Author's Introduction

Hi, everyone, this marks the third (and final) venture into the world of The Journeyman Project. People often asked me what made The Journeyman Project series so fascinating. I can see why you might be confused, I mean there are no zombies, no weapons; there isn't even an online function, so why would I be interested. Well that's precisely why I'm interested in it. They dare to go where few games have gone, a completely non-violent open linear play. It also the first game that actually behaves like one of those big sci-fi budget blockbusters (a la any Michael Bay film) including a casting list. It's more exciting, more mysterious, and more action-packed than the first two. I only ask you guys to keep an open mind at some of the stuff presented in here and just check it out. If you don't like it, then that's your choice. All I'm asking is that you check out something different from what I usually do.

Red Orb Entertainment has, since the distribution of The Journeyman Project 3 (or JP3), been purchased by Mattel Interactive (how sad that a company known for exciting and innovative adventure games been brought out by a children's toy company) which probably partially explains why JP4 is still in limbo. Well, enough of my ramblings, enjoy JP3.