It had been two days since Gohan had killed Cell. Trunks was sitting in the living room at Capsule Corp. eagerly awaiting the report from one of the Capsule Corp's employees that his ship had been found. It had been turned back into a capsule and stolen, however, there had been no witnesses. Trunks was worried. He flipped through the television channels and finally got bored and turned it off, getting up and walking over to the window to look out of it.

" mother sent me here so you wouldn't die", Trunks said to himself turning away from the window and looking down, "I failed, again. You died anyways".

Unbeknownst to Trunks, Bulma had walked into the room carrying Baby Trunks in her arms, and heard all of it. She walked over to the window where he was and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Stop beating yourself up. Goku did what he though was right at the time, if you had known him more you wouldn't have expected any less from him", she said trying to be as motherly as she could.

But how could she?

She had barely gotten to know this young man, she didn't know the future aside from what Trunks had explained to her and the others about it. She was in the dark about a lot of the specifics, but she still wanted to try her best to be his mother, even though his real mother was, literally, years away, in another Earth's future.

"Trunks, I want to ask you something...", Bulma said as she walked over and sat on a chair next to a table, which she sat Baby Trunks on and started to play with him a little. Trunks slowly sauntered over and sat down on the other side of the table, facing her. He didn't sit next to her for one reason, and one alone. He didn't want the younger version of himself pulling on his long hair, which he made sure to keep held back with a rubber band.

Just to be safe. After eyeing the baby some, he looked up at her.

"Yes, what did you want to ask?", he asked, calmly.

Bulma looked up from playing with Baby Trunks and she became serious.

"Trunks, I wanted to know why exactly your mother sent you to this time?", she asked as Trunks looked over out the window and sighed.

"My mother wanted me to give Goku the cure, so he could stay alive, fight the Androids...and win", Trunks said without turning a glance at the younger version of his own mother.

"So, she wanted you to come here alone, deliver the cure and then leave and go back that it?", Bulma asked in all seriousness. Trunks turned his head over to face her and nodded to her.

"Well then Trunks, you should be proud of yourself. Rather then sad over Goku's death", she said to him.

"Why should I be proud of myself?", Trunks asked, without giving her time to answer back.

"WAnser me that! I failed, sure I got Goku the cure, but he ended up dieing anyways", Trunks looked down at the table after he realized he had just snapped at her. Bulma wasn't phased by it that much, but she didn't want him to feel even worse about himself then he already had.

"Well, Trunks, look at it like this. You did give Goku the cure, you helped him fight the Androids, you trained with Vegeta...which I still can't comprehend how you lasted a year with that man in that room, you helped fight Cell, and even became stronger then Cell was too", she said looking back up at him.

"On top of that, you've even earned the respect of Vegeta. You are one of the strongest people on this planet, and in probably the universe. If that's not something to be proud of maybe this is, you've even made me proud", she said smiling at him, with her best motherly smile.

It was true, Bulma was proud of Trunks, he had become so strong, and she knew that the baby she held in her hands would be strong too, she truly was proud. She could even say she had two sons.

Trunks looked over at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Who told you about what happened with Father?", Trunks asked her with a puzzled expression.

"Well, Yamcha explained it. Since I was so angry about not being able to see Frieza back on Namek, he has been informing me of what happens in the battles. Honestly, I hope he finds someone soon, he is still a nice guy", Bulma said, smiling.

Trunks raised an eyebrow, and imagined what it would be like if Yamcha was his father. He imagined weird black hair, and some other things that actually made him happy to be Saiyan. He shook his head to get the thoughts out of there, and looked back over at Bulma.

"Did Yamcha also tell you what Cell did to me for me to earn Father's respect?", Trunks asked her again.

"Well...he said you fought well, and that it impressed Vegeta so much that he admitted you as his son, and actually smiled about it.", she answered back to him, "that is what happened isn't it?"

Trunks looked out the window again, hesitant to answer her. How could he tell her that he was killed by Cell? Would she cry over it? Would she cry over a son she has barely even known?

Trunks couldn't find answers to this as he looked back over at Bulma. He decided just to tell her the truth, and to clear up all misconceptions about what happened.

"Well...during the fight between Gohan and Cell, right after Goku transported Cell away as he was about to explode...Cell came back, as you probably already know", he said looking at her. He didn't really want to say this but he would because it was the right thing for her to know the truth.

"When Cell came back, he shot an energy blast at me...", he said and then suddenly stopped, as Bulma's voice overpowered his into a deep silence.

"OH! So it must have been pretty big, was it hard to block?", Bulma asked him and continued, "So you blocked it and Vegeta was impressed then, I understand now!". Bulma talked with such confidence, that Trunks almost couldn't continue.

" wasn't able to block the blast, it went right through my heart and killed me...", He said looking at the table, not knowing how she would react. Bulma's eyes went wide as she heard the words that pierced her heart. She then fainted and fell over. Trunks saw this and used his quick speed and reflexes to catch her.

Baby Trunks, on the table, tipped over and almost hit the floor, but Trunks grabbed him aswell. The baby just smiled and drooled the whole time. Trunks picked up Bulma with one arm and carried her over to the couch and layed her down on it, he sat Baby Trunks in a chair and grabbed a pillow putting it under Bulma's head.

"I shouldn't have told her that, I knew that's how she would react, maybe I had better keep that part to myself when I tell my mother aswell...", he said looking over at Baby Trunks who was laughing and drooling.

"You have a heck of a good mother little guy, make sure not to ever make her sad by going and dieing or anything like that", he said to the baby, to which the baby clapped his hands and shook his head, as if he understood what Trunks meant.

The doors to the room opened up and Bulmas mother, Mrs. Briefs walked in and saw Bulma on the couch, she ran over as fast as she could.

"Oh my, is my little girl all right?", she asked Trunks.

"Don't worry, she just passed out, she will be fine when she wakes up", he said looking over at Baby Trunks, "you should probably take him though, I think he's hungry", he said looking back at his "Grandmother".

"Oh ok then, Trunks, ill take little Trunks and feed him", Mrs. Briefs said, "Oh and Trunks, someone came looking for you about five minutes ago, that's why I came here. He said he found your time machine, hes down in the office if you want to go see him", she said smiling as she always does.

Ever since Bulma told her mother and her father about Trunks being from the future they have treated him like he was there Trunks, and not like he was from the Future. They treat him with respect, kindness, and love.

Trunks got up and started running.

"Thanks Grandma!", he yelled back as he ran to to the office.

Mrs. Briefs picked up Baby Trunks and smiled at the fact she was already called Grandma. Trunks ran in a hurriedly state down to the office. When he arrived he saw Dr. Briefs talking to the young man, and his time machine out and with strange machines hooked up to it, he ran over and looked at his grandfather.

"What are these machines doing?", he asked him with a serious, yet formal, demeanor.

"Oh don't mind them, they are just calculating how much damage it has, and seeing how much energy it needs, and a bunch of other mindless stuff", he said smiling as he patted the small kitten on his shoulder, which meowed.

Trunks looked over to the machines as one beeped and signified that it was finished. Dr. Briefs walked over as Trunks thanked the young man who brought it in to them.

"Well it seems it only needs some energy, and it should be able to get you home Trunks", Dr. Briefs said looking over at his grandson.

"Really!", Trunks said almost jumping for joy, "that's great, I can go home...well I can go back to my other home now", Trunks said smiling and looking at the single word his mother put on the side,"HOPE!".

"Don't worry my boy, ill have it ready by tomorrow", the old genius said, which further made Trunks happy.

"Oh wow, your the greatest Gramps!", Trunks said hugging him. Dr. Briefs was almost crushed in the hug, but he didn't mind it. He endured it because it would be quite awhile before he'd get another hug like this.

"Wait 'till I tell mom, oh, I had better go check on her, I hope she's ok", Trunks said heading for the door. Dr. Briefs looked over at him.

"What happened to my little girl?", he asked Trunks as he turned quickly and replied.

"She fainted, but she will be fine, she should be up now, ill go see if she is ok", Trunks said and turned back around and left heading back up to the living room.

"Wow, one more day and I can go home...", Trunks said to himself, obviously happy. Little did he know, someone else was lurking, and he too, had heard it.

"So your going back then?", Vegeta asked as he came out of the shadows.

"Yes...Trunks replied turning to face him.

"Well then, I wont get another chance to ask you some questions will I?", Vegeta looked at him with his usual scowl on his face, which was meant to make everyone fear him, and with most people it worked. It even worked on Trunks, even though Trunks knew he was stronger in the end.

"Questions?", Trunks asked, quizzically.

"Yes. I have some questions about the future you live in. Is that all right or not!", he asked with such harshness that Trunks was inclined to agree.

"Yes its fine, ask away", was the younger Saiyan's reply.

"Well...I would...I to know how Bulma is doing in your time...I know that you said before that I was killed...I want to know if she is...", He said looking down, the small trace of worry that entered his face was gone in almost an instant.

Trunks was almost surprised to hear this, was being killed by Cell what caused this change in Vegeta? Trunks found no answers in asking these questions to himself so he just gave Vegeta the answer he wanted to hear.

"Well, she is doing fine. She has invented a lot of things, and pretty much tries to help fight The Androids as best as she can", he said, looking at Vegeta.

"I am glad then...", Vegeta said and started to disappear back into the shadows of the hallway.

"When will you admit it?", Trunks asked the former Prince, now technically King.

"Admit what?", Vegeta snapped back, not even turning his glance or shifting his body to face Trunks.

"Admit that you care. Admit that you love her and your son. Admit that you've changed yourself. Admit that you aren't the ruthless killer that I heard you were all those years ago", Trunks said as he closed his eyes knowing he had probably just angered Vegeta. Vegeta, however, wasn't angered, instead, he understood where Trunks was coming from with this ultimatum.

"I don't know when I will admit it. But, do not tell anyone of this. I was raised not to show emotion, not to care. I was taught to destroy and to love and enjoy killing", He said closing his eyes, as many memories invaded Vegeta's mind, memories he had wished he forgotten long ago.

"So then it is true then, isn't it?", Trunks said, as Vegeta opened his eyes and then turned around.

"Is what true?", he responded.

"After I was killed by Cell, you realized what was happening and tried to kill Cell yourself", He said looking into Vegeta's eyes.

Vegeta sighed looked down towards the ground momentarily and then back at Trunks.

"Yes, Trunks, it is. I still do not fully understand it myself", Vegeta said, "When it happened, it was as if time stopped, and there was nothing else there except me and your dead body. Many things came into my mind and throughout all of them, one thing stood above all the others. I was angry, I wanted to main Cell, I wanted to hurt him just enough to keep him on the brink of death. I wanted to let him just barely survive so that I could keep maiming him".

"I attacked him out of pure anger. I see now that it was foolish, but what he had done opened my eyes. I could see it all clearly. For the first time I understood how I felt. I was angry because he killed someone important to me, someone about", Vegeta said, his expression remaining cold, as if it had been trained to stay that way at all times.

"Thank you, Trunks. You came from the future and you even died, just to save this world, and you did help, you even helped me", Vegeta said. Vegeta walked over, gave Trunks a quick hug, and then began to walk away again.

Trunks was a bit shocked, however, he was happy. He shouted to Vegeta to get his attention, and after Vegeta turned, Trunks stated, "I wish for two favors".

"What are they?",Vegeta answered.

Trunks looked back into his eyes, remembering the flames that surrounded him when they where in the Chamber.

"Make sure you admit your feelings before it is too late...", he said to Vegeta, to which Vegeta gave a nod too.

"...And two, meet me in the Gravity Chamber in about one hour", Trunks said, with a grin that almost rivaled Vegeta's in terms of sheer cockiness.

Vegeta grinned, aswell, and turned back around.

"Well I am not sure how long the first one will take... but as for the second one, Ill be there before you are", He said and walked away. Trunks smiled and continued towards the living room where he had left Bulma.

A few minutes later the doors to the room opened and he walked in, he looked over towards where he left Bulma to see that she was gone, he wondered where she went but then was jumped on by Bulma.

It almost knocked him over, but he was able to keep his balance. He looked down at her and realized she was weeping, it appeared she had been for awhile now.

"Trunks, I'm so sorry!", She almost yelled as she hugged him tightly, her arms wrapping around his throat.

"What are you sorry for?", He asked, as his breathing began to become forced.

"You came back...sniff sniff..and...and...Wahhhhh!", She said.

"Its all right, I've never died before, so Im fine with it. It was my fault, I should have been on guard, but I wasn't expecting an attack from Cell, it did look like he was defeated, so I let my guard down, knowing Cell, I should have not have made such a terrible mistake", He said trying to make her feel better.

"No its not, Trunks, you came here to help and then you died, I will make it up to you!", She yelled, her face turning serious. Trunks thought it best not to argue with her. If its one thing he didn't want, that was a angry Bulma.

"Ok, so, then how are you going to make it up to me then?", He asked her, as she finally let go of her hug. Trunks rubbed his neck a bit, as it was now sore because of Bulma's Saiyan-like strength in hugging.

"Well, I know what I can do! I'll make you your favorite foods, and we can watch some movies on the Big screen in the Capsule Corp. private theater!", Bulma said, excited that she could test more of her cooking skills out.

"I could go for some good food, too...", He replied.

Seven hours later it was almost midnight, and he hadn't gotten one bit of sleep. He and Vegeta had trained for awhile, with him getting the upper hand.

Bulma made a lot of food, and Trunks forced himself to eat most of it. He didn't want to tell her how bad it was, he assumed Vegeta would do that someday.

He was happy that he got to come here now and loved his mother for sending him here. He couldn't wait to tell her all the things he has experienced while here.

He layed down and feel asleep amazingly fast, even though he had many thoughts running through his mind.

But little did Trunks know that in his time, a lot of things were happening. He would never see his mother alive again.