Hello, this is your captain speaking, please strap yourself in as this is going to be quit a bumpy ride. There are three emergency exits on each flank of the plane, in case they are needed you open them by pulling the red handle down. If the plane catches fire, well, then it it to late and you shall all die gruesome dead, being grilled alive... Please don't panic... Have a nice day and enjoy the ride.

Twisting dimensions Chapter 1

Heero, Trowa, Quatre, WuFei and me watched from a distance, taking in the amount of mobile dolls waiting for us, surrounding L1. There supposed to be 'protecting' the colony from the evil Gundams, the news had said. Chk! Yeah right! Suck my balls and call me beautiful, all there doing is placing bombs so that they could threat the sake of the colonies again when we, the Evil Wicked Five (we got ourselves quite a reputation!) got out of their control again. I cringe, remembering what happened the last time they threatened the colonies. I don't think I will survive if I have to watch Heero self-destruct again. But he did it for the good... He's such a cutie. But ssh, don't tell the others I said that, I'm kinda secretly in love with the stoic Japanese boy... What! He's not THAT bad! I mean... I... Well... have you ever seen the guy naked! ... well, me neither but I'm sure it wouldn't be a awful sight to see.

But back to the business at bay we are going to kick some major Mobile Butt. Don't believe me? Just watch me! I love battling in my trustworthy Deathscythe, my ol' buddy. Those are the only time my mind isn't constantly on Heero, which should be reported in the newspaper since that's like... Headline news! It's like me not talking for fifteen minutes: fucking unbelievable.

I can't sit still in my chair, Quatre often told me I look like an exited puppy when we go off to the battle field. But I just can't help myself. I used to have trouble with it, killing people, but now it was easy since there weren't any humans in those mindless programmed mobile dolls. It's a matter of: Wham-Bam-sorry-I-fried-your-circuit-ma'm!

Heero's face popped up on the screen right in front of me and I had to keep my dirty thought to myself but... come on! The thought of Heero 'popping up' sounded orgasmic to me! I grin like a mad man, which he probably thinks I am, poor guy, doesn't realises yet how much he loves me. He grunted out: 'Get ready. We're going. Stop grinning.' To tease him I widened my grin and I can proudly swear that I saw he was about to roll his eyes before his face disappeared of the screen.

'Let's go kick some butt boys!' I say over the com and give my Gundam a boost. God, how I love floating through space in my Gundam. Looking around the vast emptiness just brings up so many thoughts and question were I just love to ponder over. Yes, Duo Maxwell likes to ponder over the question: why are we here? Get over it.

Heero, of course, having the faster Gundam took the lead and showed off by blasting away ten dolls with one single shot. He's such a show off, you gotta love him! But underneath that cold emotionless mask which has become the face of a total bastard, I know there is good in him. He's just a small and frightened boy, confused, just like Quat, Tro and Wu-goo. I, Duo Maxwell, am not confused or scared of course. I'm the pillar of strength. JUST as I thought that a Mobile doll almost hit me, I was just able to get out of the merry way of the bullets he was firing at me and I have to confess (Because if I don't sneaky Quat would rat me out) that I screamed like a sissy girl. Everything looks so vivid on that big ass screen only inches away from my nose. I manage to blow up some dolls myself before the rest steal all the fun and I laugh like a maniac when one explodes in a way not far from perfect. Over the com I hear WuFei mumbling something about Americans with their lack of honour... and brains. I protest at that last remark and I hear Quatre chuckling. Oh, when was the meeting that decided that everybody should pick on Duo, huh!

'Duo, watch out!' Heero's concerned voice interrupted Quatres chuckle.

Because I am so thrilled I finally heard an emotion in his voice it took me a bit to long to register what he had actually said and the loud creaking of metal filled my ears and I was sent spiralling out of control. The controls wouldn't budge, no matter ho hard I pulled or pushed, it seemed like I was... Like I was being sucked away. I looked up at my screen and my freaky (okay, I admit, my eyes are kinda freaky, but don't make me a less sexy beast.) violet eyes widen as I see what exactly was pulling my Gundam so violently. It was a black hole. One you could see in sci-fi movies. Well, they really existed, THAT I knew, but they didn't appear this close to the earth! All funny remarks I was going to say before I was sucked away left me as I closed my eyes in fear, seeing there was nothing I could do to stop myself from being pulled in it. I heard the concerned voices of the other booming though the speakers but the radio went dead as soon as I entered the hole.

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Crimson Waterfall

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