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Chapter 8

If you've been wondering where've I've been for the past year or so, you're wasting your time. I'm not even sure myself, but if Ed says it's nothing to worry about, then there's nothing to worry about... Oh, what the hell, I try to explain. He's asleep on the other side of the couch so it's okay if I let my mind wander.

Ever since Christian disappeared in Hawaii, when she ran away with Paul, life has been so much more pleasant. You see, after the fight, it was a really tense atmosphere around all of us. We would have all out glaring matches. Then my dear, sweet Paul had a change of heart and (as he explained to me) He and Christian had the most passionate love affair. They hopped a plane to Hawaii and planed to get married because she was gonna have a baby. (weird huh?)

One night, a month or so after the baby was born, she disappeared. Paul said he believed she was abducted by aliens and he was next He gave the baby to the first person he found (he wandered for hours) and came back, supposedly going into hiding.

As for me, well, I got married. Yes. Married. To Ernesto DelaCruz Sanchez because he saw me the popcorn store and just said "Wow..." Grandma was happy and I moved out, but on that first night, he wanted to sleep in the same bed as me!

"We're married now.. It's what married people do, you know?" He grinned and I was horrified. I looked at him for a while.

"No." and with that said we were immediately separated.

Now grandma was furious at me because I had made such a hasty decision. Even though she was ecstatic and happy to let me go when I told her about the marriage. She bought us a muffin machine as a wedding present.

Any, that's when she started drinking, becoming an all out alcoholic. It was sad, and funny to watch her go down hill. Mostly funny though.

"Win-hic-ry... do you know where the -hic...spatular iss???" She wobbled a little then giggled.

"Grandma, you're holding it... in your hand! You're looking right at it... Grandma?"

"Wha? What are you doing in my house toaster girl!! GET OUT!!!" That was when she started beating me (or trying to) with the spatula. Suddenly, she stopped, and smiled. "Here's the spatular, see hic? I know where it... hic"

That was like a clock working or something to that nature. On a schedule and such. Hm, at school everyone forgot about everything because of the amnesia bomb, so to them, it's like nothing has changed.

"What're you doing?" Ed woke up I guess. Back to reality.

"I'm just thinking... about everything that's happened." I was sitting sort curled up and wasn't really paying attention to anything. I spaced out. So He caught me by surprise when he pulled me over to him. Now I was sitting on the side of his lap and he put his arm around me.

"Life's a bitch..." I waited for more, but when he didn't answer, I decided to ask.

"Why did the CIA throw an amnesia bomb at our school?"

"Well, we decided for that to be our fundraiser (it wasn't my idea), to be test subjects to the amnesia bomb. The only flaw with that idea was, we know we got the money for whatever it was we needed it for. We just don't really know why we needed the money in the first place. Who would have guessed an amnesia bomb would have worked anyway?" I giggled, that was hilarious. Why didn't they write it down or something?


Four months ago, in the principles office. A certain English teacher breathed as she reached for the back of her head. She grasped the clip she had to keep her long golden locks in place. She flung the clip aside and shook out her hair. She was sitting on the principle's lap and shivered as he began to play with the hem of her skirt. She kissed the bridge of his nose, they both laughed. Suddenly, the principle caught her lips in his, as they really began to really get into it. (wink) He picked her up, and put her on his desk, never loosing eye contact.

"You know, we are all alone right now..." He breathed into her ear but then she felt something get stuck to her hand as she leaned her weight on it. It was a sticky note.

"What's this?" She showed it to him. It said:

Dear me,

Must buy new pipes for school. Don't forget!!!

-Love Me

P.S.Damn, you look sexy today .

The principle snatched the note out of her hand turning a very interesting shade of pink and threw it aside. He nibbled on her earlobe, which caused her to whimper in delight.

"Oh, nothing important.

End Flashback

Alphons then decided to run to the television and kick it, squealing with joy as he saw the sparks flying.

"Al!" What's with you!!??" Ed jumped off the couch, leaving me to fall on the floor of course. I lost my balance with his sudden movement.

"Owie..." Al came to me in an instant, a worried look on his face. Sometimes I wonder about his sanity. (T.T I'm sorry I made him crazy)

"Oh, Winry! What happened?!? Edward Elric, what did you do this poor... poor? Hey Winry, when did you get here? Do you want some cookies? I made cookie you know." He nodded and got up happily, walking toward the kitchen. Edward sighed.

"He's been getting worse."

"I think I'll go home now, it' getting late and I should probably check on grandma." With all that said. I made my way to the door. Ed looked like he was going to say something, but instead he just waved and walked to the kitchen. I let myself out.

The jingle of my keys was the only noise in the whole block, it was deathly silent, a shiver ran across my spine. What was afraid of. I opened the door and flicked the light on.

"Grandma?" Usually she would have come immediately and scold me for coming home so late. Something was wrong.

I went in to the kitchen, the toaster was gone. Then my eyes went to the floor and there she was. Laying on the ground. She was gone too.

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