A/N: Hey, heyz'.., my dear precious peepz! Yeah, yeah, I know.. I haven't updated for quite a while, but as y'all probably been trough the same thing, you should understand. Shortly summarized; I've been a pitiful victim of the veeeeeEEeery ebil force called writer's block.. .

Anyways, I hate to say this, but I'm even not gonna update for a long time for now, since tomorrow I'm gonna go on one hellufa vacation in Turkey for 6 weeks straight. So I dunno if I'll be able to update at all. Sorry! ;(( But after those long weeks I promise I'll have enough energy and inspiration to start writin' awesome and long chaps to catch up again. And I always tend to keep my promises!

If you have questions 'bout stuff or you just wanna say somethin', you can always e-mail me..

Thanxfor bothering with meh!

Love y'all!