Logan opened his eyes and immediately squinted against the glaring sun. He could still hear the ocean. He sat up and looked around. This was Fiji, just like he remembered from his summer before he started college. Max was down in the warm water, looking at the tide pools in wonder. He gave a silent prayer of thanks for whoever wrote that webpage about controlling your dreams. Then Logan stood up and ran to his love.

To new beginnings!


Authors notes: To all who reviewed, Thank you. Especially if you were more specific than 'Hurry up!"

Bob - Re: "How lovely" That is exactly the reaction I was aiming for. Well, that and laughter.

Natalie (not Sketchy's girl) - You are correct. I did not research Seattle weather. I have lived my entire life about 200 miles south of Seattle. I figured that if it got that cold here, occasionally, it would get that cold there occasionally. I hope the details in "Chapter 7 Dammit!" appease.

I did not mean to imply that Seattle was an unpleasant place to visit in February. But if you seriously do not turn on your heat all February then either you are a polar bear, or the people downstairs heat your apartment for you do. The AVERAGE high for February is 50 degrees, the average low is 37 degrees and that is Fahrenheit.

To all who wondered: I had not read Breath by Joy1 when I first posted this (but I really like it). I am sure that I wouldn't have changed anything if I had. I was well aware that needing to share body heat was not an original idea. It is a classic, if not cliché. I think the purring is an original idea, although it would not surprise me to find out its not. I thought that mix of cliché, I mean, classic idea with new (or relatively new) idea was worth the effort. I hope you agree.

I really like the purring. I think the shared dreaming is pretty cool too. I want Logan to be happy. Do not be surprised if these themes reappear.

I know that I did not have Max corner Logan about going in to the doctor. She only threw it out in the morning to buy time. Mild hypothermia does not have long term cognitive effects, at least according to the website I checked.

I know I never did anything more than 'startled' with Bling's reaction to Max purring. To be honest, after startled (which I felt was safe) I am not sure how he would react. He really didn't have that many lines in the show for me to get a feel for his character.

Anything else that I did not cover, well, it just wasn't part of this story. Send me an e-mail, maybe I'll cover it next story.