X-men cross over.

Duo meets Heero, his lover, again after he had abandoned him six years ago and the Japanese boy hadn't quite gotten over it.

Okay, so this might be a bit confusing... Let me explain: It has all the characters of X-men in it (well, the ones I like) and it does include the school but the rest of the story completely rapes the original strips and movies -.-' You do the math: X-men characters + raped movie + Gundam Pilots one of my sick twists of mind

PS: It doesn't matter if you haven't seen X-men the movie. I'll explain you everything while whistling a merry tune! Yes... I DO need to get help...


My revenge down the drain


-Writers POV-

Heero smiled, looking up at the young mutant that held him in his arms. Held him tightly.

Duo grinned back at him and leaned down to capture the red lips in a sweet smile. He could feel Heero smile against him and decided to somewhat deepen the kiss, liking the sound that emitted from the Human in his embrace.

They sat in a chair on a small balcony that was connected to Heero's small dorm room which he, luckily, didn't have to share with anyone and could still live in even though it was now summer vacation.

Duo sighed inwardly, he didn't want to think about what would happen when summer vacation would be over. HE didn't HAVE to go back to his school, but... well he kinda needed for his own good. He only discovered his powers a year ago and when he told his family, his father told him he already knew, for he was a mutant himself and he had saved money from the day Duo was born so he could get him into a training school for mutants. Saying that he didn't want his son to go through life fearing his own body and the powers that lay in it. Nervously went to visit a school, for some reason only after his father had died, owned by some mutant named Magneto. The man said he saw great... possibilities in Duo and since the then fourteen year old Duo had nowhere else to go he paid Magneto with the money his father had saved for him. Shocked at how much it was, suddenly realising why his father always worked extra hours and still didn't have much money to spent.

He didn't expect that the school would be so strict and it seemed like they were not schooled, but trained, like they were soldiers or something. Maybe Magneto foresaw he war? He couldn't tell, all he knew was that a friend of the principle, a guy in a wheelchair, wasn't happy with the ways Magneto was running the school 'for gifted children'.

And this summer vacation, Duo had broke the first rule Magneto had drummed into the heads of all of his pupils: don't befriend a human. He did. He became friends with Heero, who he met in the park while the boy was walking his dog. And friendship let to something more, something more interesting and now they were happy, sappy, lovers. Well, not even quite lovers, they hadn't done anything more then kissing and probing. Heero made sure they never took off there pants, wanting to save that for when they were both 'ready'. Duo used to roll his eyes at that, because each moment Heero pulled back when they got to close, he was more then ready! But now he understood and he loved Heero for being so damn cute and lovely and responsible.

Only now he wasn't sure if they'll ever be ready. Summer holiday ended in a week, he had to go back and Heero... He couldn't see Heero till next summer vacation since Magneto was WAY to strict to let them wonder outside the premises. And after a year, everything would have changed...

'Duo?' Heero asked tentatively, looking up at him with big blue eyes. They were in the same position, on the same spot at last week. Just like they had been every night, watching at the stars and the black sky that stretched far beyond the horizon. He loved Duo, even though the man was a mutant and his parents would freak if they found out. He loved him. He couldn't help it, what was there not to love? In the beginning, he had been very uncertain, afraid that Duo didn't really like him, but the braided man had assured him over and over again and had earned his trust with his patience.

And now, as the last day of the summer vacation ended Heero realised that he had to do it know. He wanted it and they both needed it. Maybe... maybe sex could keep them together. Maybe sex could create the concrete bond they needed. He didn't know what would happen if Duo and he went back to school, every time he asked about it Duo would put his finger to his lips and lean over to kiss him.

He looked Duo straight in the yes, hoping that he could tell him what he wanted, without needing the use of his voice. Duo's eyes softened and he nodded, apparently he DID understood him. He got up, lifting Heero up as well and carrying him like a bride to the bed inside Heero's dorm, laying him down carefully, like rough handling could break the precious bundle in his hands. As soon as the Japanese boy was laid down on the bed Duo crawled in next to him, snuggling against his comfortable warmth, trying not to cry as the thought of saying goodbye to him tomorrow crossed his mind.

Heero smiled and closed the distance between their lips.

Soon clothes were thrown to the floor like a forgotten memory and everything seemed to disappear next to the importance of their first joining. He forgot about his worries and his fears that Heero wouldn't understand if he told him tomorrow that they wouldn't see each other in a year. After the most wonderful night of their lives were over everything was covered in darkness and they fell into a soundless sleep.

A loud banging could be heard throughout the room not only causing Do to wake up, but also causing him a headache. He groggily opened his eyes and smiled as he felt the warmth of Heero's naked body that was against him, his arms wrapped loosely around his waist.

The banging noise returned once again, disturbing his peaceful moment of looking at Heero, who seemed to oblivious to the world. As the banging continued he was able to recognise the sound as knocking, someone was knocking on the front door. He groaned as he untangled himself and stepped out of the bed, careful not to awaken the sleeping beauty. He grabbed Heero's dark blue, silk robe, from the bathroom and unlocked the door. Looking cautiously outside, wondering what someone was doing at Heero's front door on such an un-godly hour.

He frowned as he recognised the was of one WuFei. His friend and also a mutant, going to Magneto's school. He had known WuFei for all his life and the man seemed to think he was like Duo's guardian angel, or bodyguard, never leaving his side and always preventing duo from doing something stupid, what was like a full-time job ().

The Chinese boy scanned him from top to bottom and seemed to be not liking what he saw.

'What? My body ain't THAT bad.' Duo joked. He didn't expect WuFei to laugh at the joke he cracked, the stoic man never did, but his serious expression caused silence between them. Not liking the long silence one bit he scraped his throat, earning a sigh from WuFei.

'Please, elaborate.' He said with a mocking cocky voice.

WuFei sighed again and rolled his eyes in irritation, but this time, he clearly voiced his opinion: 'I wish you haven't slept with him.'

Duo frowned and looked at him questioningly 'Is it that easy to tell?'

'Duo, I can SMELL sex hanging all around you.'

'It's called: Making love!' he corrected, fierce about his cause. He never called it: Making love, himself, but with Heero, everything seemed different and Sex. Just sex, didn't describe how much it had meant to him.

'Whatever, Sex, making love, fucking wham bam thank you... sir... It doesn't matter. Now, I didn't came to chit chat, pack your bags.'

He wondered how he was able to be friends with the boy for so long. Now he thought of it, he was always angry, never laughed, ordered him around and looked down on him and- Wait!

'Pack my bags!' He said loudly, but still managing to keep his voice as low as he could to not wake Heero. What was WuFei thinking!

'You heard what I said.'

'I can't leave, I said I would leave tomorrow night.' Duo protested, sweat coming up out of his skin as he began to feel hot and nervous. WuFei never joked about things like this. He, Wufei never joked PERIOD so he was beginning to feel a bit anxious about what was going on.

'I received a letter. We are due back earlier.' Wufei simply explained, quietly barging into the dorm Duo had come to call his Home. WuFeu threw one look in Heero's direction. His eyes lingering longer on the barely sheet-covered body then he was planning on. He tore his gaze away and grabbed Duo's empty duffel bag and threw it at Duo. 'Pack.' He hissed.

Duo shook his head and pulled WuFei with him out to the hallway by his arm. 'What do you think you're doing man! You can't just come in and take me away! What if I don't want to come just yet!'

'You haven't told him.' WuFei concluded.

Duo sighed, why could the boy read him so well? 'Regardless... I CAN'T go. Tell Magneto I'll come a bit later.'

'If you 'come a bit later' you'll lose your place in the school regardless for how many years your dad paid him for! He'll kick you out Duo and you'll never come in again!' WuFei hissed, trying to talk some sense into the braided man's head. He was flustered with anger because Duo was to stubborn to listen to him.

'You ask him to wait, okay? One day won't matter that much.' Duo tried, but he already seemed to have lost the discussion.

'Yes, it will matter. Do you really want to waste all of your fathers hard working on a boy you only met six weeks ago! I though you were smarter then that Duo!'

He lost, each time someone used his father as a reason to do something, he did it. His father was his weak point. He nodded, sighing, biting back the tears that threatened to spill. He walked into the dorm, to Heero's bed. He was about to shake to boy awake, try to explain him the situation and beg him to wait for him when WuFei's hand on his upper arm stopped him. He gave his friend a questioning glance. WuFei shook his head and whispered: 'We're already late, besides...' he looked at Heero, sleeping peacefully, still thinking that his lover lay next to him and would be there when he would open his eyes the next morning. 'He won't understand... you'll only make matters worse.'

Duo didn't know if he should believe WuFei's words, if he should trust his friend. The situation was so weird and he suddenly felt himself go numb and his legs turn into jelly as he watched the expression on Heero's sleeping face. He always had difficulties waking Heero from his sleep, for he always looked so serene, so at peace with his eyes closed to block out the vision on this hateful world. And now, WuFei's words were making it impossible. He stepped away from the bed, WuFei let go of his arm and soundlessly helped him pack his belongings that were scattered all around the room.

Duo almost bawled like a baby as his eyes fell on a picture of him and Heero while he was shoving all the stuff that lay on the desk that were his into his bag. He then quickly got dressed and looked around the dorm room one last time, to see if he didn't forget something that was his. Well... he didn't pack Heero... His eyes rested on the figure that now turned in his sleep, his hand stretched out beside him, like he was looking for something, someone. A from appeared on his sleeping face as he couldn't find the warmth that had been next to him only an hour ago and he turned again, suddenly restless. Was it possible he somehow noticed in his sleep Duo was leaving?

Why did his father sent him to such a stupid school? With a mutant who hated every human that walked this planet. A man who rather have them all dead and buried. If it was possible, he would shake his loved awake and take him with him to the school, he knew Heero would sacrifice anything to be him. Duo wasn't that strong... and Magneto would kill Heero if he found him in his school. Why was life suddenly so unfair to him again? Wasn't making his mother leave after he was born enough? Wasn't claiming the life of his father enough to satisfy it's need for tears and misery? But then again... misery liked company.

WuFei walked out and he followed him, but turned on his heels after a few steps. He quickly gave Heero one, last, lingering peck on the cheek, not enough to satisfy, but enough to comfort, for now. And on his way out he grabbed the picture of the two of them that stood on the desk. Closing the door behind him. He felt like closing off a part of life, making him feel as empty as the poorly decorated hall was.

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