I feel terrible for saying this, but there will be no chapter today. After the last post, I completely focused on studying (I know, scary right?) so instead of writing, I was doing practice SATs. Once that was over, it was summer homework time, then school started a few days later. So what about Labor Day weekend? Well, I went to Cape Cod with family friends and got so sunburned that the skin on my face, neck, and arms are bright, firetruck red. And it's very very painful. Suffice to say, all of this combined was not good for my progress with this story. Also, since I am a senior this year, I will be forcing myself to study like crazy since I really need to pull my grades and GPA up. I don't know when I'll be able to next update, but as soon as college admissions stuff is over with, I'll be back to the once-every-three-weeks posting schedule. If things really calm down, I might even up it to once every two weeks, so I ask all of you wonderful readers to please be patient with me for just a little longer and I will be back with a full chapter as soon as possible.

Love you all,

Posted: 3 Sept. 2007
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