I got this idea because Shia's next movie is about golf. Somehow, Chas golfing is too interesting an idea to pass up. If I get too heavy on the golf terminology just tell me- I'm trying to keep it simple and understandable for all the non- golfers out there.

Pairing: Chastine

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, wish I did.

Chas slammed his driver through another ball, sending it screaming down the fairway and landing about ten feet short of the green. He stared after it, sighed, and then started to walk after the shot. His partner stared at him wide eyed for a few moments before following.

"Chas…Chas, that's a 210 yard drive. What the hell has gotten into you?" Damon asked, quickly catching up. Chas shrugged.

"Just blowing off steam."

"Well, save some of that steam for next weekend. You hit like that and the scouts will put you in the state tournament, for sure."

Chas snorted. "I'm not interested. You know that."

They reached Damon's ball and he pitched it up onto the green, and then they headed up to Chas's ball. He chipped it up onto the green, took a putt for the par three, and then waited on Damon as he two-putted to the hole.

"So…how are things at your job?" Damon asked. He wasn't used to Chas being so quiet on the course. Usually he was the biggest jokester out there.


"I thought that didn't bother you anymore."

"It got more frustrating."

They reached the eighth tee box, leading out onto a 370 yard par four with an elevated green. He had hardly dropped his ball and taken one look out toward the flag before he drove a perfect shot straight down the fairway, 190 yards out. Damon shook his head in disbelief, following Chas's shot with one that faded to the right, obviously intimidated by Chas's intensity.

"You know…you really should try for the tournament," Damon said as they walked down to make their next shots for the green.

"Even if I wanted to…I have to work that day. Constantine has to be in San Francisco to trade off some relics."

"You gonna drive him around your whole life?"

"It's about getting a paycheck, Damon. I can't afford to skip a day and embarrass myself in some tournament."

"Have you even talked to him about it?"

Chas flushed, pausing while Damon pitched his shot up to within twenty yards of the green. "He doesn't know I golf."

"He doesn't know?"

"He would laugh me out of the cab if I told him. He'd think it was a waste of time," Chas said with a shrug.

"He wouldn't laugh if he saw the way you swing."

"John doesn't know the first thing about golf. He wouldn't know what end of the club to hit the ball with."

Damon chuckled, relieved that a bit of the boy's humor was coming back. He'd always been paired up with 40-some year old club members before, men who acted like a 25 year old shouldn't be in such a 'serious game'. When he'd seen Chas playing and offered to be the boy's partner, he hadn't expected that the 17 year old boy would be the most uplifting person he'd ever played with. They'd improved each other's games by leaps and bounds over the past six months.

But Damon had never seen Chas so downtrodden and upset. His boss must've been pretty damn hard on him this week.

By the time they finished their round of golf, though, Chas was in much better spirits. Golf always cheered him up like that, especially if he played well- and that morning, he'd played better than ever.

He wouldn't realize until later just how vital the morning warm-up would be.

"You're late, kid," Jon said as he sat down in the back of the cab. Chas was most definitely late, by twenty minutes; he hadn't even had time to take his golf clubs out of the trunk. He could always fib to John if he saw them, though, and say that someone had accidentally left them in there and he hadn't had a chance to sell them off yet.

"I'm sorry…had a busy morning. That convention is in town for that golf tournament, lots of people need rides to their hotel," Chas explained. It was all true, after all. "Besides, it's not like you were awake at noon anyway."

John snorted lightly, lighting up a cigarette. "Whatever, kid. Just take me to 6th Street. Got an exorcism to do."

It was more than a normal exorcism.

It was much more than a normal exorcism.

When they got there, three people were holding the man down on the front steps of the apartment building. He was struggling, fighting with inhuman strength, eyes wild and skin pale and clammy. Chas pulled up next to the scene, wide-eyed, while John practically leaped out of the cab, cursing quietly.

"Can I help, John?"

"Stay in the cab, Chas."

John immediately caught sight of the problem- the demon had gotten ahold of a talisman. It was a small pendant on a necklace, about the size of a large marble. The pendant was binding the demon to this plain, making exorcism practically impossible as long as the pendant was within a few blocks of the possessed individual.

"Chas!" John screamed, helping to hold down the man. Chas was already out of the cab, waiting impatiently to be told what he could do to help, even though he figured John wouldn't ask for his help at all.

"Yeah John?"

John grabbed onto the pendant, and then tore it off the demon's neck. The creature shrieked in frustration and fury as John tossed the pendant to Chas.

"Get rid of that thing! Get it far away, and fast!"

Chas caught the pendant, surprised at how heavy it was, and his first instinct was to get in the cab and drive it away. But two things kept him from taking that approach.

One, he wouldn't know what to do once he got that far away, and John wouldn't know where he went.

Two, the demon had now gotten the upper hand, and John was trying to pull it off the civilian it was strangling.

"Chas, get it away! NOW!" John screamed, practically panicking.

There's only one way you can get this pendant that far away that fast, Chas thought, and he shoved aside the indecision and rushed to the trunk of his cab. John was yelling at him, cursing at him in confusion, but Chas ignored him and pulled a tee and his driver out of the trunk.

Just like this morning. You can do this, Chas thought, teeing up the pendant in the crack between two panels of sidewalk. He looked up at John one more time; the utterly flabbergasted look on the man's face would've been comical if it weren't for the situation they were in.

See the golf course. Forget everything else. Nothing else matters.

Chas set up the shot, and the demon became frantic, clawing and biting, generally out of control.

Chas didn't even hear the growls and shrieks. With one look down the road, he swung the driver, and it felt good from the moment the club smacked through the pendant.

The silver pendant flew down the road with scorching speed, over all the cars and out of sight. At least 250 yards. John stared at Chas in absolute shock, mouth hanging open in surprise before a scratch from the severely weakened demon snapped him out of it.

Chas put the driver back in the bag in the trunk and closed it, and by that time the exorcism was finished. It had been a weak demon, only a real adversary with the aid of the pendant.

Chas kept his head down and got in the car, only just then beginning to realize what he'd done. John was never going to let him live this down, not after seeing that he had a set of clubs and knew how to use them. He'd never hear the end of this. He'd likely end up with some dorky golf nickname now.

"Chas…what the hell was that?" John asked as he got in the car and pointed in the general direction the pendant went. They would need to recover it before another demon found and used it.

Chas pulled out into traffic, chewing thoughtfully on a piece of licorice. "You told me to get the thing away. I couldn't drive fast enough in this traffic."

"You know what I mean."

Chas feigned ignorance. "Um…I…what do you mean?"

"I didn't know you played golf."

"Who said I do? Those, uh…the clubs aren't mine…"


Chas sighed. "So I played golf, so what? It's not that big of a deal…help me look for this talisman."

"You hit it all the way down past that auto shop, Chas."

"…I did?"

"You did."


Cue awkward silence.

"How often?"

Chas frowned. "Huh?"

"How often do you play?" John asked very slowly, as if Chas were hard of hearing.

"Oh, not that often…"


"Every morning," Chas squeaked out quietly at John's tone.

"For how long?"

"A…well, my whole life, really…but it's just a hobby, and I-"

"Show me."

Chas looked at John in the rearview mirror, his eyes wide. "What?"

"You heard me. I want to see you golf."


John smirked, taking a drag off his newly-lit cigarette. "Balthazar plays golf too."