My revenge down the drain

Chapter 2

'Now boys and girls, I want you to run the peremises as fast as you can! The one who takes longer then five minutes has to do it again!'

Everybody groaned. The cheerful voice of their PE teacher also didn't help. Duo figured long ago that she was a sadistic bitch that used PE as a disguise for tormenting. Well, he wasn't falling for it. As usual he and Quatre stayed a little in the back, but they did ran fast enough so that they won't be punished. Trowa however, who he had yet to warn, was up front, giving all he had. He always made a race out of such things. He used to be the best, the strongest, the fastest, till that new kid came to the school. Mysterious kid. Creepy. He had spiky red hair, his eyes were the coldest of blue Duo had ever seen. Light blue, though the outer rim of the iris was darker. It gave him a look as if he was possessed by the devil himself. A long scar marred his face from between his eyes to his right cheek. He looked troublesome, like a real rebel in his black leather pants. The first day here he walked into class late, with all the confidence of the world in his purple button-up shirt. Only he could wear that colour and still feel masculine.

His presence had bugged Trowa ever since he started hitting on his sister, Catherine. That soon grew to hatred as Rome, said guy, beat him at every sport there was. The PE teacher called it healthy compitions-drive, Duo was afraid they would once try to kill each other.

'There's gonna be no living with him if Rome wins...' Quatre commented, panting. His shorter legs had trouble keeping up with the tall American.

'Sorry, want me to slow down?'

Quatre sent him a glare that promised the most painful of deaths if he ever treated him like a weakling again. Duo threw his hands up in defeat and laughed. They ran around the school. At one point students were hanging out of the windows of their classroom on the second floor and made catcalls at them or cheering. Finally, after about four minutes, what seemed like an eternity they were back on the sportfield again. Guessing by the patting of the teachers on the shoulder of one heavily panting Trowa he had lost.

'Okay lazy asses. You have two minutes to gain composure then we are going to play basketball!' The teacher screamed in her own masculine way, she then whistled and walked off. The students gathered in groups, most of them complaining about the ever active teacher, but Trowa had something else to complain about. Panting he fell down in the grass next to Duo and Quatre. 'I can't believe he beat me! No one has ever beat me in the long sprints.'

Duo snorted 'Before Rome no one ever beat you period. You hafta face the facts Tro, he's better then you.'

Trowa glared at him 'Don't you ever say that again. Next is basketball, I'll show that prick.'

Duo cooed like a baby and scooted closer to his sweaty friend 'Aw, you like him don't you?' He laughed loudly as he was pushed away by a strong hand. Then, he remembered what had kept him awake all night and he turned serious.

'Tro, you should not overdue yourself. You should accept that he's better.'

Trowa looked at him, immediately picking up that this was not Duo just teasing. 'What's wrong?' He send Quatre a questioning gaze.

'Duo saw a black cat on the basketball court yesterday, he's afraid that it means you'll get hurt.' Quatre explained.

'I didn't know you were superstitious... anyway don't worry about-'

'Duo Maxwell?' Trowa was interrupted by a quiet voice.

Duo turned in his spot and looked up, squinting his eyes against the sun 'Yeah?'

'Dr. Xavier wants to see you.' The timid student said, looking down at him.

He gave his friends a questioning glance. Trowa shrugged, but Quatre pretended he didn't notice any of it. He frowned, Quatre had soemthing to do with this. He groaned as he made his way through the halls of the large school his his grey loose sweatpants and tight black T-shirt. It was damn hot outside and the sprint had made him sweat. He felt disty and disgusting as he knocked on the thick oak wooden doors. Without waiting for an answer he opened them and stepped in. The fact that he even knocked was a miracle in itself.

'Duo.' Xavier turned his wheelchair so that he was sitting behind his desk, facing Duo instead of the floor to ceiling window. 'Sit.' He commanded with a friendly voice, gesturing at the two green leather seats.

Duo sighed, he had a guess of what was going on and on top of his to do list was now torture Quatre for breaking his promise. He sat down and looked innocently at the bald man. It was silence for a long time, maybe Xavier was waiting for him to confess. He smiled as he saw the man force back a frown. Those lessons with Jane weren't exactly for nothing. One of the first things they were taught was how to keep people out of your head. It seemed like it worked, even though he dealt with the 'mighty' Xavier. He couldn't help but feel satisfied.

'You called for me?' He said, breaking the ice.

'Yes. On behalf of an anonymous request that had me worry about you.'

Duo rolled his eyes 'Quit the dark and secretive X-men act, we all know it's Quatre. Nosy little bugger.' He said with a smile. He was ready to deny anything Xavier would throw at him.

'Actually, no, not Quatre. Someone else is concerned about your welfare.'

Duo's eyes widened 'Who?'

'Anonymous.' Xavier repeated.

He rolled his eyes and waited.

'It has come to my attention that you feel... watched, lately?'

'Well, it's a large school, everybody is watched by SOMEONE. You know I once read-' Xavier put an end to his bullshit by simply raising his hand, gesturing him to be silent. He bit his lip.

'And you have seen a black cat on the court yesterday?'

'So it WAS Quatre!'

'No, it was not Quatre.'

Duo frowned, he hadn't told anybody else. Maybe... maybe Quatre told Trowa, so that trowa could tell Xavier. That way he didn't break his promise to him. He was surprised, he didn't knew the blonde had it in him...

'Do you have anything you want to talk about?'


'You no you can tell me everything, your secrets will be safe with me.'

'I have no secrets.' Hey, he was a pretty good liar.

'i don't believe that.'

Or not...

'Duo, I know something happened to you during that first summer vacation. Five years ago.'

'Six.' He corrected then menatlly slapped himself, he had just admitted that something DID happen! Stupidstupidstupidstupid!

'What happened Duo, maybe I can help you.'

He snorted 'I doubt it.'

Xavier leaned forward, giving him a small smile 'I deserve a little more credit then you give me.'

He raised his eyebrows in a mocking manner 'That's what you think.'

Xavier was a little taken aback. Duo knew he was one of the few in this school who dared to stand up at him. He thought Xavier was a good guy. Really. Taking over the school from that crazy Magneto, who was now his enemy instead of his friend. But Magneto was just the boss, he didn't want to get involved with the students, Xavier on the other hand... The man was always trying to be his friend. He had hated that in the beginning. He took over the school only a few weeks after that dreadful summervacation and immediately wanted to pry himself into Duo's life. Prying was the last thing he needed at that moment. He sent Wufei after him, came after him himself. Wanted him to visit him every week in hopes that he would tell him in one desperate moment. But he didn't, he ran away from the school, knowing that since he dealt with Xavier, he could get back in if he wanted. If only Xavier had come along earlier... then... He sighed, totally lost in his thoughts. But then suddenly he was snapped out of it, he used the mind blockade trick Jane had taught him. He looked up, Xavier was staring at him.

'You don't even allow yourself to think about that vacation? Duo, thinking about it is part of the healing process.'

'Oh, just shut up! Stop trying to be some father figure!' He rose from his seat and stamped off, slamming the door behind him. He made his way to the sport field. After explaining Renee, the gym teacher, why he was gone he made his way to Quatre who was sitting on the bench, watching the basketball game, cheering as Trowa had the ball.

'Quatre.' He growled.

The cheering stopped and the blonde turned around slowly in his seat, he gave the fuming Duo an apologising smile but soon realised it wasn't helping.

'You rat me out! You promised you wouldn't tell!'

'I... i didn't tell Xavier.'

'No, so you just told someone else, of whom you knew would go to Xavier! That's such a foul trick! I told you I didn't want to have anything to do with that guy! I-'


They both turned their heads towards the court. Duo stared in shock as he saw the orange ball roll away from where a crowd was gathering. Through the legs he could see Trowa, lying on the ground, clutching his knee in pain.

'Oh my god...'


'Duo can you please stop staring at me, you make me nervous.' Trowa growled. He was wearing black short which revealed his long sleander leg, of which one of them was in a white cast. Various people had written things on it, in hopes of him getting better soon, making the cast quite colourful. Trowa's dislocated kneecap had made Duo and Qautre sort of made up. Though duo was still angry he decided he didn't want to tear Trowa between him and Quatre so he let it rest till the injured European (1) would get better. And that would unfortunately take a very long time.

'Oh man... I;m so sorry Tro, I shouldn't have let you play.'

Trowa groaned 'Stop apologising already! You're driving me insane!'

They were sitting outside on this beautiful fall day. On the same bench Duo and Quatre had vacated two days ago, facing the forest that was not green but red and orange. The wind played with their hair and caused shivers to run up their spines.

'I can't belive my prediction became reality.'

Trowa snorted 'You didn't predict this. This was just Rome's foul trick to get rid of me.'

Duo let his head drop. He had heard all about it. Trowa was trying to slam dunk, Rome jumped up to him, going for the ball, but in some messed up moment they had hit each other and tumbled to the ground, Trowa landing bottom, with his knee in a very uncomfortable position. The hatred against Rome grew, the European was convinced he did it on purpose, since Rome only ended up with a scraped knee and elbow. Though Duo couldn't disagree, if his knee had to be set without sedatives, he would be very angry too. He felt so sorry. Trowa was really good, but the damage that was done could ruin his game forever.

Quatre was just silent as he was drawing a picture on the cast.

The three of them looked up as they heard almost silent footsteps nearing them. Trowa narrowed his eyes as he immediately recognised the muscular, lean frame of the redhead.

Duo swallowed as he saw him near them, dressed in all black looking like some vampire with his ever cold eyes.

For a while, as Rome came to a stop, he and Trowa held a staring contest. Duo rolled his eyes, even with one down they were still fighting. But then, he was surprised to see the follower of Satan bow slightly.

'I apologise for my actions yesterday. I never meant for this to happen. I'm sorry.'

Duo looked at trowa, who seemed to be in shock, but he only knew because he knew Trowa for a very long time now. To a strangers eye, he was indifferent.

Trowa didn't say anything, didn't accept the apology.

Rome was silent for a while, before he bowed slightly again and strode off, hands in his pockets.

Duo turned to look at his friend and grinned 'Aw, you two gonna be best friends one day, mark my words. Hey!' He cried out as he was pushed off the bench. Memo to himself, though he could no longer walk withou crutches, there was nothing wrong with his arms. He laughed as he lay in the bed of orange leaves on the ground. 'Mark my words!' he repeated.


All of the carelessness of the day before was gone the next day, as Duo was sitting in his dorm with a fever. Having nothing to do he was bored out of his mind as he stared at the picture in his hands. His mind just took off. It did that sometimes. They separated and his mind would insult his body the way Heero would have if they ever came face to face again. A knocking on his door brought him back to one piece. He put the frame back in the drawer and locked it, before calling out that it was open.

The door to the one room dorm opened slowly and an asian face poked in. Though it was not the asian face he loved with all his heart. It was the Asian face he had never wanted to see again. But he forced himself to keep his cool, though he had a forty degrees high fever...

'Look what the cat dragged in.' He broke eyecontact and turned in his seat to look out the window at the tree. From the corner of his eyes he could see his once best friend close the door and walk over to his bed to sit on the edge.

'i heard you had a fever. You should be in bed.'

'Still trying to torture me huh? I heard you were back, but thought it were just rumors. And? Didya save the world?' He mocked angrily.

'Duo, they don't even allow me to go out on my own. They don't even trust me.'

'Yeah, hmm, I wonder why...' He said in sarcasm, 'Maybe because you are a backstabbing prick!'

'Still angry I see.'

'No i'm not. I'm fine with you ripping me away from my true love and then stealing the job I wanted.'

'Duo, my score was higher so-'

'You shouldn't have applied for that opening!'

'It was a once in a life-time opportunity!'

'Yeah! And I found out about it sooner!'

'Duo, we both wanted it, so I thought it would be fair if we'd just let the best man win. If you ask me I'd say you're just angry because you're a lousy loser.'

'yeah and you are a lousy friend!'

'Okay, i deserved that one...'

'Oh, you deserve so much more...'

WuFei sighed and streaked one hand over his black hair. Duo looked at him, he wore loose black slacks and a grey button-up, he looked so much older then he had before. Sure, six years changed a damn lot, but he looked really old. All grown up. He had an aura around him that claimed that he had seen the world and had conquered it. He didn't like it one bit.

'You know, you should be glad I got it. I never had any action. They leave me behind under the pretence I need to guard to ship.'

'... strange that they're not afraid you'd steal it...'

Another long sigh. He could almost feel WuFei's temperature rising as he started to get irritated.

'When will you forgive me?'


'Duo, you brought this on yourselves, you were a wreck, of coure they didn't pick you.'

'Yeah! I was a wreck because you did everything in your power to seperate me and Heero!'

'Duo, Heero is a human, humans can't be trusted.'

'You just say that because Magneto brainwashed you.'

WuFei rose from the bed and looked at him with steely eyes. 'What were you planning on doing? Not see him for an entire year and meet him again in the next summervacation? Or perhaps secretively smuggling him into the school, risk him getting killed? It was puppy love Duo, I am sorry, but I still believe that what I did was right. You would have ended up dead if you hadn't come back to school.'

'WuFei, i already have a fever, don't make me sick to my stomach. Please go. Go save the world, guard the aircraft, whatever use your presence on Earth has.'

WuFei walked towards to the door with light footfalls. Duo could hear him stop in front of the door for a moment, but he said nothing and left a moment later.

'Bastard.' He said, as he heard the door close.


'Do you feel better again? You were sick for quite a while.' Quatre commented, as he, Duo and Trowa were sitting on the bench, watching the others play basketball.

'I've been in bed for a week. My biggest concern was turning into a vegetable.'

Trowa snickered. 'Sorry, i just immagined a huge chunk of broccoli sitting on your bed. Pretty funny if you ask me.'

'You've been a little too long in bed yourself.' Duo commented, giving a pat on the cast around the leg of his friend.

'Yeah... Watching this is kinda hard...' Trowa said, as he watched their classmate's play his favorite game. Rome's team was winning as suspected.

'Rome! Rome!' The other players called out, but the redhead ignored them and threw the ball at the hoop on the other side of the court. He didn't miss and his team cheered, but the teacher whistled loudly. 'Rome, remember this is a teamsport! Switch with Quatre.'

The entire team groaned while the oponents cheered. With a sigh Quatre rose from the bench, Rome passed him by, over a head taller then him and in a better condition. The blue-eyed boy sat down as far away from Duo and Trowa as the bench allowed.

The game continued for another ten minutes, in which Quatre never touched the ball. No one threw at him and the blonde seemed to be fine with that, he just ran along a bit, pretending to be involved in the game.

'Okay sweat factories! Hit the showers!' another whistle and the court was soon left empty as the boys and girls headed for the change rooms.

'Sweat factories...' Duo commented as they made they way to the showers 'That's a new one...' he grabbed his bag with towel and clothing and quickly conquered a shower cabin. There were only six showers, but eleven boys, so they really had to fight for it. Though it was the last hour of the day, Duo didn't feel like walking around campus dirty, he always immediately showered, though not wetting his hair. That would take way to long. He sighed as the almost warm water hit his body with a pathetic ray.But it was devine nevertheless after two hours of sweaty torture. He smiled as he heard the macho's made catcalls about the girls.

'Is it me or did Padma grow sooms boobs!'

'Yeah! They were bouncing better then the basketball!'

'Ow, ow, owwww!' One guy howled as the others soon joined.

Duo laughed, he always acted along, though he really was not interested in Padma's boobs, or any boobs for that matter. Though no one ever knew, not even Quatre. Wufei knew he had something with one guy, but didn't know it were only the guys that turned him on. He smiled, if they ever knew, he though as he stepped out of the cabin, they would not walk around like that around me. It sometimes scared him that some of the guys were completely comfortable walking around entirely naked in the boys lockers. The others had towels wrapped around their wet dripping bodies. All of which were a sight for sore eyes. Xavier made sure they had enough work out to keep them in shape. He sat down on a bench in the room, finishing putting up his clothes, forcing him not to take in all the man candy. He was too gay for his own good. If only... He shook his head, not, he was not thinking about that anymore! He had already sinned talking about it with Wufei last week. It left him shaken to the core. How did someone do this to him? Have this affect on him six years later? Six years!


The man he called for, only half dressed, turn around to glare at him like he usually did.

'Good game.'

Rome frowned and returned to getting dressed. Making Duo frown, didn't he like getting compliments? It wasn't like he was hitting on him, way to dominant type of person... And besides, how can HE know?

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Don't save the best for last

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(1) there is really no proof of that, I think he's more kind of Russian, ya know, with the circus and all, but I'll just stick to what everybody else is thinking.