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My best friends Promise

Chapter 6 'So, no home cooked dinners for me?' WuFei asked with a smile as they sat down in the chic restaurant. The waiter was immediately at their side to take their orders.

Once the waiter left, Heero answered: 'No, you wouldn't dare to eat anything I cook.'

'You mean those military rations you packed for lunch back in school? No, you're right, I wouldn't dare to eat that.'

Heero laughed and opened the menu. He tried his best not to flinch as he saw just how expensive it was. He wanted their second date to be casual, but yet also special, that's why he'd chosen this restaurant, with a French name he could not pronounce without making WuFei laugh loudly.

'I could pay half.' WuFei offered.

Heero shook his head, furiously. The comment angered him a bit, he did not need help with anything. If he wasn't even able to afford a nice dinner than all hope was lost, but he couldn't help wondering what kind of restaurants Hilde took Duo to. 'I can manage.'

WuFei raised an eyebrow but as Heero did not answer his gaze he gave up and ordered once the waiter had returned again. Heero decided not to comment on the fact WuFei had chosen the cheapest meal on the menu. He picked the same as him.

The waiter took their menu's and left. He must be a true professional, he did not even give the two men in a romantic restaurant a second look.

Heero studied WuFei's features as the Chinese man looked around. He was taking in the red walls, the dark wood floors and all the tables which were lit by candles. The atmosphere was those in which you want to propose and he was sure people did propose in a restaurant such as this one.

Despite the fact that there was a two week waiting list the restaurant had yet to be filled. Only a few tables were occupied. Well, they did come earlier than other people would.
He frowned as he saw WuFei's face scrunch up, and the Chinese man quickly looked down at the table. After a few moments of strange silence he dared to look up at Heero with a sorrowful and uncomfortable gaze. Heero's frown deepened and he tried to ask, without a word, what was wrong. Was the restaurant too much? Did he find the red walls trashy? Didn't he like the music? What? What was so horrible that he barely dared to face him?

His question was answered in a way that made him whish he never asked.

'Hey, Heero! Wu-man, what are the lot of you doing here!' Duo's voice was obnoxious and loud and it made other couples angrily look their way.

Heero gave WuFei an uncertain look before turning around to face the handsome man who stood behind him. His eyes narrowed as they fell on the woman plastered to the side of his body, clutching an arm possessively.

Hilde. He fixed his gaze on Duo again, who demanded all the attention in the room in his fancy black suit. God, he looks so gorgeous in a suit, Heero thought. At the same time he wondered, since when does Duo wear a suit? He had no doubt this annoying blue haired woman had something to do with Duo dressing up for the first time in his life. Oh god, why didn't Heero just die right at this very moment...

He finally managed to force on a polite smile and he nodded towards them as a greeting. 'Duo. Hilde.' None of the venomous thoughts about the woman were traceable in his voice.

Hilde on the contrary didn't even take the effort of hiding her true feeling as he came even closer to Duo. If she moved a few more inches and she would be inside him. She batted her eyelashes at the seated couple and then she teased. 'What are you two doing here together?'

Heero turned back to WuFei, he immediately detected the suppressed anger that was about to bubble to the surface. He was obviously too angry to answer her question in a honorable way, so he kept his lips pressed tightly together. When her question remained unanswered, Hilde smirked.

Duo however was not as perceptive as the serpent who slithered beside him. 'Are Q and Tro coming as well?' He asked, again too loudly.

Heero could see some waiters looking at them, if this continued on a little longer he was sure they would came up to them and ask them to be quiet.

Duo started talking, blabbering about what Hilde and he had done that day. There was something in his voice Heero did not recognize, he was probably drunk again. But he couldn't stop himself from being mesmerized by the sound of his voice. Why couldn't he stop loving that bastard?
Right in the middle of Duo's story WuFei coughed to get his attention.
Duo fell silent and expectantly looked at the Chinese man, while he still kept up the facade of being friends with 'Wu-man', Wufei put up no such act and his voice was clear and irritated as he spoke.
'Maxwell, if you please. Heero and I are here on a date and we'd like some privacy'
Heero had the hardest time in his life to keep his face straight, every muscle in his body tensed. Only after a while did he dare to look up at Duo, who was in turn staring at them with large surprised eyes.
It took Duo a while to regain composure. He scratched his throat, and stayed silent for a little longer. 'A date? Uhm... okay... good for you. We'll leave you alone then.' With Hilde still glued to him he walked to the other side of the restaurant, as far away from them as possible. Unlike WuFei he was not gallantly enough to pull back Hilde's chair for her, instead he just fell down in his own chair. He looked utterly shocked and there was something sad in his eyes that dared Heero to hope. Like a tiny ray of light but he forced himself to slam a fist on it, crushing the tiny bit of hope. It would only hurt more in the end.

Slowly he turned back in his seat to face WuFei, who was staring at the table top again, a mixture of anger and regret.
'I'm sorry.' He sighed. 'I shouldn't have told him... but... Heero will you ever get over him? Because I'm really starting to like you and I don't want to end up heartbroken as you are now.' He looked at him with questioning onyx eyes.
'I'm sorry, but I can't just lock away my feelings... it takes time'
WuFei's eyes soften, 'And if I give you that time, do you think you'll be able to really start to like me too'
Heero gave a kind smile and simply nodded.

WuFei also smiled, he looked down at the floor before them on the table and then at Duo at Hilde. He reached in his pocket and fished out a wallet.
'WuFei, no! I wanted to pay for the second date.' Heero protested.
WuFei did not listen and laid down a hundred dollar bill like it was nothing. He looked up with a grin. 'And you will'
Heero just frowned and watched WuFei stand up from his seat and reach out one hand to him while the other loosened the tie around his neck. 'How about a movie'
Heero smiled before he nodded and took the offered hand to help him rise. Hand in hand they left the restaurant.

Heero did not need to look back to know that piercing violet eyes watched them leave. He would give an arm to know what the American was thinking at that very moment as he watched them leave.