Chapter three

'Hey Heero.'

HEERO! My grin falters but I am indeed right, the face that looks upon me with a sweet smile, even though it is hard seeing Heero smile, there is no mistake. The face belonged to one Heero Yuy. One very attractive Heero Yuy! One very... feminine Heero Yuy...

Something must have really gone wrong in that nano-second I was in that hole! DAMN!

'uh.. I... you... ah... wow...' I uttered. Their seemed to be no end to the train of incoherent words leaving my mouth until Heero stood up, looking concerned d placed a hand on my forehead. I very soft and warm hand I must add.

'Are you alright Duo, you seem a bit flustered...' 'Heero' commented, locking his worried gaze with my surprised one.

Heero! Dude! You're... no dude anymore! I wanted to scream those exact words at him but it seemed so futile. By the looks of it he knew perfectly well he no longer had an Y-chromosome and didn't seem one bit bothered with it. Was the dirty boy... er, girl thinking about playing with himself later? Okay, that sick thought needed to be deleted from my mind! Male or Female this was still Heero we are talking about! Ya know, up-tight-sexually-frustrated-Evil-Knievel-with-lack-of-humor Yuy! Wow... That's a long name given by someone who is short on brain... And now I am insulting MYSELF! What the fuck is going on around here!

I open my mouth, probably to say something stupid like I always do but nothing comes out and Heero quirks an eyebrow as I keep on imitating a fish.

'Duo, just a suggestion, take something for that.'

I think that was the moment both my eyes fell out of there sockets. Heero Yuy cracked a joke... I landed in a really sick world... While on the inside I was talking as much as I used to the outside was still... somewhat silent and dumbfounded as I pointed at Heero, my mouth hanging open.

'You're a girl...' I mutter like I'm a retard.

Again he raised his... no HER eyebrow in question. I tilt my head suddenly, amused. The Heero I know has bushy eyebrows that split at the end, but it seems like this very feminine Heero had plucked them for they were nice and smooth and delicate, just like the eyebrows of a female should be. Other then that his... no hers, or his... never mind, other then that THE face hasn't changed all that much but somehow it looked... kinder... more inviting.

I scan Heero from top to bottom and grin like a maniac. Everything looks more inviting.

But the small, normal, part of my mind tells it sick perverted 'significant other' to shut up and TRY to find out what the fuck happened to Heero... Maybe Quatre knows! Quatre always knows! I left Heero abruptly and walk in the direction of Quatre's gundam but suddenly stop. What is Quatre is a girl as well? I think about that and... shrug. He always looked like a girl to me.

Mechanics all around me are looking at me like I'm crazy but I don't care and start walking again. They make room for me just like they should but I stop again. Thinking the most horrible thought ever. I mean horrible. My heart skipped I beat and I found I couldn't move anymore as I began to feel really hot and... uncomfortable. What... What if... What if I am also a...a... a g-girl!

Slowly, dreadfully I look down. Okay, first I notice my flat chest which is a big relief. But that the girlie-Heero had wonderboobs didn't mean the feminine version me would be that well... developed...

And by the way... who would have thought that I would EVER say Heero had wonderboobs!

Wonderboobs that might even put Catherine to shame! ... don't tell Trowa I said that... he'll cut of something I might need later...

I look down further and let out a sigh of relief as I find out I'm wearing my usual outfit and there is buldge between my legs signifying I still got my precious equipment. ... Forget I EVER said that! Hm, bulge, that's a pretty funny word. Bulge. Bulge? Bulge! I'm going crazy...

I continue walking and I smile, somewhat relieved, as I see the blonde I was looking for. Still his half-decent-masculine-self. 'Quatre, you! My brother from another mother!'

Quatre looks at him like I just grew another head. Hey! Wouldn't that be fun? Then I'd have TWO mouths to talk with. Stereo-Duo... poor Wufei...

'If I find out I really do have more siblings I'm going to kill myself.' Quatre joked.

Well, at least he tried.

'Have you seen what happened to Heero!' I say.

He looks at me concerned and asks: 'No? What's wrong with her!'

Oh no...

This was just some sick dream. Being sucked into that hole must have rendered me unconscious or something... I god I hope that that's true!

'Duo? What it is? What is wrong with Heero?' Quatre asks, already skimming the hangar looking for... her.

'Don't you think Heero is a weird name for a girl?' I ask, trying to find out as much as I can. Sucking up the information he might give like a sponge sucks up water. No, really!

'Yeah, but she already told us it isn't her real name.' Quatre commented while looked strangely at me. Not trusting why I am saying the things i say. I must be acting really weird since they are probably used to a talkative Duo who, in his turn, is used to the feminine Heero with the cute ass and the short skirt... I am drifting off.

I didn't really need to hear anymore and walk away. The problem didn't lay with Heero but with me apparently. Something must have happened while I was sucked in and spit back out of that hole... I stop dead in my tracks. Maybe I wasn't spit back out... yeah, I WAS spat back out, but maybe not in the same place as I had been before that... Maybe... maybe a different dimension? He always believed in there being many dimensions... but actually getting sucked to another one kinda... sucked.

I need to get back! Immediately! Now! I wonder if the Duo that used to be here, was now in the world with the MALE Heero. Wow, that will be a shocker for him.

I look around me and see every acting casual. I look over at Heero who was talking to Trowa and WuFei. Yeah.. he-she was actually TALKING and... and laughing at the things they said. Heero didn't just changed in appearance it seemed... Was being born a male, back were Duo had come from, so frustrating for him that he lived the rest of his life with a stick up his ass?

And suddenly... comparing the Heero here and the Heero I knew... I didn't want to back. Well, not right away. I want to stay here and learn more about the boy-GIRL. Everything seemed to be the same in this 'dimension' as where I had come from so Heero, beside the gender and personality must be the same as well. Maybe I could learn about his, AND her, life and could go back to my own dimension with more knowledge about the mystery I secretly fell in love with? Maybe then the male-Heero would finally open up to me and we could begin something? Duo almost drooled dreamily. Because when he had said that the female-Heero looked more then edible he didn't mean the male-Heero wasn't good looking. The male-Heero was very good looking I remind myself as I picture him before me. Those spandex really didn't leave much to the imagination...

So his mission was as followed: Befriend girlie-Heero, learn about girlie-Heero, go back home to boyish-Heero and fuck boyish-Heero silly.

Seemed like a good plan to me!

I join Trowa and WuFei who were still talking to the pretty female Heero, practically drooling on her. I take her in again, not bothering to talk since Trowa and WuFei did a lot of that and they were open, honest and funny. Girlie-Heero really pulled up the best in people!

She really looked good and as I look at her, I realise I see her as a complete other person then the Heero I know. I suddenly stop comparing them and take in her good looks. She was shorter then me, showing her Japanese heritage. Her hair brown, short and messy, and the locks that fell into her eyes just begged to be wiped out of her face, they begged to be touched. Her delicate eyebrows. Stunning eyes. High cheekbones. Perfect skin... And the green top she wore was cut lowly and was TIGHT. The hem of it not reaching the skirt so her smooth stomach was on display. All those things probably so that she could move around freely. That's also probably why she wore that extremely short black skirt which made her legs look even longer then they were.

And as I look at her. Her feminine curves and perfect body that hid the strength she had. Revelling the way she moved elegantly, knowing I would be dreaming about it that night. I realised it wasn't no longer boyish-Heero I wanted to fuck...

Great, the last thing I needed was confusion about my sexual orientation.

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