Nice To Meet You!

I walked down the long school hallway, feeling more and more lost each second that went by. I had just transferred and I couldn't make heads or tails of this school. A blond kinda short, kinda tall guy walking backwards and talking to someone, was coming right for me, though, I didn't really notice until I was sitting on the floor with my books and papers all over the ground. I was a bit dazed while the blond haired boy was yelling at me to watch where I was going, but then I realized this was HIS fault!

"Why are you telling me to watch where I'm going! I wasn't the one walking backwards!" I finally said leaving him thoughtful for a moment. I began picking up my scattered things, and then I saw him helping me with a few loose papers.

"I'm sorry I guess I wasn't paying much attention, Winry" he apologized in a soft sweet tone.

"How'd you know my name?" I asked. He gave a little chuckle " It's all over these papers." he explained lightly, handing them over to me.

"Oh, right. Hey, do you think you could help me get to my first class? I'm a bit lost." I smiled a little and he laughed.

" Sure, let me see your schedule." I handed it to him and his eyes widened.

" What, what's wrong?" He looked at me then said "This is my schedule! But… With your name on it! Wait.. YOU STOLE IT DIDN'T YOU?"

" No way!" I laughed "That's so weird." then I though 'This is really, really, REALLY, weird… Oh, well..'

"Well, I guess you'd better stick with me then." he said as he grinned

"Let's go." We walked into a brightly lit English classroom, I showed my schedule to a medium average sized blond woman. She took it then nodded,

"You can sit next to this guy for now." she instructed and pointed to the empty desk next to the blond haired guy. I nodded and went in that direction.

"By the way," he said "My names Ed." I smiled

"I'm Winry… wait.." He laughed and then we had to shut up because the class was starting and the teacher was staring at us.

The rest of the day had been, interesting. I really got to know Ed and he introduced me to his younger brother Al. I soon found out that their mother had passed on while they were quite young, their father is always off in a different country doing his job. They don't even know what he does, so they really live alone ( don't tell child services, it's a secret….. So… shhhh)

They invited me to get some popcorn at some popcorn place, I didn't even know this town had one of those… Wait… Well anyway, we had fun, we ordered a very large bucket- oh- popcorn. It was the kind where you had to climb in to get to the popcorn on the bottom, but we were being lazy and just tipped it over.

" Hey, lets go to the park for a little while." Ed suggested.

"Sorry brother, but I have a report on the origins of pancacks" (inside joke, pancacks are pancakes but like… sexier, came up with it in a chat room ) Al explained and started for home.

" Alright, what about you?" he turned to me

" Oh, yeah, sure let's go." We walked in the direction of the only park in town. It was very beautiful, there were lots of large trees and warm colors all around and a very luscious, blue sparkling lake. I sat down on a swing, and to my surprise Ed got behind me and started to push me. I couldn't help but feel so, how can I say this, in place. Everything was so breathtaking and it felt nice to be moving with the motions that Edward gave me. But then I realized it was really getting late, so to my great disappointment I had to go home. Ed walked me as far as the front porch.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I told him and he looked at me with a melancholy gaze,

"Yeah, well, bye." I watched him go and sighed. I walked in and headed for my room, the house was still and the orange of the sun setting came through my bedroom window. I flopped on my bed and lay there thinking. I sat up and looked at the time, then thought to myself 'I really need to get my work done!'

The next day I woke up on top of my algebra book, I looked at the clock

"Huh, 6:35." That meant plenty of time before school, so I went downstairs and saw grandma sitting in front of a pot of coffee.

"Hey, grandma." I said rubbing my eye . She looked up at me

( Hahah yeah, shut up)

I smiled and went up to get ready fro school. I walked down the stairs, grabbed my books, and opened the door to find Ed… About to knock on my door( wait, tell me if anything sounds wrong, Okay?). I was taken back a bit

"Uh, what're you doing here?" I asked. He cleared his throat.

"I thought we could walk to school together." he blushed slightly (awww, how cute….. Hehe shut up) I laughed a little and walked passed him, and he followed.

"Uh, you want me to carry your books?" he asked in a low tone. I smiled and said

"Only if you really want to." Ed blushed and took my books into his hands then stalked off. I laughed a little under my breath, I couldn't help but think he was being kinda corny, though it was also kinda cute.

We had decided to go and watch Al at football practice, cause.. he was on the football team, we sat at the top of the bleachers. It was the beginning of fall, and all the landscaping looked like a great big painting or mural or whatever you want to call it. I soon realized Ed was staring at me

"What?" I asked him, he looked away quickly

"Nothing" he said. We continued to watch the practice until a tall, red haired girl came up to us. Edward ducked his head as she approached,

"Hey, Ed, why didn't you call last night?" she asked her blue eyes sparkling. He looked at me then looked at the red haired girl

"I was busy." he said a flatly. The red haired girl looked at me

"Who is this?" she asked forcing a smile my way.

"This is Winry, she's new, I'm helping her get around the school." he explained timidly. She extended her hand to me

" I'm Christian, I'm Ed's girlfriend, nice to meet you." she gave me a very toothy smile and sat next to Ed. I watched Christian smother Ed and nibble on his right ear. I looked at my feet quickly, feeling very uncomfortable. ' wonder why he didn't tell me this sooner' I felt sick, I'd seen enough, I got up

" I'll see you in class Ed, It was nice to meet you Christian." I gave a small smile and left.

As I walked towards my locker I felt tears come to my eyes, I quickly rubbed them away, not wanting to show that my heart felt like it had been ripped out of my chest and stomped by this girl, whatserface.. 'Wait.. I just meet the guy! Why should I be crying? This just doesn't make sense.'

The bell soon rang and I went to first period. I really couldn't concentrate though, I could only think about what I had seen… I mean she was ALL over him! They kind of ALL over him where someone even yell out "HEY, YOU TWO, GET A ROOM!" While I was walking away, it was sickening to just think about it. Ed soon came into the classroom and sat down next to me. He leaned closer to me

" Listen, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I guess it slipped mind. Are we still at least friend?" I turned to him and gave him my sweetest smile,

"Of course we're still friends, why wouldn't we be?"

" I just thought you'd be mad at me for not telling you about Christian. Though, I guess there really is nothing to be mad about." he pulled back into his chair and we were both silent for the rest of the period. Before I could have figured out how to say " Flictonic Klipple" or whatever, it was time for lunch. I decided to skip and so I spent that time in the library. The rest of the day went on pretty smoothly, though, I hardly even spoke to Ed. In between classes, Christian was always there, with him and taking up all of his time. I thought it better, even though it pained me, to leave them alone.

While I was walking away from the school, Ed caught up to me.

"Wait Winry! Hey!" he yelled after me, I stopped and turned around putting on my best smile.

"Hey." I said as he stopped before me "What's up?"

" Huh, nothing really, I haven't really been able to speak to you today because of…" he looked down, and then mumbled something under his breath.

" Well, I guess there really is nothing to talk about." I gave him a warm, reassuring look and he walked me home.

The only thing that really belongs to me in this story is Christian and my sexy, sexy pancacks!