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Eric Draven sat in his broken down apartment slumped in a moth eaten chair somewhere down stairs the racket of a TV blaring the sounds of a war program could be heard. And the damnable crow was talking again. "Don't look Eric"

Does any body here remember Vera Lynn?

Shelly stood at the broken window her beautiful form illuminated by the pale moonlight her mouth opened but no words came out. Eric's eye's widened the paint on his face rising and stretching with the change of expression. She moved over to him gliding across the dust wooden floors. Her hands touched him as she caressed him but he felt nothing, nothing but pain.

Remember how she said that we would meet again

Some sunny day

The apartment around Eric faded distorted and transformed it was no longer night out, the sun was peeking over the tree's in a park that's geography was not to dissimilar from the park down the street that Shelly and him use to visit, but it was different much different. There were no kid's playing on the creaky swing set there were no mothers looking around nervously at the older kid's passing by there was no one save himself.

And then he felt something clutch his right hand he looked over and saw Shelly's smiling face her hair free and cascading down the side of it, Eric frowned slightly not believing it but then smiled leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek. "Eric" she said laughing her voice distant as if they were at separate sides of a tunnel he smiled and began walking with her down the sidewalk hand in hand his bare feet smacking against the dirty concrete while her soft soled shoes hit it daintly, Shelly leaned close to Eric as they approached the end of the path and whispered in his ear "Don't look" her breath cold against his face,

Vera. Vera… what has become of you?

Eric laughed his laugh clear and happy "why not" he asked turning to face Shelly as he placed another kiss on her lips. He brought his mouth back a piece of Shelly's lip was caught in his mouth as her face began to decay blood dribbling down from different cracking pieces of flesh . "I told you not to look" the crow said shaking its head as Eric sat huddled in a fetal position on the ground the moth eaten chair knocked over tears streaming out of his eye's black make up running down his chin a crumpled picture of Shelly and him standing in the park clutched in his hand.

Does any body else in here feel the way I do?