Summary: AU When Duo was young and first met Heero he promised him something and now, ten years later, Duo has forgotten about it but Heero hasn't. Heero finds out he harbors feeling for Duo but Duo doesn't feel the same. Their friendship wasn't as good as it had been years ago and Heero wanted to restore the bond they had and maybe... more then that...

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My Best Friend's Promise

Chapter 1

Four little boys run around in playground of the school while they were being watched by a pair of Prussian blue eyes. Envying each one of them as they laughed happily, chasing each other in a game that had no meaning, nor rules.

Heero was only eight years old and didn't understand why his parents had to move to America, he liked it just fine in Japan, his home. He didn't have any friends, not here, not back in Japan, but at least the house he lived in felt like home. They had moved so suddenly that it felt like everything was ripped away from him.

He stood on the other side of the fence, holding the bars with his tiny hands as he watched the school children play. God, how much did he want to join them! Running around carelessly, playing tag or hide and seek.

Suddenly, one of the four boys he had been watching carefully for the past three days stopped and their eyes met. Did the boy notice he was watching them all that time?

He let go of the bars and took a step back when the little boy came running in to his direction, as fast as the wind, leaving his friends behind who looked strangely at him for leaving the game so suddenly.

After a few agonising seconds the boy stood in front of him. The fence separating them bothered Heero a bit, like he was a captive, who had to watch life pass him by from behind these thick steel bars.

The boy had long chestnut coloured hair which reached just below his shoulders, his eyes blue. But when the sun hit them from a specific direction they would seem violet, Heero had learned that from observing the boy who, to him, symbolised life itself.

The showed him the biggest cheekiest grin he had ever seen and made an effort of smiling back, something he didn't do very often, especially since the moving and the dreadful day that his dog had died. But that smile, it seem to make everything right. It seemed to BECKON him to smile.

The boy told him something, but he couldn't understand what he said. A week of living in America wasn't long enough to learn the language. He cocked his head in confusion.

The frowned and then it dawned to him that Heero didn't understood english. He pointed to the open gate with a smile and Heero got it. He walked to gate and took a tentative step into the playground. The smiled an even wider smile and his three friends had gathered around them.

The boy pointed to himself and said: 'My name is Duo!'

Heero nodded and told him his own name. Again Duo smiled and it seemed infectious. He couldn't help but smile back at him.

'Wanna play with us?'

Those welcomed words he DID understand. That were practically the first words he knew besides "my name is-" and "Do you know the way to-". He nodded his head eagerly and looked at Duo's friends, they smiled and didn't seem to mind that he would play with them. Duo suddenly touched his arm and then ran away quickly. Recognising the game, Heero run after him. He couldn't keep in his laughter as it seemed like he had finally made a friend. He soon got Duo, almost tackling him to the ground. Duo's laughter bubbled all around them as he let himself drop down in the sandbox where they played for a long time. Duo's friends didn't came over, maybe they didn't like Heero after all? It didn't really matter, he had Duo, maybe not forever, but he had him now and he wasn't going to wasted his time with the talkative boy. He didn't care he didn't understood a word of what he said, it felt nice having someone around him and talk to him, it was always so silent at their House. So empty since his mother was always away and his dad always sat at his desk, on the phone, putting his fingers to his lips as soon as Heero would open his mouth.

Suddenly Duo stopped talking and looked at Heero lengthily. Heero frowned, becoming scared, nervous. Had he done something wrong? Didn't Duo want to play with him anymore?

He blushed under Duo's stare and mumbled that he should stop staring at him. But of course Duo didn't understood him just as much as Heero understood Duo. Not. And he kept looking at him and suddenly, finally said, totally out of the blue: 'You're cute. When we are old enough, I am going to marry you, I promise.' They had their gazes locked and somehow Heero knew the words that Duo had just told him meant a lot to him now and would mean a lot to him in the future. But Heero didn't know what his words mend until he asked his mother later that day. She told him, wondering why he was asking but as soon as she told him the meaning he walked away. Blushing, but smiling.

Since then they spent every day together, becoming the best of friends, which didn't please WuFei in the beginning since being Duo's best friend used to his job. But the five of them grew close to each other a formed a strong friendship. And they made each other a promise, two years after they had met, they promised each other to be friends forever.

And while Heero had met every word of that promise the others seemed to take it lightly and though never losing track of each other, they did lost the bond that connected them.

Heero had to watch as his two year older friends went of to middle school, leaving him alone in primary school.

One thing bothered him most: Sadly enough Duo never lived up to the first promise he made to Heero.

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