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Normally I don't do this stuff' , but I promised.. so here are the pairings:

Neji x Tent-Ten

Naruto x Hinata

Shikamaru x Temari

Sasuke x Sakura

Gaara x Ino (maybe)

Ichigo x Rukia

Ishida x Orihime (maybe)

"Ichigo! Wait for me!"

It was late at night and very dark outside. There were large clouds of mist hanging in the air which made the surroundings look spookier. Hell; it looked like a cheap horror movie. Silence hung over the area, but the silence was broken when two teenagers appeared from a dark alley. They were running. The boy was running in the front leaving the girl behind, apparently making her angry.

"I said WAIT, Ichigo! He's too dangerous for you to take him alone! Listen to me!"

The boy's name was Kurosaki Ichigo; a friggin' temporary shinigami (A/N: death reaper... and-uh I'm typing this once so you better learn :P), though I guess you won't understand the bit about 'temporary'...


"Yuzu... Karin... NOOOOO!"

"Boy, do you want to save them?" The black haired woman was laying on the ground, her body bruised and blood spilling from her mouth.

"YES!" He shouted looking down to where she sat.

"Come! I'll give you my power, but when I do, you must destroy that monster."

"Okay, I will! Just give me the friggin' power NOW!"

The girl quickly explained what he must do. He had to run himself onto the sword in the girl's hands. Ichigo gulped slightly but nodded and brought the sword to his chest. Pushing the blade through his heart, he felt a strange sort of power wash over him and seconds later he had all the power he could ever wish for, plus some cool butcher's knife. The black haired girl looked up from the ground in shock, now she sat in white robes instead of her shinigami-fuku which Ichigo now wore. She had meant to give him half of her power but he had some how taken it all.

"Ichi-nii..." One of the two little girls, caught by the monster, gasped painfully.

"Karin, I'm comin' !" And coming he was; in a flash he had beaten the monster.

End of Flashback:

So that's the way things went. Although, that little bitch of a woman lied about killing just that one monster... and now; besides having tons of homework; he was supposed to kill monsters 24-7... Poor Ichigo...

"ICHIGO! WATCH OUT!" The woman shouted out loud. The monster, a Hollow, had jumped out of nowhere in front of him.

"Oi, Rukia, shut up and let me handle this ugly piece of shit." The orange haired, teen shinigami said in annoyance.

"Ichigo…" The woman named Rukia mumbled.

"A piece of shit, eh! Who are you kidding , brat? I'll kill you!" The Hollow yelled enraged.

"Keh... Don' make me laugh, you ugly bastard."

"Brat! You're going DOWN!"

With swift movements, Ichigo managed to cut the Hollow in half. At least, that's what he thought… but, unfortunately, he was wrong.

"Ichigo you idiot! That's why I told you to wait!" The Hollow had split in two-selves from the cut, so now they were facing 2 ugly-ass monsters instead of 1.

"Damn ya woman! Y'know you could've told me earlier!"

"WHAT! Do you have any idea of how many times I tried? It's your fault you didn't listen! You never listen to me! Anyway, this Hollow is also known as the Thousand Face (A/N: Yea, I know it's a lame name, but heck). That's because he has the ability to split himself in thousand forms."

"So that's why this bastard didn't die, eh!"

"Well… yes! Wait, Ichigo! Watch out! Behind you!" Thousand' Face had snuck behind Ichigo while the two were talking. Ichigo's reflexes jumped in and he managed to block the attack and sliced the Thousand Face into four.

"Shit! Rukia, what the hell am I s'pose to do?" He grunted.

"I don't know! Just keep him busy while I come up with something."

"Oh, great! Thanks a lot! What an idea!" He said sarcastically while blocking another attack. Suddenly Rukia stopped.

"Wait! I've got a plan! Just, cover for me, will you?"

"Whatever, just be fast."


With that she took a deep breath and started her 'jutsu'...

With the power of my soul; with the power of my heart; and with the power of my strength; I open you, Great Demonic Gate.

Let the darkness give me enough light to make my soul burn. Great Demonic Gate; OPEN NOOOW!

(A/N: God, I can't believe I just wrote that..: x)

Suddenly the ground began to shake and lightening struck over the area they were in. The sky began to split and a huge black hole appeared out of nowhere.

"ICHIGO!" Rukia yelled. "Get him into the hole, NOW!"

"Kay! Here we go you big-ass, ugly head! AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!"

Somehow he had managed to throw the Hollow in the black hole. He was panting heavily and fell on his knees.


He chuckled. "Don't worry... I'm a'right..."

Too worried about her fellow shinigami; she ran over him and with lots of struggle she managed to carry him back home. But what she didn't notice was that the black hole hadn't been closed completely...

"Oi, dobe... shut your mouth. You're annoying."

Back in Konoha the same ritual was repeating itself again...

"WHAT! You, Sasuke-teme! How dare you! I'll kick YOUR ASS!"


"Ouch! Sakura-chaaaan, that was harsh!" Naruto whined while rubbing the bump on his head which she had caused.

"Ohayo!" Called the silver-haired man who had appeared on top of the bridge where they'd been standing.

"You're LATE!" Called Naruto and Sakura together

The man's only visible eye crinkled in amusement, "Well you see, today I got lost on the road of li-"


His response was a guilty chuckle.

"Today we'll be going to train in the forest."


With lots of complaints, they retreated into the forest.

"Hinata, don't hesitate with your movements! You're slowing down!"

"H-hai, Ku-Kurenai-sensei." The girl stuttered in an unhappy tone.

They were sparring to improve Hinata's Jyuuken (A/N: Jyuuken means Gentle Fist)

"Let's start over."

"H-hai! Byakugan!"

Hinata ran at her teacher while trying to punch for her right shoulder. Kurenai turned around to dodge it and kicked her pupil in the stomach, which sent Hinata flying across the field and into a tree. Hinata pushed herself up on shaky arms and suddenly lurched forward, coughing out blood.

The red eyed woman cursed herself. 'Maybe I was too harsh. I hope she's all right...'

"Hinata! Are you al-?"

"I'm... okay..." She said softly while struggling up.

Kurenai gave her a big smile.

"You've improved." 'I'm proud of you... Hinata...'

Immediately, Hinata began to blush.

"A-Arigatou gozai-gozaimasu, Kurenai-sensei!"

"What do you say? Shall we go and see what Kiba and Shino are doing?"


Both of them walked deeper into the forest.

Somewhere else in the woods another person was practicing the Jyuuken...

"Byakugan!" A determined voice echoed trough the forest.

Hyuuga Neji was sparring with his female teammate.

"This time I will beat you, Neji!" Ten-Ten mumbled loud enough for him to hear.

"You can't beat me. You're too weak."

"Shut up!" She yelled enraged and threw a few kunai which were easily dodged by him.

"Damn you, genius! Sousshoryu!" She jumped up high with two scrolls in her hand and started to throw tons of different weapons at the prodigy. But it didn't matter. All went in vain since he had the absolute defense technique.

"Kaiten!" He said in a monotone, bored voice. Ten-Ten landed at his feet, panting hard with sweat rolling down the side of her face.

"It's not fair." She said after regaining her breath. His only response was a disgusted snort.


"Geez, why does she have to be so loud? My ears... how troublesome." Somewhere at the training grounds the 'Shika', of the InoShikaChou team, was complaining about the unnecessary sound his blond-haired-SHE-man-friend was making. Asuma sweat dropped.

"Now, now Ino. You don't have to be that way, do you?" A vein in Ino's forehead began to pulse.

"But, Asuma-sensei, I do. And I'm counting till 10. And when I reach that number, you have to make sure that that thing in your mouth isn't anywhere in my sight… or else."


"Ino... come on!"


"Ino, please."


"But I haven't smoked since 5 minutes ago!" Everyone sweat dropped at this.

"Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight...Niiinnnee..."

"Okay, okay!" He took his cigarette out of his mouth and threw it away.

"Ten... Hmm... Be glad. You were right on time." In the background Chouji was eating his chips while watching. I'm sure glad that I don't smoke. He shuddered at the thought of Ino beating the crap out of him...

After reporting for their last mission, the three siblings of the sand were on their way back home.

Temari sighed, "I'll sure miss this place..."

Kankuro snorted, "Are you sure you're talking about the place or about someone..." This also caught Gaara's attention.

"What the- ... What are you talking about?"

"Do I really have to say his name..?"

Temari began to blush.

"Look, you idiot, unless you want your ass kicked, stop talking crap, kay!"

"Temari..." Immediately both of the quarrelers stopped to look at their little, dangerous, brother.

Temari gulped because she knew that Gaara talking couldn't be something good; although, he had changed positively over the years.

"Um… yeah? What is it, Gaara? "

"Is the person you're talking about... troublesome...?" She gawked at her lil' brother, her mouth wide open as she understood what his point was.

"Hah! Good one bro!" Kankuro said while smirking and Gaara actually tugged his lips upward! He was showing friggin' EMOTION! Whoa!

"Oh my God, Gaara! Not you too! Where's this world going toooooooooooooo! For the thousandth time: I DON' LIKE THAT LAZY BASTARD SHIKAMARU!"

Kankuro raised his eyebrow, 'Yea… right... and Orochimaru doesn't rape little children... (A/N: I don't even know if there are any Orochimaru fans; but if there are; don't be offended… ;))

Somewhere else...

"ACHOOO!" The genius sniffed a bit and continued cloud-watching.

'Geez... how troublesome. Someone's talking about me… hey wait a sec- that cloud reminds me of someone.' An image of a certain sand-kunoichi popped into his mind...

Suddenly Kurenai stopped in her tracks.

"Hinata use your Byakugan now!"

"Byakugan!" Hinata froze.

"Hinata? What is it? Hinata! Answer me!"

"I-I don't know." She gasped.

A few feet further there stood a couple of huge things which she couldn't identify. A dark aura hit her. 'Is this chakra? N-no! That couldn't be! It- it's different... so evil...'

"What do you mean 'I don't know'?" But unfortunately; she found out very soon. The things had jumped in front of her.

"Hinata! Call for back up! I'll keep them here until back-up arrives-GO!"

"H-hai!" Just when she was about to run she bumped into someone.

"Iiiiiiiiiek!" She shrieked when she discovered that it was her crush.

"Hinata, are you all right!"

"Y-yes, Na-Naruto-kun!"

"Mou... Kurenai... no need for back-up now..."

"Kakashi! Thank God you're here!"

Sakura gasped when she saw what Kurenai and Hinata had discovered, "Sasuke-kun! What the hell is that!"

"Che... Like I'd know..."

They stared at the weird, big creatures with cruel-looking masks on them.

"Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura! Surround them!"

"Hai!" The three members of his cell shouted. The 'things' laughed evilly.

"Muhahaha! You think, you filthy humans, can kill me? The famous Thousand' Face! I'll show you how truly pathetic you are!"

"Well, I'll be damned! The ugly-head can talk! Hey, Kakashi-sensei, what is this thing?"

"I don't know, Naruto. Just don't underestimate it!"

"Keh... Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Immediately 10 smirking Naruto's appeared out of nowhere.

"Oi, dobe..." Naruto looked at his rival.

"What, teme?"

"Don't take all the fun for yourself."

"If you're fast enough you can have some too!"

Sasuke smirked. 'So be it...'


Both of the boys charged into beat the monsters.

"Take this!" The Naruto's threw a lot of kunai to the monster who didn't even seem to dodge them. What's wrong with him! He isn't even dodging the darn things...

"Muhahahahaah! Thank you for making things easier for me, brat!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" When the monster separated in two he saw what it meant. The rest of them did so too, while they fought it.

Hinata was just being about to hit by one when she heard Sakura yelling something: "WATCH OUT! HINATA-SAN!"

She looked up to face the monster towering above her. Thinking she was going to die, she closed her eyes. However, the blow never came.

"Geez... that was close..." She opened her eyes to see an annoyed Shikamaru using his shadow jutsu .

"Shikamaru-kun! A-arigato...!"

"Whatever... what are these troublesome monsters?" She walked beside Shikamaru.

"We do-don't know... b-but e-every time we a-attack they mm-multiply, so we can't kill them."

"Che, what are we gonna do? I can't hold him any longer, damn it! Hinata, run!"

"But, Shi-Shikamaru-kun! I-I can't just leave y-you!"

"Hinata! This is an order!"


"Hyuuga Hinata, as a Chuunin I order you to RUN AWAY, NOW!"

"Ninpou: Kamaitachi! "

The moment Shikamaru released his jutsu, the monster was blown away by a gust of wind.

"Long time no see... crybaby... I didn't know you could be so… noble." Shikamaru looked beside him to see his 'hero'.

"Stop talking already woman! And help!"

"Geez, you really are the type of guy who always needs to be saved, aren't you!"


Sakura's head was spinning. She kept getting tossed around and had hit quite a few trees. It was a miracle above a miracle (A/N: A Dutch saying ;)) that she had managed to struggle up.

"Sakura! Is that you? What happened?" She looked to see a worried Ten-Ten walking over to help her.


"Umm... Sakura... calm down... are you sure they're monsters?" Before Sakura could continue with her mental breakdown; Neji cut her off.

"Sakura's right; they are defiantly monsters... We should go now."

"WHA-! Monsters? Umm... guess we should take a look." She looked to Sakura but couldn't find the courage to ask if she was going too. Lucky for her, she didn't have to.

"I'm coming too! I WON'T FORGIVE IT! IT MUST PAAAAAAAY!" Normally Sakura wouldn't unleash her inner-self but this time it had crossed the line.


"Crap! Why won't you just DIEEEE!" Sakura yelled after throwing her twentieth kunai.

"What? And being killed by some chick with a flat chest? Wait… you're a girl, right?"


End of Flashback:

"Umm... yeah… sure."

After fighting his way through a few of the monsters, Shikamaru discovered that there was some sort of black hole behind the monsters. 'Wait! That must be the way they came here in the first place... If we can't kill them, we should just send them back to where they came.'

"Oi, sand-woman." Temari's vein popped.

"What now, scaredy-cat?"

"I guess you noticed we can't kill them..."

"Umm... DUH! And...!"

"You see that black hole over there?"

She looked at the spot he was pointing. 'Damn it! How come I couldn't see that?' She gritted her teeth.

"Yeah, I see it."

"I think they came out of that thing. So, how do you feel about sending them back?"

"Geez... I'll sure miss the bastards, I guess!" she replied sarcastically. The genius only raised his eyebrow, 'Women are so troublesome...'

"Okay, let's split up and tell the others."

"Hnn... See you!"

"And Temari..." She turned around to face him.

"What now?"

"They're troublesome... so be careful..." She blinked and blushed a bit.

"I think that you're the one who better be careful. I can't always save your ass."

"Heh... sure."

"Oi... Naruto!"

"Eh... Shikamaru? What are you doing here?"

Shikamaru rolled his eyes, 'What does it looks like I'm doing here? Geez…'

"Naruto, you see that black hole there?"

"What the hell? What's that?"

"That's where it came from."

Naruto- 0.o

Shikamaru- -'

"Anyways... Naruto, lure the monster in that hole, okay?"

"Ohhh… sure!"

"Hey, Uchiha-boy!" Sasuke turned around to see that girl from Sand. 'What was her name again...? Tenmori? Che... like it matters...'


"Since we can't kill the bastards; we have to lure them into that black hole over there... got it!" He looked over to the hole.

"Hnn... whatever."


After everyone had got the message they surrounded the monsters in a position that they were standing right behind the hole.

"Heheheh, do you insects, actually think that I don't know your little plan!"

"SHIKAMARU... NOW!" Temari yelled.

"Kagemane no Jutsu!" Shikamaru trapped all the monsters with his jutsu.

"Byakugan!" Immediately after that; the two Hyuuga's used the Jyuuken on the monsters to send them backwards. Naruto also decided to help his friends with his Kage Bushin.

But the shadow user's jutsu didn't hold them long enough and soon the monsters were dominating again.

"Aaa! L-let m-me go!" One of the monsters had caught the Hyuuga heiress.

"You're very amusing... little girl, you know!"

"Y-you let me g-go! O-Or else...!"

"Muahahahaha… or else what? What are you going to do about it!"

With all the power she had, she bit into his hand.

"AAAAAAH! You brat! Let go!" He began to swing her in a dangerous way. Finally she'd lost her grip and he threw her into the black hole.



Being caught up by the moment, Naruto and Neji jumped into the hole, after her.


"DOBE!" POOF... So the circle continued...

Without thinking Sasuke and Ten-Ten jumped too.

"Sakura!" Kakashi yelled. "Don't jump!"

But it was too late, one of the monsters also managed to fling her into the hole. She did; however; manage to trail the monster with her. When her fan was accidentally thrown into the gate Temari didn't even flinch when she followed it.

'Oh, this is great! What am I gonna do? This is too troublesome... Damn you woman! You better be worth this!'

While ignoring the shouting and orders of Kurenai and Kakashi he jumped after the wind-user. And before the others could follow them; the gate closed itself.


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