The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time

Date: November 11, 2329
Place: TSA; Appalachian Mountains, Earth

"I have it!" Gage cried running into the room. "I have the final artifact!"

"You're just in time, Gage," Commissioner Baldwin said. "The Qou'Thalas have just entered Earth's orbit, it won't be long before they locate the TSA."

"Receiving a high priority message from the Cyrollan cruiser Ackilla," William reported.

Ambassador Jhessela's voice was excited, "We feel tremendous energy emanating from the TSA you have the Legacy!" She grew solemn. "If we know this, so do the Qou'Thalas. We're sending Cyrollan Sentinels to assist you."

Suddenly the entire room shook with thunderous impact. That meant only one thing: the Qou'Thalas were attacking.

On the outside, several sub fighters darted across the mountains firing the lasers at the TSA's automated defense system. All the cannons were destroyed. The Qou'Thalas then turned their attack to the mountain itself. After enough attacks, a metal panel with the TSA logo was revealed. The Qou'Thalas concentrated all their attack on the symbol.

The room shook harder throwing the humans to the ground. Commissioner Baldwin was the first up. He ran over to the control panel. "The Qou'Thalas have breach the outer shielding, all security teams, prepare to intercept!"

All over the TSA, metal blast doors slid into place. Security teams took up strategic position. As the blast doors fell, the security officers opened fire with their laser rifles.

The rifles had no effect on the brutish eight-legged alien. They plowed through the security officers like they weren't even there.

Incredibly, none of them were killed, not even those who were trampled.

The interior cameras showed the Qou'Thalas rapidly approaching the Command Room. Everyone armed themselves.

As Gage made sure his weapon's power setting was set to a modest level, Michelle came over to him. "Gage, before everything gets out of hand, I just wanted to say… well… I'm sorry… for everything."

Gage's face was neutral for a moment, and then he smiled and patted her shoulder. His curt nod told her that all was forgiven.

The doors to the command room burst open and two Qou'Thalas stood. "The Qou'Thalas will finally claim the Legacy!" They declared.

"The Legacy was meant for all living beings!" Gage argued.

At the same time, a team of Cyrollans materialized. They quickly trained their weapons on the Qou'Thalas. "Agent 5, quickly, give us the Legacy or the Qou'Thalas will destroy us all if they claim it!" A Cyrollan warned.

"Cyrollan Savages have no right to the Legacy!"

"Can't you see this is happening again! You two races are fighting over something that's supposed to bring peace. I won't let you turn Earth into another battlefield!"

Suddenly the back of the Qou'Thalas opened up and another alien popped out like a womb giving birth.

The alien was uncannily similar to the Cyrollans. The two races truly were brothers.

The brutish alien that contained the real Qou'Thalas lashed out with a tentacle. Gage leapt to the side but the tentacle struck his temporal pocket destroying it. All the objects Gage obtained over his travels came spilling out. The gaff, bowl of olive oil, and gold coins from Atlantis, the Dob-Dob's staff and Gardener's sheers from Shangri-La and the Flint Talisman from El Dorado.

And the final pyramid artifact.

The artifact flew in an arch and landed perfectly at the table along with the other two. The ancient Sosiqui symbol (the same one that Ambassador Jhessela showed Gage earlier) appeared at the center of the three images.

The Cyrollans and the Qou'Thalas both lunged for the Legacy but a mystical beam of energy repelled them. The pyramids started to glow blue. Gage was mesmerized by the light. He slowly walked towards it and placed his hand in the center of the light.

The light transferred itself to Gage. His body was raised off the ground. When he looked down, his eyes were glowing the same color as the pyramids.

"Though the Sosiqui have long since transcended your universe, our Legacy has waited thousands of years for its proper heir. It contains the sum of our wisdom. It is the essence of what we were, what we are, and what we will be. This knowledge must be tempered with maturity. Its secrets will be shared with all the races of the galaxy but only when they are ready for such an awesome responsibility. Until that time comes, the Legacy will be safeguarded by beings who have already demonstrated their worth of wielding the powers of time, matter, and life." Gage's body was overcome by the light and a new person appeared briefly. Only Arthur recognized who it was: the Siddha Pilgrim from Shangri-La. "Humans shall once again assume their role as guardians of the Sosiqui Legacy."

The aliens in the room immediately genuflected, "We understand our elders, and we obey," the Qou'Thalas said.

"As do we," the Cyrollans threw in.

The Sosiqui image left Gage and his body dropped unceremoniously to the floor. Gage moaned and shook his head to clear it. As his eyes came into focus, he realized that a hand was being offered to him. He looked up and saw that it was Michelle who was offering it. He gave a sigh of relief and took it allowing her to help him stand.

Date: November 22, 2329
Place: United Ministry Complex, New York City, New York, Earth

Michelle looked around at the court room. There seemed to be a certain air around the large room. Today was expected to mark the closing testimonies in her trial. It looked like a kangaroo court, though she wasn't really surprised. She wasn't exactly the politicians' favorite child. She noticed that the prosecution was busy scribbling down something on a note pad. Were they merely polishing up their closing argument or… it looked like they were writing questions.

Yes, there was a strange air about.

"How are you doing?" Her attorney, Sandra Gallagher asked. This was the same attorney who cleared Gage of all wrongdoing during his trial. From the looks of things, she won't have the same luck.

"Trying to decide whether I should take the top bunk or the bottom bunk when I arrive at Vega Thalon," Michelle said half-jokingly.

"I wouldn't start claiming dibs on bunks just yet."


Before Sandra could elaborate, the judge walked in. "This court will now come to order," she announced. "Our original schedule was supposed to consist of closing arguments, but I understand the defense has one more witness to present."

"If it pleases the court," Sandra requested.

"Well I have already discussed it among the Heads of Ministry and they've decided to allow it. Ms. Gallagher, you may call your witness."

"Thank you, Your Honor; the defense would like to call Agent Gage Blackwood to the stand!" Michelle as well as the spectators who have gathered inside the courtroom that day all gasped. Gage, decked out in full TSA dress uniform, walked into the court room. Without looking at Michelle, he took the stand and was sworn in by the Bailiff.

Date: December 15, 2329 A.D.
Place: Our Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Ontario Province, Canada

It was a blustery winter morning as a small crowd gathered around a newly dug grave site. The stone read


As the crowd started to disperse, returning to their homes or businesses, one person lingered at the grave site: Gage Blackwood. Dressed in a black trench coat and slacks, he walked up to the grave stone. Commissioner Baldwin and the World Senate agreed to keep Elliott's true lineage a secret. Considering now everyone knew about the Sosiqui, the Qou'Thalas, and the Legacy, it was a fair trade.

Gage reached into his pocket and took out a sun-shaped medallion, the gear that enabled him to get the first artifact. "Thank you, Saros," he muttered placing the medallion on the stone.

"You must be Gage Blackwood." A priest walked up to him. "I'm Reverend Thomas."

"Yes… that was a wonderful sermon you gave today."

"Thank you. You look like something's bothering you."

"It's just that… in some way, I feel responsible for what happened. Elliott was right, when I separated him from his lab; I prevented him from using the age reduction ability. I killed him." He lowered his head in shame.

Thomas was quiet for a minute before speaking, "I knew Elliott ever since he came to Vega Thalon." He walked around to the other side of the grave stone so that he was directly facing Gage. "I was the only one there that he confided his secrets with. On his death bed, he told me of your visit and he asked me to tell you that he does not blame you for his death. In his final moments, Elliott realized that this was his destiny. This is where it was leading him, to be the herald of the advancing of the Qou'Thalas. In fact, if it wasn't for you and your friend Agent 3, we probably wouldn't be here today. And on behalf of Elliott, I say thank you, Agent Blackwood." The Reverend turned and walked away. Gage pondered the Reverend's words.

"He's right, you know." Michelle, also in street clothes, walked up to him. "You couldn't have known his lab was keeping him alive."

"I know."

"Gage… I wanted to thank you. I didn't expect you to be at my trial, but because of your testimony, I was acquitted."

"You redeemed yourself, Michelle, I only spoke the truth."

"But you put your reputation on the line for me, even after everything I did to you! I don't… deserve it."

"This… experience taught me that I should not linger on the mistakes of the past, but rather strive towards a better future for all sentient beings. After all, isn't that what the purpose of the Symbiotry is, making a better future for all sentient beings?"

Michelle nodded. She entwined her arm in Gage's and the two started to walk away. "Have you thought about the Commissioner's offer?" She asked.

"I told him I would think about it, but it's a big decision."

"Retirement's not your style, Gage," a male voice said. A sharply-dressed man walked up to them. "Besides, I think your head would swell up too much if I had to call you 'Mister Ambassador to the Qou'Thalas, sir.'"


The man's image shimmered showing the truth: that Arthur was using the Chameleon Jumpsuit. "Don't forget, Commissioner Jack wanted you at the ceremony early."

Gage's head lowered again, but this time his look was a pained one, "Why did I agree to this?" He moaned.

"Why 'cause you saved the world again," Arthur replied dryly. "All by your self with absolutely no help from any…"

"All right, all right," Gage interrupted. "I won't forget to mention you."

"Oh, thank you, kind sir," Arthur kept up the sarcasm as the three started to walk away. "And when would this honorable mention occur, after desert or during the cab ride home?"

Gage stopped and pointed right at Arthur, "Right now. Arthur, I couldn't have done anything without you."

Arthur was satisfied, with that anyway, "Even though we're bound to make a big splash at OUR reception, I need a more formal chameleon guise, something macho… Gage, do we have time to jump back and meet Dick Clark?"


"Never mind, he'll probably be at the party." And the three friends walked off into the future.

The End

Main Cast
Gage Blackwood, Agent 5: Jerry Rector
Michelle Visard, Agent 3: Michele Scarabelli
Arthur: Matt Weinhold
Elliott Sinclair/Saros: Graham Jarvis
William Daughton: David Fenner
Comm. Jack Baldwin: Daniel Mann
Jhessela: Connie Terwillinger
Chaplain: King Stewart
Qou'Thalas/TSA Guard: Eric Dallaire
Cyrollan/Helm Distress Signal: Phil Saunders
Sosiqui/Siddha/Pilgrim: Ping Wu
Nurse: Susan Sattler
Sandra Gallagher: Margie Frey
Judge: Jennifer Hill
Bailiff: Ron Wroczynski

Atlantis Cast
Padros (Beggar): Gene Chronopoulos
Akmed (Egyptian Captain): Richard Tanner
Amon (Windmill Keeper): Brian Nahas
Kashi (Ferryman): James Hazelwood
Talos (Potter): Lyle Kanouse
Tira (Olive Oil Vendor): Dominique Debroux
Guard: Fredrik Cavally

El Dorado Cast
Hachayo (Farmboy): Jeremiah Najera
Hachayo's Father: Miguel Najera
Shaman: Bill Trillo
Goquar (Aviary Captain): Raoul Trujillo
Aviary Soldier: Frankie Avina
Scribe: Andrew Roa

Shangri-La Cast
Lama Dalsden: Koji Kataoka
Genghis Khan: Francisco Viana
Imul (Gardener): Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad
Dob-Dob: Khin-Kyaw Maung