Chapter 2: Will we get a proposal?

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"Come on Kaiba. Pick one already." Yami sighed as they entered yet another jewelry store, which happened to be the fifth one in a row. "I understand you want to find the perfect band for today, but I already told you, the only way you could have done that was to specially order one over a month ago, when I told you too. But no, you just kept procrastinating about it, didn't you?"

"I had an angel permanently attached to me Yami, I couldn't leave without him very often, and when I could, I had my big mouthed little brother with me. And you already know what would have happened if I would have let Mokuba know about the whole ordeal."

"Jou would have known a lot more than something about a ring, that's for sure." Yami snickered as he gazed through a glass case at twenty or more different rings. One in the back caught his attention. "Hey Kaiba. What about this one?"

Kaiba strolled over and looked through the case at the ring Yami was pointing at. "It's perfect!" Asking if he could see the ring he twirled it over and over in his hands. "Well, almost perfect." He examined the ring closer. It had an emerald stone in the middle with two angel like wings seeming to hold it in place. And small diamond pieces encrusted around the outside of each wing. It was made of yellow gold, whole the wings were white gold. "All it needs is the engraving." He looked up at the clerk who was smiling lightly at him. "Can you engrave this ring here? Immediately? And what size ring is this?"

"I can engrave it here, but it will cost extra, and it will take some time." Grasping the ring she measured it. "It is a size nine, Mr. Kaiba."

"The ring will be slightly big, don't you think?" Yami asked Kaiba as he kept browsing the ring cases.

"Just a little bit, not much to make a difference." He looked back at the clerk. "I will pay whatever price." He scrawled a few words on a piece of paper. "Just get it done as soon as you can."

"Samayel." The female clerk hollered. A young man with curly brown hair came into view. "Engrave this ring with these words. Immediately."

"Yes Ma'am." Samayel answered as he look up at Seto. His curly hair accenting his onyx eyes and his face. Seto couldn't help but feel that there was something familiar about this man.

Character switch

Jounouchi walked slowly throughout the living room area of the mansion looking at the decorations put up all over the room. Yugi was to his left, Mokuba holding the young man up as Yugi tried to pin up another streamer. Jou couldn't help but smile. Mokuba and Yugi always argued with each other over one thing or another, but when it came down to it, they were all smiles and helping the other out as best as they can.

He kept walking around the room, searching for anything that may have ended up out of place or that seemed wring in any way when the doorbell rang. "Who could that be? The party doesn't start for another two hours." Mokuba asked out loud, holding a corner of a streamer, trying to pin it to the wall.

"No clue." Jou answered, walking towards the door. "Only one way to find out." Jou said, opening said door, finding a dirty looking old man standing on the stoop, he had filthy, shaggy graying hair on both his head and face, and was wearing filthy and torn clothes.

"Mr. Jounouchi Katsuya?" The man asked wearily, reading from a paper in his hand.

"Yes, and who are you?" Jou asked, looking at the man as though he were going to pull a gun on him any minute.

"I have a delivery for you sir." The man said, holding out a tiny silver wrapped box with a blue ribbon. "It is from a Sonsuki Nata sir."

"Sonsuki Nata?" Jou said, taking the box and looking it over. "Who is that?" He asked out loud.

"I do not know sir, but since you received your gift, I shall be off. Good Bye." The old man said before turning and walking away.

Jou shut the door with a shrug of his shoulder and walked back to Mokuba and Yugi. "Who was is Jou?" Yugi asked cheekily.

"A delivery man, he gave me this." Jou said, showing them the box.

Mokuba looked at it before squealing. "Jou got a present, Jou got a present! Open it Jou, go on!"

Jou gave them a smile before opening the box, finding a piece of paper neatly folded on top of a silver bracelet. "Well, at least I got a note, maybe it will tell me who this Sonsuki is." Jou said, opening the paper before staring at it in shock.


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