What's With All The Singing?


Summary: Someone asks a very important question to the music of "All I Ask Of You."

Author's Note: First parody and first "phan" fic. (Yeah, yeah. Bad pun. Good laugh.) Not gonna be the last though; I had too much fun with this.

Disclaimer: For once, I own something. The lyrics. Which are pretty stupid. Oh well. The music belongs to whoever wrote it. Ask someone else because I don't know who it was.

What's with all the singing?

It's getting on my nerves.

In here, it's quite unceasing

It's getting quite past reason…

Can someone come explain this?

Why we cannot just talk?

I'm here; locked in an opera

Let's talk without the filler…

I can hear it every waking moment

Every time I turn around it seems

Say you'll give me just one breath of silence

Surely that can't be too hard to do.

That's all I ask of you.

How strange that it is normal

To burst right into song.

At random, frequent moments

Filled with noble sentiments

All I want is silence

A world of normal speech

But still, my hopes are frail.

It's all to no avail.

I think I'm going nuts; it won't be long now.

Goodbye world of even slightly sane.

All the singing has become contagious.

Anywhere I go it will come too…

Silence; that's all I ask of you.

It's in my head for good; no sign of stopping

All your fault; you know just who you are.

Please stop the music- pretty as it may be…

I hear silence?

Too good for true.

It seems

That's too much to ask you.

(musical interval)

Songs start again; I must sing too.

Join in! That's all I ask of you!

Author's Note: I wanted to put "The 'Phantom of the Opera' Soundtrack claims another victim" as my summary, but that gave too much away… R&R please!