A/N: Okay this is a new Inuyasha and Kikyou story. I'm using Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho in this one. So yeah if you don't like Kiki then don't waste your time with reading it.

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Kikyou awoke to the sound of her mother's voice. She was going to be late if she didn't get up and get out of her bed soon. As much as she wanted to lie in her bed for an extra hour; she couldn't. She had a lot to look forward to today. First of all it was the start of a brand new school year. She was officially a senior now this would be her last year at Yoshimoto. K. High. She ran into the bathroom and took 15 minutes to jump in the shower. When she got out she had no idea on what to wear.

She soon just decided on a pair of blue jeans, white boots, and a flower print blouse. She ran downstairs her younger sister Keade, was already seated at the table. Kikyou grabbed a pop tart and was about to have a seat. She was stopped by the sound of a car horn honking. She looked out of the window to see Inuyasha waving to her. "Got to go bye mom, bye Keade." She said to them as she ran out of the door.

She got to Inuyasha's car to see that Miroku and Sango were already in the back. Sango knew about her crush on Inuyasha. So she probably made it possible for her to sit in the front. She opened the car door and got in. "Hi guys I'm sorry that I was late." She apologized.

"Hey Kikyou." Sango spoke.

"Hello Kikyou you look as lovely as ever." Miroku told her as he kissed her hand. She smiled at him. He was still the same old Miroku. There was nothing that had changed about him.

"Hello to you to Miroku. Inuyasha aren't you going to say hi?" she wondered.

"Yeah hi what's up?"

"Nothing." She answered him. Before Kikyou had a chance to say something else, he was driving off. He was never really a cautious driver. He had failed the test a total of three times. "Inuyasha do you have to drive like a fool?" Sango questioned.

"Well we're going to be late. And I know how much Kikyou loves school." He joked.

"Ha Ha very funny Inuyasha." It wasn't long before they were pulling up in front of the school. Sango and Kikyou got out of the car first. She pulled her friend aside. "So Kikyou it's our last year here." She started.

"Yes I know."

"So what are you going to do about your feelings for Inuyasha?" A small blush appeared on her face. Kikyou did her best to hide it. Although it was no secret that she had liked him. "Um nothing because Inuyasha doesn't like me in that way."

"Whatever you say Kik."

"And what about you Sango. What about Miroku?" Kikyou asked her.

"Nothing Miroku and I are just friends." Kikyou gave her a disbelieving look. She then pulled her friend into the school building. They wanted to get their class schedules. They wanted to at least see how many classes they had together. Meanwhile Inuyasha and Miroku followed behind them. They were having the same exact conversation.

"So Inuyasha since it's our last year here. What do you plan to do about your crush on Kikyou?" Miroku wondered.

"What?" he asked his cheeks blushing red.

"Well we both know that you have liked her ever since junior high school."

"Yeah well it doesn't matter. She doesn't like me like that."

"Whatever you say lets just get our schedules." Sango grabbed her schedule and Kikyou took hers. They studied the papers for a moment and then switched papers. The two girls looked at each other and smiled. "We have every class together." Sango said.

"That's great now I won't feel so alone." Miroku and Inuyasha walked over to them. They had their schedules in their hand as well. "It looks like we'll be stuck together every period." Inuyasha told her.

"Well if we're lucky they won't have us sit together." She teased.

"Miroku, Sango, Kikyou, Inuyasha." Someone called out to them. They turned around to see their other friend Kagura. She was making her way over to them. She had her schedule in her hand as well. "Hey Kagura." Sango said. Kagura threw her arms around both Kikyou and Sango. She asked for their schedules and saw that they had every class together as well.

"We should get to class guys I heard that Mrs. Matsumoto is a really strict teacher. I heard that she punishes any and all lateness's."

"Alright what the hell are we waiting for lets get going already." Inuyasha said.

Inuyasha walked away first followed by everyone else. They got to class and found a table by the back. Once they were seated they noticed that there was an empty seat next to Kikyou. "I heard that there was a new student coming in today." Sango spoke.

"Yeah I heard the same thing." Miroku nodded.

They looked up when they heard a female voice. She was calm and soft spoken. But she had a look in her eyes that struck fear into their hearts. "Good morning class I' am Mrs. Matsumoto. I will be your 12th grade English teacher."

"Hello Mrs. Matsumoto." Everyone said together. Just then a boy with red hair and green eyed entered the class room. He looked vaguely familiar to her and she couldn't keep her eyes off him. "I'm sorry that I'm late." He apologized.

"You must be the new student."

"Yes my name is Kurama Fujiyama."

"Yes well take the seat next to Kikyou."

"Kikyou?" he repeated. He looked to the back and locked eyes with a pair of mahogany orbs. He stared at her long raven colored hair. It was her; after all these years he would finally see Kikyou again. "Kikyou." He called out.

"Kurama is that really you?"

"Yes how have you been?" He ran over to Kikyou capturing her in a tight embrace. She was slightly confused but she soon returned his hug. The rest of the class couldn't help but look on. "Mr. Fujiyama, Kikyou this is really touching. And I love a heart warming moment as much as the next single woman. But you two are wasting my class time." She warned them.

"Yes I'm sorry Ms. Matsumoto." The red haired boy apologized once again. He took his seat next to Kikyou. While the teacher continued on with the lesson. Kikyou turned her attention back to Kurama.

"Kurama it's been so long. I haven't seen you since we were kids." She spoke.

"Yeah I really missed you Kikyou."

"I missed you too." Inuyasha felt as if he was going to be sick. And the class had really just started; he didn't want to listen them talk the entire time. "Um Ms. Matsumoto can I go the bathroom?" he asked.

"Yes sure Inuyasha." She agreed. Kikyou watched as Inuyasha left the class room. She wondered why he had left like that. She wondered if it had anything to do with her and Kurama. "What was wrong with Inuyasha?" Kikyou asked.

"I sure as hell don't know." Kagura answered.