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Fessing Up And Explanations

Kouji winced as his twin came storming out, a confused look on his face. "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ROOM?"

"Uh...we painted it for you?" Takuya offered.

"Yeah! Shouldn't you be happy?" snapped Junpei.

Everyone fell silent.

"Happy?" Kouichi repeated. "I go to buy my stupid twin some bandanas, see my stupid dad in the stupid shop after I get mistaken for my stupid twin, have to carry two stupid boxes of stupid bandanas, and finally see that my stupid room has been painted for me, and I should be happy?" he snapped angrily.

Kouji finally replied, "Yeah. Less work for you."

Kouichi sent him a glare. "Shut up, this is your fault."


There was silence.

"Suddenly, I lost my train of thought," Kouichi murmured aloud. "Oh, yeah, Kouji, I expect those bandanas to be gone with you today."

Kouji suddenly snickered. "You know, if you weren't a boy," he said, cackling, "I'd hug you."

Twitching, Kouichi walked over and pulled his twin's ears. "What was that?" he asked, pulling harder.

"Thank you...THANK YOU!" Kouji screamed in pain.

Letting go, Kouichi snickered and walked into the kitchen. "Who's staying for dinner?"

"They all are, stupid," his twin returned.

The other four watched the brother's trade insults in great confusion.

"One second," Takuya said, blinking and trying to understand what was happening.

Tomoki nodded. "Wasn't Kouichi just..."

"Angry?" asked Junpei, rubbing the back of his neck cluelessly.

Sighing, Izumi hit Takuya and Junpei over the head. "Of course he was! They're just being regular brothers. Meaning it's not a big deal to them. Kouichi suffered seeing his dad and carrying the bandanas while Kouji suffered painting his brother's room. See?" she asked.

Her explanation didn't help them at all.

"I swear," she groaned, "you boys are so...dense!"

"WE AREN'T DENSE!" Junpei and Takuya yelled.

"Yeah," chortled Tomoki. "They're just pathetic."

Izumi and Tomoki burst into laughter while Takuya and Junpei began yelling things out indignantly.

"Hey, quiet in the Kimura household," Kouji said in his most judge-like voice. "The judge is present."

Junpei snickered. "Yeah, but who's the judge? You or Kouichi?"


Kouichi came out of the kitchen, rolling his eyes. "Who are you kidding? I am."


"It's my house, stupid, and it was a metaphor. Now stop being stupid. Uh...about the boxes..." Kouichi said suddenly. "How exactly are you getting them home?"

Kouji just shrugged. "I'll carry them all home."

"Don't be stupid. I was struggling with two boxes."

"Don't call me stupid, stupid! I'm stronger, anyhow."

Snorting, Kouichi countered, "Sure you are."

"Yes, I am," Kouji said smoothly, "Wouldn't you four agree?"

In response, everyone began coughing violently.

Kouji glared at them all. "Oh, some help you all are!"

Kouichi looked down, silently, then muttered, "I'll help you carry them."

"What!" everyone yelled.

Sighing, Kouichi walked back into the kitchen. "It's not that big of a deal, anyway," he told them, coming out with plates for them all and setting it on the table. Seconds later, he disappeared into the kitchen and came out with the food and said, "Besides, Izumi, you already told him, right?"

Confused for a mere second, Izumi blinked. Then, she realized what he was talking about. "Yeah, I did."

"Told him?" Kouji asked, not understanding what they were talking about.

Tomoki was the one who informed him, "Izumi told your dad about Kouichi."

Silence overcame them all.

"Alright, dinner's served, so sit down or I'll eat it," Kouichi said loudly, sitting down immediately.

Kouji walked over to the table and took a seat to the right of his brother. "Hey, did you know, Takuya, Junpei and I were about to paint your room a glow-in-the-dark pink with purple polka dots? That is, before we found out about the bandanas. Then we thought it was a bit too cruel," he told his twin, who had been drinking water.

Kouichi spat out his water, hitting Takuya, who sat across from him. "Uh...sorry, Takuya."

"No problem," Takuya replied, looking at his shirt. "Oh well..."

Suddenly, Kouichi snickered. "Yes, oh well. Consider it payback for lying to me earlier," he said, laughing.

"Oh, yeah!" Junpei said, snapping his fingers and digging in his pocket. "Here's the money for the window!" he laughed, handing the money to Kouichi.

Kouichi nodded and took the money. "Thanks. Now, let's see...hey...you're short a dollar..."

Cursing, Junpei gave him the dollar in his hand and muttered, "So much for trying to fool Kouichi. I guess that'll never happen."

Everyone burst out into laughter, then began to eat.

"Are you sure you want to come over, Kouichi?" Kouji asked for the eighteenth time.

Growling, Kouichi nearly threw his box at his twin. "YES, for the last time. If you ask again, I'll tell everyone that you and Takuya were so stupid that you came up with that 'Hyper Spirit Evolution' joke."

Takuya rested his box on a knee as he tried to get a better grip, grumbling, "Well we thought it was funny."

"Who couldn't tell?" Tomoki said, snickering slightly, "You two were laughing so loud the neighbors complained."

"Tomoki, aren't you supposed to be the nice, meek one of us all?" Takuya asked, glaring.

"No!" came the cheerful reply.

Junpei walked past the two with the last box in his hands. "Less talking more walking," he ordered Takuya, trying to catch up to the twins.

Izumi laughed along with Tomoki, watching the four older boys struggle. "This is amusing," laughed Izumi, smiling as they all nearly collapsed waiting for the street light to turn green.

Tomoki agreed.

Once they all finally reached Kouji's house, they dropped their boxes and waited for Kouji to open the door.

Instead, the door opened for them, revealing Mr. and Mrs. Minamoto.

Kouji blinked and swallowed. "Uh...hi, Mom, Dad...uhm...is something wrong?"

Turning away, Kouichi said nothing.

Mr. Minamoto shook his head. "All of you...come in," he said, holding open the door.

Kouji looked at his brother, then, seeing he had no intention of going in, dropped the box inside the house and dragged his older twin inside. "You're coming too."

"Wha...No way! Let me go, Kouji!" Kouichi snapped, trying to run outside again.

Everyone stared, watching the two brothers struggle and argue.

"JUST GET INSIDE YOU STUPID IDIOT! YOU ALWAYS COMPLAIN ABOUT ME FREE-LOADING! NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!" Kouji barked, pulling on his brother's jacket with all his might.

Kouichi slipped out of his jacket, almost making it out the door when Kouji caught his arm. Struggling, he yelled back, "YES, BUT UNLIKE YOU, I'M WAY TOO SMART TO BE LIKE THAT! NOW LET ME GO!"





"Hey, you two do realize Kouji's parents are right here in the living room, don't you?" Takuya said, raising an eyebrow.

The two stopped fighting. Kouji looked down, embarrassed, while Kouichi turned around and looked out the door, folding his arms across his chest. An awkward silence overcame them all.

Suddenly, Takuya burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Izumi asked, glaring at Takuya before yanking off his goggles and whacking him across the head.

"OW! My goggles! Izumi, give them back! I just think it's funny! Light and Dark, see?" he said, grabbing back his goggles and putting them back on.

"No, idiot, I don't see your joke!" Izumi snapped back.

Mr. and Mrs. Minamoto could only stare and think, Kouji has certainly made weird friends...

"Ah...Dad?" Kouji asked, seeing the blank look on his parents' faces.

Shaking his head clear of any thoughts, Mr. Minamoto cleared his throat. "So, Kouichi, how is your mother?"

"She's fine, no thanks to you," Kouichi muttered, refusing to turn around. His head pounded, his eyes burning with rage. I shouldn't have come...he thought, his eyes narrowing on the innocent stairs.

Mrs. Minamoto looked at them all uncertainly. "Why don't you all stay for dinner?"

Kouichi snorted and walked out the door. "In case you haven't noticed, ma'am, it's past dinner, and we already had dinner. I'll see you all later," he said smoothly, about to walk off before Kouji turned him around and punched him.

"Wow, that felt good," Kouji laughed, rubbing the back of his head.

Twitching, Kouichi punched his brother back. "That hurt."

Kouji snorted, laughing harder. "It's supposed to, you dolt."

"Ah...how about you all come in and sit down while I explain the situation?" Mr. Minamoto suggested, feeling Kouichi's enmity towards him emanating around the room. "It'll be much less...awkward..."

Kouichi turned around, for the first time looking his father straight in the eye. Eyes narrowing, he nodded. "Fine. But there better be a good explanation worth my time."

Kouji whacked his brother over the head, earning a glare. "Hush. I wanna hear too."


"I'm a goofball, and you're too mature for your own good!" Kouji sang, jumping on the couch in the seat next to Takuya.

Staring at his twin, Kouichi sighed and leaned against the wall. "I'm listening." Only because Kouji would kill me and Mom would want me to, he told himself. Nothing more.

"So that's it?" Takuya asked, blinking. "That's the only reason you guys split them apart!"

Tomoki rolled his eyes. "Takuya, you're stupid sometimes."

"I thought it would be a real tear-jerker, though!" whined Takuya.

Kouji and Kouichi remained silent.

"Hey," Izumi called out. "You two okay?"

"Yeah. Just peachy," Kouji said, yawning. "That was the most boring story anyone's told me."

Mr. Minamoto twitched. "Kouji..." Is he the same, anymore? he wondered, looking at his son.

Kouichi whacked his brother over the head. "You're the most boring thing alive, Kouji, and frankly, I find that story much more interesting than you."

"OUCH," Takuya and Junpei winced.

Glaring, Kouji stood up and poked his brother's forehead. "Yeah? Well...uhm, well..." He paused and looked at his feet, waiting for a good comeback to pop into his head. "One second..."

Laughing mercilessly, Kouichi pushed his brother back in his seat. "You really are the stupider one!"


Plugging his ears, Kouichi looked at his father. "Right...thanks for the story. I'm going home," he said, walking out the door.

"And you're visiting, right?" Mr. Minamoto asked hesitantly.

Kouichi stopped. Turning around, he smiled and nodded. "Sure. As long as I don't have to suffer Kouji's idiocy."

"I'm an idiot! You're the one who refused to even step in here!" Kouji screamed back.

"At least I can talk normally."

Kouji paused and lowered his voice to a whisper. "So can I!"

Everyone burst out into laughter until Takuya snapped his fingers and asked, "Whatever happened to the pink and purple paint...?"

"You mean the cans of paint that were in a bag in Kouji's room? I threw them out," Kouichi replied.

"So much for the tree house idea," Takuya muttered.

"You were serious about that?"

"No, but it was a cool idea! Admit it!"

Izumi coughed. "Sure, cool...so try it on your own tree."

"I don't have one big enough," wailed Takuya.

The entire time, Kouji was grinning widely. "Hey...Kouichi..."

"Huh?" Kouichi asked, looking at his brother and noticing the grin. Frowning, Kouichi walked just below the doorway. "What?"

Kouji yanked a string, and a bucket of paint fell onto Kouichi's head, covering him in glow-in-the-dark pink paint. "Exactly how did you put this up here?" Kouichi asked, wiping the paint out of his eyes.

"OH, when you went into the kitchen to get water, I fixed it up," Kouji replied, grinning widely.

"And you all knew?" Kouichi asked, staring calmly at everyone else.

"Well, uh, we...didn't know he'd use it on you..." Junpei replied, looking down, embarrassed.

Smirking, Kouichi wiped more paint off himself and flung it at Kouji. "This means war, you realize."

"BRING IT ON!" Kouji yelled.

Snickering, Kouichi picked up a box of Kouji's usual blue bandanas and tossed it in the fireplace. Bringing a lighter out of his pocket, he lit the box up and walked outside. "Ah, sweet, sweet, revenge. Later," he said, waving and walking away.

Kouji watched, completely mesmerized by the burning bandanas. "N...NOT THE BANDANAS!" he screamed, running to the kitchen to get some water to put the flame out.

Everyone burst out into laughter.





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