." Harry stopped dead in his tracks, and starred after Fleur as she went ahead of him, catching up to the rest.

Harry was snapped out of his thoughts by a call from Moody to hurry it up. Harry went double time to catch up with everyone.

After 3 minutes of walking, they got to their take off point. Moody arranged the guard so that Harry was in the middle. Like the previous time, Tonks was right in front of him. Fred would fly to the right of Harry, and Lupin to the left. Fleur would be behind him, and Moody above.

By the time Moody had finished telling them where they would be, a few other familiar wizards came up to them. They were to complete the guard.

"Ah, Kingsly, George, How are you?" Lupin asked. They both replied that they were good, and Moody explained to them that George would take the position below Harry and Kingsly would be the perimeter guard, circling them while they flew.

"Now, we wait for the take off signal." Announced Tonks. As if on queue, a burst of blue sparks could be seen in the sky. On Moody's signal, they all lifter off the ground, rising on their brooms in their respective positions. Moody had decided, for reasons of his own, that they would not camaflouge Harry this time around. Four minutes into the flight, Fred could be heard telling jokes while those close enough relaxed. Moody kept grumbling about putting a risk on the mission. Fleur was silent, and Tonks was complaining about the chill.

As for Harry, well, he was just glad to be flying again. He didn't even care that he was freezing his ass off. Moody's voice, once again, broke him out of his thoughts.

"We're coming up on a city. Elevate about one hundred-twenty feet. Tonks groaned, but they all complied.

Harry felt someone tap him on his right shoulder. Harry looked over to see Fred grinning at him.

"So, Harry, old chap. How have you fared this summer?" He asked, trying to sound like an Englishman and keep his face straight at the same time. He failed. When Fred had finished laugh, Harry sighed and answered Fred's "question".

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was pretty much locked up in my room until the Dursley's left. Then I picked my lock and still did nothing." He said. Fred whistled.

"Ouch. Well, George and I have gotten a great start on the 'business'." Fred said proudly. Harry chuckled. After that, he went into deep thought about what had really happened. In the end, he decided that, despite their outward personality, he could trust the twins. After making his decision, Harry turned towards Fred and called out to him.

"Oy, Fred…."

"What is it Harry?" Fred asked, genuinely curious. Harry took a deep breath.

"Ummm…well….I kinda, well…lied. Something did happen over the summer, well, just a few days ago in fact. I'll tell you when we get to where we're going. I don't exactly want the whole world to know…." Harry trailed off. Fred starred intently at Harry, an uncharacteristic look of seriousness on his face.

"No problem mate. Just so you know, you can talk to George or me about anything. We'll listen." Fred said seriously. Harry nodded in gratitude. Little did he know that Fleur was listening to the entire exchange.


After another half an hour of flying, they neared a very familiar area. Harry looked around and found that nothing had really changed.

"Ok Harry, you know what to do." Moody said, handing Harry a slip of paper that said.

Number 12 grimmauld place.

Headquarters of the Order Of the Phoenix.

Harry read out the piece of paper and watched the building squeeze itself between numbers 11 and 13. Tonks went up to the door and, before anyone could stop her, rang the door bell. At once the sound of screeching filled their ears, only to be amplified when Mrs. Weasely opened the door.

"Filly Mudbloods, Half breed, and blood traitors! How dare you defile the house of my fathers!" Mrs. Black continued even after Mrs. Weasely ushered them inside.

After they all were in, Molly turned towards the canvas with the portrait.

"Oh my good god…..shut up women!" Mrs. Weasely shouted as she forced the drapes closed. Everyone raised an eyebrow.

"It finally got to her" Fred whispered in Harry's ear while ginning madly. Mrs. Weasely glared at him.

"Still haven't got her down, huh…" Harry observed with a sigh. Mrs. Weasely frowned and shook her head. She walked over to Harry, and her frown turned into a smile.

"It's so good to see you again dear" Mrs. Weasely said, bringing Harry into a hug. Harry hugged her back. He had truly missed his mother figure. After Mrs. Weasely released Harry she looked him over and frowned.

"My lord Harry, didn't those muggles ever feed you? Or give you new clothes for that matter. But, oh my, how you've grown. And your eyes, they look even more like your mothers. By the way, where are your glasses?" Harry smiled as he listened to Mrs. Weasely rant. By the time she finished, Tonks and Lupin had already gone to the kitchen. Moody was off talking with Kingsly. Fleur and George had gone in separate direction and disappeared, but Fred was still standing behind Harry.

"Yes, the 'muggles' fed me…some. No, no new clothes. And as for the glasses, I have them, but I haven't needed to use them." He said, answering all her questions. She smiled and turned to Fred.

"Fred, be a dear and show Harry to his room." Mrs. Weasely said.

"Yes mum." Fred said, rolling his eyes. He turned to Harry.

"Well, c'mon then." Harry followed him, still grinning.

Fred led Harry into a room that he had not been in before.

"Harry, this is the room George and I share. I'll take you to yours later, but I can tell that you have a lot on your mind. George is on his way up, and then we'll all sit down and have a nice talk." He said seriously. Harry nodded.

They only had to wait about five minutes before George came through the door.

" 'ello Harry." He greeted, offering Harry his hand. Harry shook his hand, then watched George take a seat on the bed. Fred looked at George, shook his head, then turned his attention to Harry.

"Ok Harry. Whenever you're ready. We'll give you 100" He said. Harry sighed.

'Where to start…' he asked himself.

'The beginning would be a nice place' the voice in his head replied sarcastically.

Harry took a deep breath before starting.

"I guess it started around two and a half days ago." He began. "I was trying to sleep, and, well….I just started having spasms. When it ended, I guess I passed out, 'cause I woke up the next morning with a major headache. When I grabbed my glasses and put them on, the world became blurry. I took them off, and everything focused again. I tried testing it a few times and it just stayed like that." He took another deep breath. "I passed out again, and woke up about three hours later. I wrote a letter to Sirius explaining it all and I had just gotten the reply, but then something else happened. I went down for breakfast and broke the bottom out of two bowls just by rubbing them. Sirius said he had an idea as to what could be happening, but I'm so confused….." Harry finished his explanation and trailed off. He looked up to see the twins starring at him.

Fred got up and walked over to his desk. After a few minutes of rummaging, he came back with a large, shiny, metal block.

"This, Harry, is a block of Mytheranium. It's one of the strongest metals in existence, though almost no muggles know of it. Here." He handed the block to Harry. Harry expected it to be heavy, but was shocked to find that it was actually pretty light.

"Put your finger to it and press." George said. Harry gave him a puzzled look.

"What for?" he asked. Fred sighed.

"We're going to see if you can break through it." He replied. Harry looked at him like he had grown a second head.

"If it's one of the strongest metals in existence, then how am I supposed to break through it?" he asked in disbelief. Fred and George both shrugged. Harry sighed and rolled his eye. After deciding to comply, he put his right index finger to it and gave a small push, not really expecting anything to happen. That could be why he practically screamed when his finger punched a hole right through the block.

"What the fuck!" he screamed. George was just starring at Harry in surprise, but Fred was still active.

"Tsk, tsk Harry. Language please." Fred shook his head. "We need to figure out how you can control that…" he said. " 'Till then, don't squeeze anything too hard, ok?" Fred was now grinning like a maniac. Harry nodded dumbly, still looking at the block. Fred frowned and walked over to Harry. Then he slapped him. Harry came back to his senses.

"Well, I should show you your room now. I wouldn't go showing the world about this though. C'mon." Fred walked out of the room and Harry followed. George was still frozen, his gaze locked to where Harry was.


"Here it is" Fred said, gesturing to the door right in front of Harry. "I have to go sooooo….I'll see you later." Fred said. They exchanged a handshake before Fred left. Harry sighed and grasped the door handle. As soon as the door opened, he was attacked by a mass of bushy brown hair.

"Ack! Hermione! Gerrof would ya?" The mass got off of him, and when Harry could see again, he was looking into the faces of his two best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasely. Harry gave them a smile.

"Oh Harry, it's so good to see you." Hermione said, smiling widely. Ron peered at him for a few moments.

"Oy, Harry, where are your glasses?" Ron asked. Hermione slapped the back of his head.

"Really Ron, can't you just say hello?" she said, glaring at him. Ron shrugged.

"Anyways, it's about time for breakfast. We should head down." Hermione stated. Harry sighed.

"You two go ahead. I'll catch up." Hermione studied him for a few seconds before shrugging and dragging Ron out of the room with her.

Harry looked around his room and saw a few shelves, a desk, a table, and a single bed.

'Guess I'm alone again' he said to himself. Giving another sigh, he turned around and opened the door.

Harry took three steps out of the room before running into something solid. He started to fall backwards when he heard whatever he ran into give a small scream. Automatically, he pivoted on his right foot. Using the momentum he gained, he launched himself forwards and twisted his body. His right hand shot out and grabbed the railing while his left arm was wrapped around the person who had screamed. One leg was on the landing, and the other one was twisted on the steps, causing pain to shoot through his leg. He looked at the person who he had bumped into, only to see Fleur, her face set as if ready for extreme pain, her eyes squeezed shut. After a few moments, her eyes opened, and she looked up at Harry.

"Wha--?" she started. Then she noticed how his face was contorted in pain. Looking down the steps, she saw how his leg was twisted. After giving a short gasp, she shot up and out of his arms. He winced in pain.

'For being so beautiful, she sure hurts a lot.' Harry thought to himself.

Fleur grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him up onto the landing. Setting him down lightly, she desperately thought of what she should do. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Harry's voice.

"Hey..." He started before groaning in pain. Fleur turned towards him. "You okay?" he asked. Fleur stared at him, worry showing on her face.

"Yes 'Arry, I am fine, but…'et 'es you zat needs to be 'elped…" she said. Harry shook his head.

"Hah, I'm fine." Harry tried to raise himself to his feet, but the pain was too intense and he fell over. Fleur reached out to him and pulled him forward before he fell down the steps. Unfortunately, this caused them both to fall over. Harry landed on top of Fleur, then quickly rolled off, not wanting to hurt her. Fleur picked herself up and went over to Harry. By now, his breathing had steadied. She looked into his eyes and was surprised to see them clear of pain.

"Ummm….Fleur?" Harry voice snapped her out of her thoughts. "You mind getting off of me?" She received a shock when she realized that she was almost on top of him. They both blushed like crazy and she quickly moved back and watched Harry sit up, all signs of pain gone.

"Could you help me up?" Harry asked, looking at her intently. Fleur nodded and stood up. Walking over to Harry, she stuck out her hand and he grasped it. After getting back on his feet, Harry tested his foot to make sure it would hold his weight. After he was satisfied, he turned to Fleur.

"Well, if you're ok then maybe we should head down to breakfast" Harry said, Fleur nodded numbly, still looking at Harry. He shook his head and turned around.

"Vait." Fleur called. " 'Arry…..vat happened? One minute, you vere in pain, zen you are fine…vhy?" Harry suddenly realized what she was saying, then started going over what occurred in his mind.

"Actually, I have no idea what happened." He said carefully. He turned his head as he heard someone coming up the steps.

"Oy, Harry, mum's wondering where you are." Ron called.

"I'm coming." Harry replied. Turning to Fleur, he asked, "Shall we go?" Fleur looked at him for a few more seconds. Finally, she nodded her head and followed Harry down the steps.


If I could start my life from scratch

If I could take away the pain off my past

If I had another chance I would do just that

I'd give anything jus' to go right back

I wish I could…


A/N: First chap is done. Sorry if it sucked, I can never tell. I know that I probably made Fleur's accent a little too heavy, but let's just say that it's all part of the creativity. Oh, and I know, it was corny. Oh well, I tried. And don't try to compare it with anything from the 6th book, cause I haven't read it as of this chap. One last thing. Formy readers of "What do I feel?", sorry bout the gap. I was on vacation, so I'm only bout half way through the next chap.Anyways……later all.